Hornblas: Dr. Levine’s mask guidance crosses the line 

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by Amy Hornblas 

By recommending it’s “time to get out the N-95’s” again for use during flood clean-up, Dr. Levine is  crossing a serious line. 

N-95’s are considered official “respirators” according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health  Administration). OSHA has an entire set of standards to protect employees who wear them in  workplace settings. 

OSHA recommends the use of N-95’s in order to protect the lungs from mold and dust particles which  may be dispersed into the air while doing actions such as demolition of water-damaged materials or  using fans in indoor spaces. Their Information Bulletin titled A Brief Guide to Mold in the Workplace includes information and suggestions which would be of use to residents and employers conducting  flood clean-up.  

One of the important points the OSHA document contains is this reminder to employers: 

“As specified by OSHA in 29 CFR 1910.134 individuals who use respirators [N-95’s and Dust Masks]  must be properly trained, have medical clearance, and be properly fit tested before they begin using a  respirator. In addition, use of respirators requires the employer to develop and implement a written  respiratory protection program…” 

Medical clearance means conducting a 10 page review of the numerous health and work conditions  which may make wearing a respirator more dangerous for that individual.  

Fit-tested means the wearer is given a respirator that fits their face tightly, and are trained on how to  wear it properly, so that it will work.  

A respiratory protection program is a multi-step process which assures that employers are doing their  best to avoid and/or mitigate the known harms which can be caused by respirator use.  

Why so many requirements? Because if they are not used properly, respirators will not work, and can  cause an even greater hazard, in and of themselves. Especially for people with pre-existing conditions,  in hot conditions, and those who are wearing them for prolonged periods. 

Sound like anybody you know conducting flood clean-up? 

Perhaps Dr. Levine’s advice around the use of respirators lacks these details because he is not a PPE  (Personal Protective Equipment) expert. Doctors are trained and supervised in their own PPE use by  industrial hygienists and other environmental health and safety professionals, which is a specialty  requiring years of training in subjects doctors learn nothing about.

At least this time, Dr. Levine is recommending the appropriate protection: N-95’s. This time he is not suggesting people use cloth or medical masks, or inferior K-95’s, since it takes a very tight seal, as well as a high-quality product, in order to keep those dust and mold particles out of your lungs.  

However, that tight seal comes at a cost. N-95’s have a very tight seal that makes it much more  difficult to breathe, talk through, and work with one on. In response to Covid, the Center for Disease  Control encourages people to choose other types of masks (cloth or medical) if they find it is too  difficult to breathe through an N-95. They also warn that about 60% of the K-95’s were of poor  quality. (K-95 is a respirator made in China- it was approved for emergency use in the U.S. to meet the demand during Covid.)  

If the masks people have been wearing for the past three years are unable to keep out mold and dust  particles, then clearly their gaps are too large to keep out Covid-carrying aerosolized droplets.  

In other words, they never worked for Covid, either.  

Perhaps now would be a good time to ask why we’ve been encouraged to wear “face coverings” in the  first place? Countless people are still wearing them- and requiring them of others- in the belief that  they are beneficial and harmless, yet they are neither.  

Only two months ago OSHA-trained experts came to Vermont to raise awareness of the harms caused  by the inappropriate use of masks, and to address the fact that medical settings and schools in the state  are still enforcing mask mandates on patients, staff, and children. 

Information is power, and our rights are not going to defend themselves. It’s time for a second opinion  from the real experts in the field, the ones who are transparent about the benefits, limits, and risks  associated with their recommendations. 

Check out these resources to learn more: 
• OSHA’s A Brief Guide to Mold in the Workplace: 

• OSHA’s standards pertaining to respiratory protection in the workplace: 

• CDC’s Mask Guidance page: sick/types-of-masks.html 

• To learn more about the respiratory hazards of masks, and hear the speakers who came to  Vermont last spring to raise awareness, go to:

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  1. Where is Dr. Fauci when you need him…………… ( probably in Wuhan conducting experiments )

    • Plaques, plaques, and more plaques ….as a dental hygienist for 30 years do people know realize when they wear masks chronically it increases the anaerobic bacteria (less oxygen in the mouth in the perfect environment for the anaerobic bacteria to thrive) 80% of people over the age of 35 have gum 🦠 ,,do they know what its doing to the gum disease?when they put a mask on it not to mention their heart and brain?? Plaques with the same anaerobic bacteria in the pockets of peoples mouths, have been found in the plaques in the Alzheimer’s brains,plaques that’s buildup in the heart as well…..when is this insanity ever going to stop ????Not to mention with the vaccine and what it has done to immunity and the extra bleeding gums that I am seeing more in these past few years than I’ve seen in the other 30 years of my career. Certainly not a conspiracy if I’m seeing it with my eyeballs.

  2. I am proud to call Amy my friend. I used parts of her compressive study on the effectiveness, and moire accurately the ineffectiveness and harm the masks had on VT Students.
    I went to many school board meetings in Northern VT and brought copies for the Parents and School Board members.
    Almost none of the school board members would take a copy, there was proof in the document they were injuring the students.

    Once again Levine puts agenda and hysteria above factual evidence.
    Thank you Amy for calling out this hypocrisy one more time.

    • I sent a scientific paper to the Essex Westford High School Super, Beth Cobbs. The paper was written by a neurologist showing that young children wearing masks could experience neurological development issues. This is because young children are suspectable to carbon dioxide in the lungs. Their developing brains need a specic level of oxygen to develop. Mask wearing diminished the oxygen levels enough to cause the brain not to develop correctly. Unfortunately, the damage is not immediately evident, taking years to become detectable. She told me that she didn’t care and that I could call the governor’s office or the state health department. I called both and was not allowed to speak to anyone. I left a message at the governor’s office which was never returned.

      • Most of the School Board members I dealt with were expressionless. You could have a dissected brain and lungs on the table in front of them.
        Absolutely no personal affect.
        Bet their faces lit up when Scott sent the blackmail money though. The payola for high jab and mask rates is completely unconstitutional, but hey, the marxists in the legislature and judiciary of VT just laugh it off.
        The facts are clear, to them it doesn’t matter that they hurt Vermont children.

      • When the petty tyrants in Vermont want your opinions (or facts) they’ll give them to you. In the meantime, realize the only “science” they’re interested in is that which increases their authority.

      • Hello Jim!

        It’s so nice to celebrate this moment with you! The defense used by the school boards, and other employers during Covid was that they were not requiring N-95’s, or other official “respirators,” and therefore they could ignore the OSHA standards.

        Now, the discussion is crystal clear: The respiratory hazards of N-95’s are well-known, and there are workplace standards in place to protect us.

        N-95’s restrict breathing by 35% and cause elevated O2 and CO2 under the mask, as noted in the CDC’s own references (example:

        The problem with making that argument over the past 3 years was that no study examining the restriction of breathing caused by the other masks has been published (or been allowed to remain un-retracted once it was). So, ignorance was bliss to those who wanted to ignore the obvious.

        Welcome to Critical Mass, where we can begin to agree on one thing, at least: Breath is Life!
        Thanks so much for using your breath to speak up and help!
        ~ Amy

  3. What ever happened to “Inform people of both the benefits and the risks and let them make their own decision”? Who would they be helping or hurting by either choice except for themselves? Their choice affects no one else. Period. This nanny-state nonsense mentality simply has to stop. If not, we’re really no freer than he people of China.

  4. Ok I will say this again because too many have forgotten, in all of this, GOD. He gave us all something special besides a killer immune system. He gave us real FREE WILL. Is money more important? Some job that is sucking your soul dry or better yet for that truck you got last year. Is that worth your freedom? Is anything they say they are gonna take away for non-compliance worth your health, your freedom? If you think so then GOD has a nice warm place for ya. Worshiping the state over HIM. Worshiping the god of Virtue Signaling. When people, when are you gonna get it. Too many of us are just getting too tired to keep holding your hand to lead you away from
    this ridiculous state driven madness. Its like you all have just laid down and given up.

  5. Amy, you are attempting to apply logic and facts to a given situation which is a big no-no. You must drink the kool aid and smile and nod politely and do whatever the very smart people tell you to do……
    Seriously though, I wish you the best in getting through to the appropriate people.

  6. They choose to support lies and deception over Truth. I went through this with a local nursing home. The State and the nursing home confronted with facts and law. They both chose to double down on the lies and gaslighting. They chose their fate, by freewill, to side with the master of lies. Now, the consequence of their choice will manifest and the price paid. Woe unto them!

  7. At this point in time especially, wearing any type of surgical mask in any average public setting is simply a nod to Communism/Marxism. Remember the tee shirts that said: “I’m With Stupid”? That’s THEM. Jack-booted, obedient Amerikans & proud of it.

    They are most often seen being worn by young females of college age & those in their twenties – that percentage of citizens who comprise the healthiest, strongest immune systems among us, and apparently the percentage of the citizenry who are easiest to brainwash as well.

  8. I caught the covid flu twice from people dr. Levine said were “fully protected”….and yes they caught it too but were mislead into thinking they couldn’t catch or spread the virus. This man and virtually all public health officials have lost all credibility. They lied and continue to do so. God is watching.

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