Legalized prostitution ‘study’ bill returns

A survivor of human trafficking describes Vermont as a ‘brutally violent’ place, she says in this video released by New Englanders Against Sexual Exploitation.

By Guy Page

H268, a bill to create a study group “for the purpose of modernizing Vermont’s prostitution laws,” was introduced yesterday into the Vermont House. It alleges state law prohibiting prostitution is steeped in racism. 

It is sponsored by Representatives Selene Colburn of Burlington, House Judiciary Chair Maxine Grad of Moretown, Kate Donnally of Hyde Park, John Killacky of South Burlington, Emilie Kornheiser of Brattleboro, Jim Masland of Thetford, Bill Notte of Rutland City, Barbara Rachelson of Burlington, Taylor Small of Winooski, and Rebecca White of Hartford. Grad, Colburn, Donnally, Notte and Rachelson all sit on the House Judiciary Committee, where the bill has been sent. 

A virtually identical bill aimed at legalizing prostitution in Vermont, H568, passed the House last year but was stalled in the Senate. 

The bill alleges that current prostitution laws are rooted in white supremacy: “The majority of Vermont’s laws on prostitution were adopted more than 100 years ago and have remained largely unchanged since that time…. a section of law codified in 1910 pursuant to ‘An act to prevent what is commonly known as the ‘white slave’ traffic,’ prohibits transportation of persons into and out of the State not only for the purpose of prostitution but also for ‘any immoral purpose.’ Historically, these types of laws were used to prosecute men of color for having relationships with white women.”

H569, a companion bill to H568, maintained penalties for coerced prostitution but legalized consensual prostitution. Critics of legalization say the practice is inherently oppressive and that few women freely choose prostitution as a career choice.

H268 also would provide limited immunity for people reporting information about crimes when the information was gained while engaged in prostitution.

For more information on human trafficking in Vermont, contact New Englanders Against Sexual Violence.

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  1. Regarding the bill to legalize prostitution in Vermont, I probably shouldn’t be, but I am surprised that this is an actual proposal that lawmakers will need to consider & debate. I am not surprise, however, that the description of the existing laws banning prostitution are labelled ‘racist’. This is a favorite label used most often by leftists who have no serious argument on issues that don’t actually involve race. I am not in favor of legalizing prostitution for several reasons. Prostitution is linked in part to human trafficking, making people a commodity to be bought and sold. It also leads to the possible spread of STD’s due to the number of clients a prostitute would have. Whatever clever argument you could make in favor of legalizing prostitution, it would not negate these 2 big drawbacks. What would be the advantages of legalization? Could the government regulate it effectively? This is the wrong time to ask that question. We’re still in the middle of government regulating the pandemic. How’s thst working out? Not in favor of legalization at all.

  2. I’m picking up on some potentially admirable “common good” motivation behind this …plug up another of those pesky portals where racism has invaded our culture…free women from male oppression…encourage entrepreneurial initiative. I’m sorry, it still striking me as a singular act of silliness. Perhaps this effort could be directed toward searching our mountains of laws and regulations for racism and obstructions to Vermonter’s entrepreneurial spirit. Than perhaps they might undergo a transformative epiphany…law passers become law repealers. This may call for a genuine conversion but self scrutiny might bring you there. Good idea? Just trying to help.

  3. From the Left’s playbook: any issue you want to promote… just call it a remedy for systemic racism and white supremacy…
    That’s my 2 cents uttered from the “brutally violent” Peoples’ Republic of Vermont…


  5. Our legislators that back a bill to legalize marijuana,prostitution shows they have no fear of God,they have no moral character, and no concept of decency!Vermont needs to wake up and know what is going on in Vermonts Government will draw famine to their moral fiber!!

  6. This is the “harm reduction” strategy coming out of Montpeculiar: In the midst of a viral pandemic, lets promote and essentially codify an industry that involves intimate contact between strangers. This is on a parallel with the Biden Administration. Their “harm reduction” strategy during a viral pandemic is while preventing me from visiting my Canadian Uncle for lunch, lets invite tens of thousands of indigent and mostly illiterate migrants from Central and South America to flood in to our Country…

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