“Striking implement” broke State House windows

Vermont Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei said no arrests have been made in the June 25 vandalism of the Vermont State House. Video footage has provided more information about how the crime was committed.

by Guy Page

The Vermont State House Capitol Police say a “striking implement,” such as a hammer, was used to break the windows at the Vermont State House Saturday, June 25, the day after SCOTUS overturned the Roe V. Wade abortion case.

Video footage shows that one person “as far as we know” used a hammer-like device to smash the windows. The vandal(s) also spray painted “If abortions aren’t safe, you’re not either” – the slogan also spraypainted at numerous pregnancy clinics nationwide. An anonymous, decentralized organization called “Jane’s Revenge” has taken credit for and publicized these events, including photos of the spraypainted slogan at many locations across the country.

Some observers say Jane’s Revenge appears to share characteristics with Antifa: anonymous, decentralized, lawbreakers with contempt for the ‘liberal’ law-abiding Democrats and Republicans.

“Jane Roe” was the pseudonym name of the plaintiff in Roe. V. Wade. Her real name was Norma McCorvey. Ironically, McCorvey became a strong opponent of legal abortion in the 1990’s, calling for the overturning of Roe V. Wade.

In a June 27 post, a purportedly Burlington faction of Jane’s Revenge referred to inflicting property damage in protest of the June 24 Dobbs decision overturning Roe V. Wade: “This time it was concrete slabs,” the post said. Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei confirmed that video footage shows the State House windows weren’t broken by concrete slabs, but by a “striking implement” such as a hammer.

In a related development, GOP candidate for lieutenant governor Greg Thayer of Rutland on June 30 issued a statement about the vandalism:

“I condemn the actions of the person or persons who violated the People’s House in Montpelier this past weekend in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court sending the abortion issue back to the States under the tenth Amendment to our Constitution. This is the correct place for this issue.

“These juvenile actions should not be tolerated and they must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Equally, if it is proven that these acts were perpetrated by minors, the parents/guardians need be held accountable too. This type of behavior shall never be acceptable.

“Actions have consequences and people need to be held accountable, and learn from their actions. I immediately condemned these actions on the LT. Governor’s Twitter page writing: “I condemn these actions, and ask that people get the truth. This SCOTUS ruling shifts abortions to the States, where it’s closes to the people. Here in VT. abortion is legal right up to moments before birth.”

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  1. If those who wanted to deliver a politically-charged message had painted it in bold yellow paint in large lettering down the middle of a major roadway, this would have been considered perfectly acceptable in Vermont. The Statehouse belongs to the people of all political stripes and ideologies and damaging that historic building shows the immaturity and radical nature of “Jane’s Revenge” or their allies. Making a threat directed at the Legislative and Executive officeholders of perhaps the most pro-choice elected body in the US also demonstrated their profound political ignorance.

  2. Looks like the left has given far too much power to the anarchists who they first believed would help their cause……so, looks as though you are being eaten by your own and/or live by the sword, die by the sword. They destroyed Burlington. They are now destroying “your” people’s house.

    We older folks could have explained this to you young Turks there in Montpelier – but you always think you know better.

    Think yYOU are going to be in charge once you destroy the USA? LOL!

    Think again. While you’re still allowed to think.

  3. Don’t be deceived. “Antifa” is a networking. Of course this was performed by members of that networking. I learned about much of this both listening to and observing Marina Brown, who continues to try to suppress my voice. Beware the chicken farm, 564 E. Echo Lake Rd., in E. Charleston.

    • Scott, please stop the lying and harassment. We had nothing to do with this attack. Holding people in false light as you are doing here is as wrong as outright lies.

      Pushing back on doxxing and harassment is not suppression. I am using my free speech here. Asking your friends to try to get you to stop harassing us is not suppression. You have multiple platforms on which to speak.

      I would have loved to actually have a chicken farm but a backyard flock of a couple dozen aging pet chickens hardly qualifies as a farm.

      Even the Capitol police say they don’t know who did that attack. Maybe wait until the investigation is done to make accusations. You give public figures accused of crimes this courtesy.

    • As i said in my earlier response the remaining Liberty Union – now Green Mountain Peace and Justice Party people have offered to let you back on the old email list if you want. If you get put back on that list i will probably sign off. As was the truth 2 years ago i am tired of your argumentativeness and constant hostility.

      This would give you a space to talk with other socialists.

  4. Where are the camera’s they should have been able to count the freckles on their face. Some protection of our state capital

  5. It boggles the mind that somehow these perpetrators aren’t able to be identified either by camera, digital signatures, or our Department of Justice. I mean they seem to have had no problem identifying everyone that was
    within walking distance to the Capital on January 6th.

  6. The point of these vandals is to create the civil war the Left is drooling for and doing everything to incite decent people to react emotionally. The “emotional” ones are on the Left and they will continue to goat and poke decent people into a fight. As you see, they will use anything to incite discourse and “take action.” Playbook known. Soon, the Left will be blindsided with Truth that will send most of them to their cry closets and then be turned against their own Masters. The Left is losing bigly – their Satanic Liberal NWO monument in Georgia is a pile of rubble. They are running out of ammo….they are losing and the game is near completion. Check mate incoming.

    • Like your thoughts a LOT! You are insightful & astute. Glad to know you’re on the “right” side of all this chaos and destruction!

  7. Amen to that. It is happening…soon Vermont citizens will see a big change in it’s government for the good…
    No more baby killing and selling of their organs through Planned Parenthood foe $$. Sealed indictments in VT (and other states) are being opened now. It’s all coming together….

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