Rest in peace, Rush Limbaugh

by Alice Flanders

I awoke this morning to read the on-line news that Rush Limbaugh had passed away. May he rest in peace.

Rush Limbaugh

Truly a gentle giant – but such a powerful giant! The Left Feared him. The Left Hated him. And so many of the rest of us were grateful for him.

The Leftist Media will probably go on a shark-type feeding frenzy, like the 3-minute hate in the George Orwell book, 1984 – except their hate will go on for much longer than 3 minutes. So I will take a few moments to share only a couple of words about Mr. Rush Limbaugh, a person I held in high esteem for many a year now. I will miss his voice coming across that GOLDEN EIB (Excellence In Broadcasting) microphone… I will miss that he communicated intelligently and succinctly without need of profanity.

My introduction to the Late Great Rush Limbaugh happened in 1989 when I was assigned to the Island of Guam as Administrative Officer of the Naval Station there. His syndicated show came on in the wee hours of the morning. I could just barely pick up the broadcast on my personal small radio. But I strained to hear the broadcast, which fed an inner need of mine. He mentioned every day that his was talent on loan from God. He further said daily that God was welcome to his program every day. That sold me, as God was also most welcome in my home every day, as well.

His discussions and dialogues required the listener to think. Never did I recall pandering to Democrats or to Republicans, although he was definitely on the Far Conservative side of the spectrum.

I recall Bose Speakers was one of his sponsors. And sadly, I recall years later when he lost his hearing. Every winter season he would break out the Mannheim Steamroller Holiday albums. He introduced me to Mannheim Steamroller… Thank You Rush!

How many of us recall his Caller Abortion monologues. I don’t remember how long he did these monologues for… but his delivery of the concept forced us to consider at a deeper level what an abortion was… a termination of a life that had the potential to express meaning in the lives of other sentient beings. And he ended the unwanted call at his will. He made us think. It hit home with me because the left was out with forks and knives championing Abortion Education and Indoctrination. I took it upon myself to become involved with Guamanians For Life at that time (in my off-duty, after hours).

I believe he once had surgery that resulted in severe back/spine pain. A doctor (or doctors) prescribed very strong pain meds, which resulted in a physical dependence to the prescribed substance. This resulted in a drug addiction that he had to go through lengthy rehab to overcome. And the MSM made out that he was some sort of cheapy drug addict. My heart went out to him.

He was unequaled in his arena. As a result of his efforts many talk show hosts came into vogue. None matched his winning wit and keen command of the current issues of the day, every day, 5 days a week, with some breaks. Prof. Walter Williams (Of Blessed Memory, who passed away about 2 months ago) was often a trusted stand-in for Rush.

Talk radio will never be the same.

The author is a Hartford resident and 2020 candidate for the Vermont House.

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    • Jesus overturned the moneylenders’ tables, so He evidently was not always passive. Having listened to Rush’s radio program pretty regularly for roughly thirty years, I must add that I never heard Rush be nasty or abusive…NEVER…even recently when politicians and entertainers feel free to say the most loathsome things in public.
      So, to what mean bullying incidents do you refer?

    • I’ve listened to him for almost half my life, I never heard him bully anybody less fortunate than him. He spoke a lot of truths that made many uncomfortable though.

    • kevinelliskevin ellis

      Don’t waste your time trying to find an example of Rush – bullying, or using rough language.
      None exist.

      Throw your grenades in a sand pit! !

  1. Thank you for posting this! What I always appreciated about Rush Limbaugh was his courtesy to his callers, no matter what they espoused. I expect he and Walter Williams are talking up a storm!

  2. I can remember listening to Rush I believe it was WSNO in Barre in the late 80s and seeing him as little more than the political rights answer to what was at the time a plethora of left leaning talk shows. The more that I listened to him, the more I realized that I was becoming a better educated, more critical consumer of the days news. I recognized when the main stream media was all reporting the same stories in the same way, and almost down to the same words on the script that there is something wrong with this kind of synchronicity. I also started noticing glaring differences between live reported breaking news and what makes the evening news. Some stories are so biasedly edited that it makes you wonder where they get the nerve to bastardize the news so brazenly. Then there are also news items that are unassailably news worthy that either get little or no coverage because they do not walk the party line. This is the kind of critical news consumption that Rush instilled with me ,and I will be forever grateful, lest I believe every chip of cow manure that is sent in my direction.Thanks, and God Bless Rush Limbaugh

    • Patrick, my experience much like yours. Rush was the BEST powerful small gov’t, large freedom commentator.
      Helping us Live free of the worst popular assumptions. .Showing us a way around modern BS.
      No one, except Paul Harvey came as close to my heart and my head
      My radio was always tuned to them, and I would pause all to listen.

      I will mourn them both for the rest of my life. Others criticize modern Government, but no one could equal Rush in promoting and recognizing good honest governance, sound personal thinking, and a Gratifying Life.

      Rush and Paul, Rest Easy, your excellence lives on

  3. I think I remember Rush often had to contend with “seminar callers.” These were liberals who would call with a script thinking that they could trip him up. He usually got the best of them.

  4. He was so kind and cut through the hate and dirty tricks on the left – he would always know exactly what they were up to. RIP Rush – we are going to miss your kindness, humor and knowledge of those trying to destroy this great country. Always lifting up those and inspired so many to believe in themselves.

  5. He was a bully, a misogynist, a pill-popper and a gasbag, who divided people with his hate-filled rants. Do you want me to add links to his vile diatribes? I can easily find dozens of them, as you can, if you got your heads out of the sand. It’s bad form to celebrate anyone’s death, even the death of someone who used his national platform to hurt and mock people for decades.

  6. Rush was all about WMDs and punishing Iraq. Never really got why they hate Trump (it’s not because he is an “outsider”, it’s because he won’t cover up their CRIMES). Promoted false D/R analysis (it’s a uniparty at the top) 99.6% correct?

  7. All of us should learn the lesson from Rush Limbaugh and others who always speak truly. Never ever give up one’s ability to think, the gift of understanding, and speaking honestly. It’s the hallmark of freedom. And when we speak honestly, from an honest place in our hearts, others see it and are encouraged. There will always be the dishonest, and they will gnash at the teeth, but children love real integrity and honesty when they see it.

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