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Activists to bring refugees, asylum seekers, and illegal immigrants to Rutland

Rutland County churches and activist groups are seeking Rutland housing sponsors for refugees, asylum seekers, and (sometimes illegal) migrant workers – Photo credit Bridges to Rutland

by Guy Page

A coalition of Rutland interfaith and activist groups is seeking housing sponsors to bring refugees, asylum seekers, and migrant workers (including those here illegally) to Rutland.

According to its online Power Point presentation, “Bridge to Rutland” includes Christ the King Catholic Church, Castleton Indivisible, Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Rutland Jewish Center; Rutlanders, including many from Rutland Welcomes, Rutland Unitarian Universalist Church, Grace Congregational UCC, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Wallingford, Rutland Area branch of the NAACP, and St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Pittsford. The executive director is Ellen Green. 

Bridges to Rutland describes a migrant worker as an individual who generally has entered the US without documentation to work on farms or to do other seasonal work. “They do the jobs that are not taken by American citizens,” Bridges claims, and “are undocumented and targeted by ICE.”

Refugees are part of a quota system that is supported by the US Department of State, Bridges says. Asylum seekers can arrive either with or without papers but are legally in the US seeking asylum and unable to work.

The work of Bridges to Rutland is necessary because asylum seekers “are being held in inhumane conditions in detention centers around the United States. Families have been separated and caged.” A photo of people sitting indoors behind portable chained link fencing accompanies that statement. 

There is no discussion about positive strategies to encourage non-Americans to remain in their own countries, or why the southern border detention facilities have been overwhelmed since the inauguration of Pres. Joe Biden. But there are Bible verses and assurances that asylum seekers “will more than repay our support.”

The organization is seeking a 2-3 year commitment from sponsors assisting with housing, food, legal help, medical assistance, clothing and other needs of migrant workers, refugees, and asylum seekers. It also urges sponsors to check their ‘whiteness’ at the door when entering into the sponsorship experience, as explained in a blog post, “Whiteness, Savior Complex, Trauma and Power in the Sponsorship Experience.”

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  1. Right. For the most part these are not people fleeing genocide. They are essentially economic refugees who want better pay than they can earn in their own countries. Illegals get lousy pay here as their employers know they have no recourse. They drive down the pay rate for everyone else.

  2. I don’t wish to be “offensive” here, as I am a cradle Catholic, but the Catholic Church was complicit in getting Biden/Harris elected along with their extremist, radical agenda — all because Trump DARED to enforce extant federal immigration law & control over our sovereign nation.

    Now, we have “on demand” abortion at any stage for any reason. But as long as the Catholic church very incorrectly believes that the social and fiscal problems of every single human on the face of the planet is somehow the responsibility of the the U.S. – I guess that the flagrant murder of innocent babies can continue and expand.

    It’s getting more & more difficult to go to Mass with every passing day. At least for me.

  3. It also urges sponsors to check their ‘whiteness’ at the door when entering into the sponsorship experience, as explained in a blog post, “Whiteness, Savior Complex, Trauma and Power in the Sponsorship Experience.”
    This is just what somebody wants to read when “activist” are seeking a favor from the public. Eileen Green should reflect on her own racial beliefs and appoint someone with out the cancel culture mentality.

    • Truth. It also states in part that sponsors must be “careful” of THEMSELVES emotionally and physically (obviously because of past violent acts & murders committed by these seekers,) and that they: “may try to “hold on” to everything they can get their hands on – i.e.: steal from you.

      They further advice to not accept any gratitude for helping either.

      Sounds like just what Vermont needs!

  4. Bravo, repliers, for being consistent to a long tradition! Our nation has a long history of not being kind to first generation immigrants. EX: Irish, Italians, Poles, French-Canadians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Asians, Latinos, etc. A couple of exceptions were the Africans who were greeted with open arms, (well not exactly), and the Chinese who were allowed to come in the late 1800s to build the trans-continental railroad.

    Have ever heard of the MS St. Louis in 1939?

    Thank goodness we treated the indigenous peoples much better when our ancestors came from Europe.

    • @ John Devino

      Many of those you mentioned were LEGAL immigrants. You know, they went through Ellis Island and the like. Others such as those who were on the St Louis were fleeing the Nazis in Europe; we shamefully sent that boat away and many on it to their deaths.

      We cannot possibly take in every resident of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and the like that wishes to come to the US. We need a sane consistent immigration policy which is enforced and doesn’t reward or condone illegal border crossers.

    • John, most of those folks came thru Ellis Island, and arrived legally. Was their social connection easy – not always, but they worked and thrived, and were grateful to be here.
      Families who my family sponsored from Latvia and Indonesia and others waited many months to be cleared, and sponsors and institutional sponsors and a job and housing had to be secured before they were let in. Those experiences remain with me from my 12 year old time – creating a deep love for Freedom and America. They retaught us how valuable opportunity and freedom
      were then and are now !!!

    • Any person(s) from a different culture will have difficulty anywhere to which they emigrate. The U.S. has been more welcoming than countless other countries.

  5. Supporting anything illegal is just what it is…. illegal. I am embarrassed to be a member of one of the Churches mentioned, so what will be the next i mission that will have illegal strings attached to it that will be a must do?

    Count me out.

  6. This may sound like a great idea but;where does all the money come from to fund this??Vermont has now turned into a welfare state,with no say from we the people .Our legislators,special interests,our governments,even local governments just do whatever they like!Please don’t forget,all the money Biden hands out has ruined our children’s lives,and ours!!

  7. Thank you for this information but unfortunately you did not go far enough. My question is, where is the money coming from to sponsor these people? Are the people who are going to sponsor these refuges etc. going to be reimbursed for their expenses? I think the citizens of Vermont and Rutland County of have a right to know this. Thank you for your time.

    • George Soros, the tech biggies ;the ones doing the censoring, Billionaires pushing Socialism and most like from other sources not known yet.

      • You’re Comment did say “You…” after “tree huggers”.
        Concerning Marx, much has been said of him. I referred to his technical assessments and predictions.
        The “harm” he caused is not accurate, no more than saying that the abuses of Christianity throughout history were caused by Jesus of Nazareth.
        What I referred to is that I was close to people who are manipulating and planning to do much harm in VT in the name of liberation.
        Most of them are not native to VT. Some have come here explicitly to agitate.

      • Well, it’s a fact that evil exists and persists in this world. Always has, always will. It infiltrates families, governments, political parties, etc. Some people are mentally ill, some simply choose evil over goodness.

        However, speaking of “resentful” – I resent your claiming that Christians are “abusive” is more than biased and discriminatory, it’s plain wrong.

        ALL religious sects have members or ancient periods where their members did wrong. The very advent of Christianity begins with Jesus Himself being put to an insufferable death despite committing no crime.

        Extremist Muslims murdered over 3,000 fellow Americans back in 2001, NOT Christians. The same volatile radicals blew up our MA neighbors at the Boston marathon. The same “religious” group has beheaded Christians, culled them from their long-term settlements within countries in the Middle East. They have murdered hundreds of thousands around the world just in the past decade or so.

        China, a Godless nation – holds over a million wiegers in concentration camps were thousands have been put to death, their organs sold on the black market, women raped mercilessly & their unborn aborted, NOT Christians. Those who attempt to actually practice Christianity there themselves face imprisonment or worse.

        During WW2, thousands of Christians hid or otherwise protected Jews when they were able and MANY Catholic priests offered their OWN lives up to the Nazi death soldiers in order to save Jews within the camps…as Holocaust survivors have attested to.

        Were you speaking of church “scandals” recently? The DOJ statistics demonstrate clearly that sadly the largest incidences of child sexual abuse occur within: families. As a matter of fact, incest is still relatively widespread though not openly discussed. How about the B.S.A.? Thousands of lawsuits pending, yet many more millions of young men served responsibly.

        The Catholic Church alone, through Catholic Charities to mention but merely one manner in which they serve the underprivileged, spends millions annually funding programs from health clinics to shelters to adoption services, etc. etc. This giving excludes what each individual Parish and Diocese give to support the poor and the homeless and the hungry and the addicted within their own communities, and international Catholic organizations provide donations & essentials to millions more worldwide. Other Christian faiths do much of the same, as do Jewish faith based organizations.

        Yeah, Christians are the real “bad” guys according to our “woke” brethren, and mainly because, 99.99% of the time, you can persecute us and we’re NOT going to walk into a crowd with a bomb attached to our backs or call out a hit because we, as the ENTIRE United States should always, honor everyone’s right to freedom of speech, expression, and religion, including the right to believe in no religion.

        So….go in peace, though your assertions were largely false and unjustified in the grand scheme of things in this broken world.

      • Also, even “Woke” people, of whom I’m not one, vary. Some aren’t totally condemning of religion.
        However the core of Antifa are Marxist and authoritarian in the name of freedom.

  8. Rutland rightly voted out it’s former mayor because of his endorsement for welcoming Syrian refugees. Last week an angry Syrian refugee expressed his profound appreciation to the American people for allowing him to come here by (allegedly) shooting 10 innocent people to death in Colorado. Predictably, he is being used as a poster child now by demoKKKrats pushing for more gun control. Background checks for gun purchases are already in place. A thorough background check PRIOR TO HIS ENTRY to the US would have been more effective if it denied entry to all Syrian moslems. Gun ownership and mental illness are facts of life all over America but we do have the legal right to deny entry to individuals from groups of people who have a track record of trouble and incompatibility with our culture that respects individual freedom. The massacre in Boulder was not a gun access problem, it was an immigration problem. This man was supposedly under the suspicion of our useless FBI who chose to do nothing to prevent the attack, almost as if they wanted to allow it for political purposes. Elections have consequences.

    • I believe he was a baby when his family immigrated to the US so a background check wouldn’t have done anything.

      • My “background check” system would have used precedent, history and a respect for American values and culture to deny asylum entry to all Syrian moslems, including the parents who brought him here. The moslem family granted asylum from Kyrgyzstan who raised the boys who bombed the finish line at the Boston Marathon also would not have been allowed in if common sense prevailed. Incidentally, the FBI had prior knowledge of the threat that family posed but failed to act to prevent that tragedy as well. Hopefully our “nice guy” President doesn’t allow any more such vermin to darken our doorstep, but it seems inevitable at this point.

      • Except he was known to the FBI. So yes, he would have been subjected to a background check. He had a violent history.

  9. @ Rich

    Interestingly, had the police in MA done a better job investigating the murder of 3 men instead of just attributing it to a drug deal gone wrong, both Boston Marathon bomber brothers would have been investigated and likely connected to that murder. The Boston Marathon bombing would likely have never occurred as at least one brother (the elder) would have been in jail. Major fail on many counts.

    • For GOOD reason.

      My husband born/raised in The Bronx; once idyllic. Within less than 2 decades, the torrent of “refugee” posers & illegal immigrants came pouring in creating mayhem & murder! Ever watch “The Bronx Is Burning”? Doubted, but you should – I’m sure you were a Jimmy Carter fan.

      I was born/raised on L.I., NY; once idyllic. Then the phony “refugees” came along with the South & Central American illegals…WELCOME MS-13!!! The gunshots began to ring out in the night….kinda like they’re just beginning to do in BURLINGTON, VT (what a coincidence)!!! My 2nd cousin, aged 11, shot dead in gangsta crossfire walking home from school; closed casket as his head was blown to bits.

      WAKE UP.



      • Kathy you said it all. The FBI don’t fully check these so-called refugees out, 98% of those who are crossing the border are NOT children but gang members, age starting as young as 12 yrs old. 18 and 19 are not childrens !!! So far the border agents have found over 1,000 illegals with Covid-19.. Why do you think Biden won’t go to the border..There is 1,000’s of the illegals who aren’t even being caught. The people in Texas who lives near the border have started protecting themselves with more guns,as Biden moved almost all of the border agents to one area. GOD HELP US with this stupid administration.. The deep swamp in DC is trying to destroy AMERICA..!!!!!

      • My personal agenda is to live in a safe, lawful state and stay alive & well. BTW, I responded to your very incorrect perception of BLM below.

  10. FEAR can save your life and so can the 2nd amendment.
    No illegals!

    • Is the state of N.H. forcing this upon their residents as well? Or are they over there still somewhat sane?

      TWO-THIRDS of VT legislators are NOT native Vermonters……so they moved from there to come here and now they want to make here, there!!!!

      I’m not from here myself, but I moved from there to here to ESCAPE there! The last thing I want is to re-create the toxic stew of a mess here that is there. Yet… it is right NOW in parts of Burlington! How wonderful!!!

      • Nancy henry: A number of activist leaders have moved to Ne Hampshire, while still advocating these changes for VT. Patty: BLM is not, in and of itself, a terrorist organization. Much of the destruction of last summer was instigated by Antifa which simply attracted mobs of young people and others who engaged in the destruction for thrill and a feeling of empowerment. The majority of people who suffered losses were struggling Black business owners, employees, families, etc.

  11. This has to be stopped!!! Now!
    The bleeding hearts and hand wringers have no forsight, but they are ready to impose their radical ideas on the rest of us only to congratulate and pat each other on the back.
    Vermont is well known as the state of enablers.
    We have already seen the damaging and divisive effect when the domestic terrorist group BLM was welcomed with open arms by those who are oblivious and have been indoctrinated by the radical left.
    Almost immediately there were requests to have people fired from their jobs because of others subjective opinion of racism.
    Wake up!
    Vermont, especially Rutland has a mammoth drug crisis. You by choice, will hinder any progress in this battle, it will only serve to fan the fire and cement it into our society
    We can’t even take care of our own. Many, many of our residents do not have health care. They can’t afford it, yet you are willing to provide it to those who have come here for all the wrong reasons. Housing including heat, hot water, internet, smartphones, groceries, cash… everything that the rest of us have worked and struggled for.
    Now they are taking this further in their demands by playing the race card. Trying to make us feel guilty because we were born white. Do you really want this in our everyday lives?
    Nobody will deny that there are isolated cases of racism throughout the state and it is wrong, very wrong and should be dealt with on an individual basis for many reasons. The most important of which and I strongly believe is that the victim(s) are more likely to be targeted again and again. Why? Because of what is right in front of you. These are the results of activists and extremists forcing their issues down our throats. No reasoning, no middle ground just fostering anger and resentment on “both sides” Look if you don’t believe me…look closely look beyond the mainstream media’s skewed bias. This is only serving to accelerate the hate that is dividing us as a nation.
    I am not being cruel or insensitive to say this is not our problem. The problem lies in Washington DC. We can not buy into this madness. To do so we are encouraging it. We will be providing an outlet for the careless deeds of these fools. “If you build it, they will come.” You are facilitating an endless number of these immigrants. Those who are enriching the cartels as they abuse and torture them. Please, please don’t justify all of this by the thought that this country was built on immigrants. Not even apples and oranges. The country was young and for the most part people came with skills and even a bit of money to get started. Most went through the proper channels as well. Now our country is busting at the seams and we can’t even take care of our own
    Opening Pandora’s Box will release upon us a nightmare that will never, ever be resolved.

    • 100% correct, Patty. My husband & I have seen this over & again and keep relocating in an attempt to escape it. Unfortunately, the USA is being transformed into a third world nation with the wealthy & government elite controlling EVERYTHING & EVERYONE.

      And what is the comment above yours: “BLM is not, in and of itself, a terrorist organization(????!) It either IS one or is NOT one. And it IS indeed ONE!

      “phantomroseexpress” – BLM was founded by two women who refer to themselves as: “Professional Marxists”.

      BLM members were behind the cold-blooded murders of random police officers around the nation as the BLM “activists” held march after march calling for: “DEATH TO THE POLICE”, “F” the Police, and a real winner: “THE ONLY GOOD COP IS A DEAD COP”. There are photographs & videos ON LINE, “phantom” – perhaps if you changed your channel to NewsMax or even some Fox or looked on the net you would find the evidence that this is truth.

      Their very own mission statement INCLUDED that one of their goals was to destroy the: Nuclear Family! W-T-H??

      To top it all off, those who donated to this very UNWORTHY & DANGEROUS cause – had their money funneled to the DNC!!! Thereby, IMO, the DNC & BLM stand for the same things. Uninstall democracy & install socialism and/or Marxism.

      Gangsters, MS-13, drug cartels, terrorists, ILLEGAL “immigrants”, anarchists (i.e.: domestic terrorists) have NO place here. Tree Huggers seem convinced they can “save” them You CANNOT.

      You can merely attempt, at this point, to save yourself. These are dangerous, destructive, murderous people.

      • I resent it that you call me a “tree hugger” for simply pointing out complexities. BLM has countless chapters with varying leadership. The fact is that Antifa keeps its real agendas concealed. Marxism is indeed a danger. Not because of what Marx himself theorized, but because of the various paradoxical interpretations which have been used a s excuses to install totalitarian regimes. Marx was simply an economic theorist. Some of his work brilliant and insightful, some naïve and paradoxical. The dangers you point out are real, but polarization and oversimplification won’t solve the problems.
        I myself am aware of some concealed, some not totally concealed events going on here in VT.
        I was thrown out of Liberty Union Party which has been taken over by violent Marxist-Leninist individuals. I have evidence of what I state.

      • What leads you to believe I called you anything?? I made a statement: “Tree Huggers seem convinced “they” (i.e.: PLURAL) can save……. That specific term is contained within the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and isn’t even defined as derogatory. In actuality, it is most frequently associated with environmentalists, but I associate the term now with the self-proclaimed, newly coined “woke” crowd who have usurped the position of all the former hippies here in VT & elsewhere. Unfortunately, many are less educated and more dangerous than their sandal-wearin’, peace lovin’ predecessors, by FAR.

        As for Karl Marx, according to most historians who have studied his life & ideology in depth, he was FAR more dangerous – some even state demonic – than your rather milk-toast attribution. He was a flagrant racist, druggie, and was ultimately responsible for the murder of millions.

        As far as the concealed and/or “partially” concealed events you infer, I obviously have no opinion because I haven’t a clue what you are referring to.

      • It seems that there are people here simply putting words in my mouth. You seem as close-minded as the Left.
        Not endorsing everything that you say isn’t the same as rejecting everything.

      • You insist on putting words into my mouth. I never accused Christians. I plainly stated that abuses have occurred in the name of Christianity, just as they have in the name of Marx. Blaming him for all that was done in his name is illogical.
        The Russian Revolution didn’t happen because of Marx, but because the Czarist govt. was unspeakably oppressing masses of people. This empowered the Bolsheviks.

      • Kathy – you and Patty are on target with allot! Great reads. I add only – schools are in for an awakening as well…

    • Well said! Oh there is so much more on its way – it will shock VT and the world! Woke is evidently not a part of the Great Awakening…

  12. these people are NOT immigrants, they are invaders, crossing our border illegally and not coming here legally makes them criminals. I will never agree to house, feed, cloth, or support them in any way!

    • In all sobriety, I disagree with you, but not entirely. There may be a conscious effort to bring in criminals and/or violent revolutionists. I’ve been involved, albeit unwittingly.

  13. Illegal is illegal. Period. They have no place bringing them to Rutland or any where else, for that matter. It’s true that we are a land built on immigrants along with the natives that were here but those immigrants came legally, became citizens and worked hard to become Americans. They were proud of this country. Isn’t Rutland enough of a mess already? Maybe we could work to fix the problems that are there first before inviting others in.