Mother and son shot in Holland

Police have identified the victims of a shooting incident that took place in Holland on Saturday.

Investigators say Valerie Lyon, 57, of Derby Line suffered a gunshot wound to the arm and is in fair condition.

Her son, Jason Willey, 38, of Derby Line, suffered a gunshot wound to the torso and is listed in critical condition. Police say they are actively working to develop the identity of the suspects involved.

Shortly after 8:21 p.m. the Vermont State Police received a report of what was believed to be a motor vehicle crash on School Road in Holland. First responders arrived on the scene and found Willey and Lyon wounded inside the vehicle from what appeared to be gunshots.

The victims were transported to North Country Hospital then to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center for treatment of their injuries. The vehicle was seized and transported to the Derby barracks where the Vermont State Police Crime Scene Search Team is scheduled to process both the vehicle and the scene.

Police say the initial investigation is that the victims were targeted and this does not appear to be a random act.

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  1. It’s so interesting that since those “elected” Godless radicals have taken over city councils & our legislature – drugs, suicides, violence, & murders have skyrocketed across the state.

    If one were to look at the big picture it almost appears as if dysfunctional, baby-slaughtering, radical, heathenism, anti-science ideology & policy causes all this. Huh.

    Well, keep up the legalized prostitution, CRT, pro abortion at any term of pregnancy for any reason debauchery leftists!!! You’re doing a FINE job for VT!!!

  2. Maybe we should be comment targeting those who are too lazy to get off their rears and vote. And where are the conservative candidates stepping up to the plate? And where are the patriotic Americans with the gonads to rip down communist Bernie campaign signs?

  3. Derby Line & Holland are right smack dab on the border…Lot’s of nefarious stuff goes on there. Our Border Patrol do the best they can despite the A-hole in the WH and Piglosi and her followers in DC.

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with this family ! I dearly hope the perpetrator(s) are caught and stopped !