Glory Days Barbecue for Vermont GOP

Former Gov. Douglas, Lt. Gov. Dubie guests of honor July 21

by Guy Page

As recently as 2005, Vermont had a GOP governor, lieutenant governor, and GOP House majority. On Thursday, July 21, Vermont Republicans will gather in South Burlington to socialize, meet old friends, and remember – and work towards – an ascendant GOP.

The GOP fundraiser barbecue will be held on Pinnacle Drive in South Burlington 5:30-8:30 pm. For tickets, Tickets are $25 with donor options available.

In 2022, it’s hard to remember when Republicans actually had the political ascendancy, however fleeting. Today Republicans hold only one of the three key positions of governor/lt. governor/Speaker of the House. Gov. Phil Scott’s status as a “real” Republican is challenged by some conservatives within the Grand Old Party. But on Thursday, July 21, Republicans new and old from all over Vermont will gather for a barbecue with the governor-lt. governor team that served Vermont from 2003-2011: Gov. Jim Douglas and Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie.

Walt Freed was the most recent Republican Speaker of the House (2005). This year, Republicans hope to claim several more seats and establish a caucus large enough to prevent overrides of presumed Gov. Scott’s vetos.

The 2023 Senate will need to pick up at least four seats to support the governor’s vetos. The last Republican Senate Pro Tem was Steven Webster of Orange County in 1997.

With the unpopularity of Pres. Joe Biden, there’s never been a better time to make major gains, state chair Paul Dame said.

“No statewide candidate in Ohio wants to campaign with him. His approval ratings are in the low 30s,” Dame said. “And a recent poll shows that a majority of low and middle class voters believe they are worse off under Biden’s policies – only the rich are benefiting.”

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  1. You have to wonder why Jim Douglas has signed on as a campaign advisor for Christina Nolan, given her insistence that she will not be going to DC as a Republican but as a Vermonter.
    Does Douglas support Nolan’s positions that Roe V Wade must be codified and her position on abortion thru the 2nd Trimester ?
    Does it bother Douglas that Nolan supports Ketanji Brown Jackson, who can’t define the word Woman and has a history of being soft on Child Porn Crimes ?

    Does it bother Douglas or Dubie that Phil Scott has betrayed Real Vermont Republicans so many times you need a calculator to add them up ?
    Does it bother either Douglas or Dubie that Scott supports Prop 5 Article 22 and said he will vote for it in November ?
    Does it bother either Douglas or Dubie that Benning voted for Prop 5 twice and says he will again in November ?
    Does it bother either Douglas or Dubie that State Representatives Beck, Leffler, Walker, Sheuerman, Martin all voted for Prop 5 to advance to the Ballot in November ?
    Does it bother either Douglas or Dubie that Paul Dame, State GOP Chair and Tom Koch, Rules Committee Chair protect every one of these people in complete violation of the State GOP Platform ?
    They destruction of the VT State GOP, brought to you by those who want you to think they support it.
    I am working with Real VT Republicans who are 100% Pro Life from conception and 100% Constitutional.
    These people are not.

  2. Nolan states what she states as she is unabashedly unbiased, won’t show preferential treatment to ANY Vermont resident based upon their personal political affiliation the way the democRat politicos do routinely, she again does NOT support abortion through the 2nd trimester which can be disputed directly through her public statements (as can your other accusations), and through her exceptionally STRONG opposition to crime as ALSO evidenced via her record as former U.S. Attorney for VT – she will take back this state from the Viper grip of Soros backed candidates & out-of-staters who want to make Vermont an east coast California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But you all keep regurgitating your falsehoods re: Nolan and keep on “supporting” candidates who will NEVER win the primary, have spent virtually ZERO money and time on their “campaigns” whilst you actually aid & abet Welch in being “crowned” the next US Senator as is his inherent “right” as per the Vermont democRat Party.

    Yep. You show them! ALLOW Welch to be ushered in by your misguided actions – WELCH: Yet another China-lovin’, swamp monster, D.C. insider, corrupted politician who will be selling out VT to the radicalized, gender confused, criminal-lovin’ race-baiting, George Sorus funded haters of the democRat Party.

    Golly, Christina, how dare you state you will represent ALL Vermonters as opposed to only those within your party?


  3. Evidently Nolan’s own words don’t resonate with you. In case you missed it watch the VPR Senate debate where Nolan defends herself as better than Welch because Welch supports abortion to the moment of Birth and she only defends abortion thru the 2nd Trimester.
    Her words, not mine. Nolan has proven she isn’t a Republican for more than a few ways.
    I am working with Real Republicans, who will work for all Vermonters. They just won’t work for the marxist agenda.
    Must be your aren’t paying attention to all the work we are doing Statewide. Constantly on the road in every corner of the State to meet Vermonters where they are and to ask what we can do for them.
    You can attack me for telling the truth and calling the fakes out for who they are, but you can’t call me a liar.
    Because everything I write I can back up.

  4. How can you tell a politician is lying? Their lips are moving. The Devil is a lie and propping up the RINOs as the answer to Vermont’s liberal investation is spitting into the wind. Only until the VT GOP get’s a clue as to what the rest of the Nation is demanding…Vermont is finished, done, over – an insolvent globalist NWO wasteland.

  5. Getting back to the original topic…”republican ascendancy?” WT heck? The problem isn’t republican, although conservative republican-like values ruled this state for many decades prior to the 80’s. The problem is that the scale has moved SO INCREDIBLY FAR LEFT TOWARD COMMUNISM, that even formerly liberal minded Vermonters are now scratching their heads wondering what the heck is going on. No, this isn’t an “ascendancy”, this is an outcry that is taking root among reasonable, responsible people in this fair state.