Invest your stimulus check wisely

To the editor:

Surprise!  I checked my bank account this morning and found my $1,400 stimulus check from Joe O’Biden.  Guess what…I’m going to donate it all to the NRA-ILA, Judicial Watch, Vermont Daily, the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, and buy a year subscription of Epoch Times.   

If we don’t start throwing some money at the organizations that support freedom and liberty in this state and country, we are SUNK and watching the end of our Republic as Philbo and Bernie and Kamala fiddle! If you can afford it, I would encourage you to throw some money back at those or other organizations that support our constitution and freedom.

Terry Williams, Poultney

Editor’s response: Thank you! Many groups and organizations could be added to that excellent list. Vermonters may also want to consider donating to private schools that teach personal responsibility and our common identity as Americans. Several of these schools are included on the private school directory maintained by the Vermont Dept. of Education.

Perhaps it is also time to evaluate the media, schools, organizations, and individuals that we do support, to determine whether they are still worthy of it, and act accordingly.

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  1. Re: “Vermonters may also want to consider donating to private schools that teach personal responsibility and our common identity as Americans.”

    As an adjunct to this recommendation, absolutely essential as it is, I recommend donations to independent schools carry the caveat that they be used to provide School Choice vouchers/scholarships to families that otherwise can’t afford to escape the tyranny of the public school monopoly.

    And make no mistake, even the well-meaning teachers and administrators, working within the public-school monopoly, cannot offset the monopoly’s inherent, dare I say it, systemic discrimination against freedom loving citizens of all races, genders and creeds everywhere. If we can’t change public school governance, the least we can do is help as many families, who care to do so, escape its talons.

  2. Now that’s the way to bring a Republican Spring bloom here in Vermont — after we’ve taken care of our needs we put the rest where others are in need. Might even be able to interest the other side to consider this rather than go for their insistent “you have to” and have the Government take our resources and do it for us slackers.

  3. Donating to charities/non profits is all well and good, but my feeling is that as long as I am forced to subsidize them on my voting ballot, and have no say as to which ones my money goes to, I don’t give any more. Get rid of forced “donations” on our ballots !

    • Yes, I see it…sort of a them first then I’ll jump in. Not sure I’m I willing to wait for them to have an epiphany. We’ll need to step up our conversion efforts…while we’re trying to vote them out.

  4. Mine has gone straight into my “get me out of here” fund. This state has gone nuts. As a white straight person who is totally fine with the gender I was born as I no longer feel wanted here.

    • I suspect there are a lot of us who want you here…but we’re all underground.

  5. Over 90% of Vermonters are white and straight. But if the 10% is so terrifying, you should most definitely leave. Good luck finding your straight white utopia. Too bad North Korea isn’t white, or else that could be the perfect place.

    • @ Jodi

      That’s a rather stupid response to my comment but I’m guessing you already know that. I didn’t say that I’m terrified by non-whites or gays/trans people. How leftist of you to try to imply that I am. My problem is with the current trend towards deification of BIPOC and/or gays/trans people in VT and the demonization of the rest us as being racists, white supremacists and homophobic. I don’t wish to live someplace where this is the case.