‘Jane’s Revenge’ in Burlington urges arson, rock-throwing against local pro-life clinic

Photo from Burlington post on Jane’s Revenge blog. Scene of photo unknown.

By Guy Page

Graffiti and threats of violence in the Burlington area have followed in the wake of the June 24 SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe V. Wade. A Burlington-based post on a national website urges readers to “gather your friends, pick up heavy rocks, and learn the skill of accelerant bartending” – an apparent reference to committing arson. 

On a more threatening note, the following was posted on Jane’s Revenge, an abortion rights blog advocating physical damage of crisis pregnancy centers and publishing reports of it after it happens. To date there are no police reports of crisis pregnancy center vandalism in Vermont, although the Littleton, NH center was damaged, WCAX reports. 

The following Jane’s Revenge entry was posted June 27, and appears below edited for profanity:

Following the Supremacist Court’s laughable attempt at control over millions of bodies with the arbitrary and retroactive overturning of its own decision on Roe v. Wade, in addition to further threats against the queer community made by a certain Supreme Pig, a few of us up here in so-called “Burlington, Vermont” (colonized Abenaki land) decided it was a good time to remind the tyrants that we are everywhere and that we will not be f—–d with.

It came to our attention months ago that there’s an anti-abortion clinic here in town masquerading as a safe place for pregnant folks to receive care and resources. Their tactic is to lure in vulnerable people with emotionally manipulative messaging about “non-judgmental support” before pulling the ol’ bait and switch and doing everything they can to guilt people into carrying their unplanned pregnancies to term. The impact of concrete chunks on those old colonial window frames was absolutely titillating… We struck once, disappearing into the dark before re-emerging from another direction and striking again. A veritable volley of crashing and shattering sounds filled the neighborhood and our gay hearts to their brims.

The tired, self-congratulatory, hippie liberalism in this city is a large part of what allows organizations like this to remain in our community and to do harm to vulnerable people.

We say: f–k that. No more.

A couple of months back, our sister Fern was stabbed to death by some transphobic a–hat. Then, just weeks later, they tried to intimidate us further by smashing up our Pride Center. Still, the burnout Phish Heads did nothing. Circle jerk vigils where cis-het white hippies sound-off on their megaphones in the park like it’s 1969 are obviously doing nothing with actual consequence. Spare us the performance. It’s time to put up a real fight. Gather your friends and collect heavy rocks. Learn the skill of accelerant bartending. Decentralize your actions– go into the night and be feral with joy! This is the fight of our lives and it’s just getting started. This time it was concrete slabs. Next time we’ll bring it Wisconsin-style.

Peaceful protest is dead and so is Jerry Garcia!

Jane’s Revenge lives!

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  1. Stupidity knows no bounds. We can only hope that they turn on each other and “fix” their problems themselves. Remember National Lampoon’s “Woodshuck: Three Days of Peace, Love and Death”? In the spirit of that iconic parody of the time, maybe y’all should roll yourselves up in tin foil, and go stand under a tall tree, in the middle of a field, on top of a hill, during a thunderstorm . That will fix all your problems .

  2. This is no thinly-veiled threat, but a promise of terrorism, and should be investigated by the FBI.
    To those who work in and around the supposed target, for your own safety please avail yourselves of the rights that have been affirmed by Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution and the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. These people are nuts and should not be treated with any level of respect or kid gloves. Not sure who the “they” is that they refer to as attacking Sister Fern or the Pride Center, but all decent, law-abiding people should abhor threats like this and the miscreants who utter them. Thanks for the report, Guy. We certainly can’t count on the local lamestream media to cover these threats of terrorism.

    • The Language in the article is a call to violent activity. I’m not a lawyer but that sounds like a crime. I thought free-speech ended where threats begin. Am I wrong on that?

  3. NOT your heavyweight champions of emotional health! Four year-old brats throwing tantrums when they cannot get their way.

  4. wow stunned……no veiled threat there; right out with it. This would be domestic terrorism…..so with all the know how tech these days; shouldn’t be too difficult to find the source…and then SG can pat em on the back and say “we’ll give you another chance to behave”………

  5. UNBELIEVABLE that these twisted, violent, amoral, pathetic anarchists are just permitted to roll right over anyone & everyone in VT.

    What a sick state we now are thanks to liberal leftist lunatics and what a great independent state we once were. And not very long ago.

  6. “Crisis pregnancy centers” are a Christofascist scam. I have no sympathy.

    • Have you every visited one to find out for yourself? Its ok, of course you haven’t. Just parroting the lies. Christians aren’t facists, stop generalizing, please. And I can tell you from experience these centers really do care about the women and men they serve. But, you do you.

  7. We knew that when Roe v Wade was overturned that every nut case would come out of the woodwork because of it, sadly. Jane’s Revenge qualifies for exactly this, unfortunately. Because we don’t fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of darkness, which is obviously at work here, we decided that we would instead of ranting at them, we would begin to pray diligently for those who have the sick mindset that Jane’s Revenge and those opposed to innocent lives being spared have. Most likely they have never been told the truth about abortion and what really happens during this so-called “procedure,” to the mother of the baby or to the baby themselves. Maybe if they had been told the truth about all of this they would change their mind, I’m not sure. For now we’re praying that they’ll have their eye opened and realize they’ve been duped by a false narrative that was sold to them, maybe while they were in college being radicalized by their professors, or otherwise? We hope so.

  8. Jane’s Revenge members will soon enough meet some police, a judge, a jury, and some corrections staffers. Those will be glorious events!

  9. The psychopaths that have attacked Pro Pregnancy Centers and are threatening more. Including firebombing and throwing rocks thru windows.
    Hey Governor Scott, this is domestic terrorism. Exactly the same as what happened at the Capitol recently.
    How about you pretend to care for Vermonters instead of supporting the far left/ marxists that you continually cater to ? Just one time ?
    You are a threat to innocent people because of your support of domestic terrorists.
    The millions you have given to planned parenthood have contributed to deaths of thousands of Babies in VT. Your silence on these attacks on Pro Life people is complicity. .
    Either do the right thing or pull a Jeffords and make it official.

  10. Could it be that one of the “Janes” visited the State House the weekend of the June 25th? Please send the bill for $25K in damages directly to Jane c/o of the Vermont Democrat and Progressive Parties Rainbow Flag Alphabet Soup Group Coalition.

  11. Not one of these Jane protesters was aborted, but such an argument probably means nothing.to them. I was not aborted and am anti-abortion, and I don’t act out as a psychotic PC mob.

  12. The desire to commit arson, inflict bodily injury and likely murder- to protest the perceived “right” to kill a human baby is a sure sign of mental defect and disease. It is likely that this individual would be incapable of following thru on the words they wrote, but Highland Park, Illinois Police may have thought the same thing until Sunday.
    Vermont’s police have some decisions to make. Either uphold their sworn duty or find another career. Vermont’s Judicial system, primarily the State’s Attorney’s need to do likewise. Should violence occur as a result of this jane’s revenge follower, Chittenden County State’s Attorney sarah george is as complicit as the person committing the violence. Her Soros-backed views are not working, as Vermont continues to become an anomie. Likewise, Mayor weinberger and the Burlington city council need to be held accountable for their actions- and lack of- concerning the condition of Burlington.

  13. And, again, by my recollection, this sounds like the propaganda and lies maintained by Marina Brown and the fanatics who gathered or lived at the chicken farm in E. Charleston.
    These acts are justified as “defensive violence”.

    • I seriously just want to be left in peace – my health is not particularly good any more.

      The remaining Liberty Union Party members even agreed to let you back on the old legacy email list to get you stop your harassment campaign.

      Think of it ! You could be posting endless bizarre missives to an email list with next to no one on it again !

  14. Grow up ! You act like a toddler whose parents said ‘no’ to them.

    We have nothing to do with that post or the vandalism. We are old
    and disabled.

    It is sad and pathetic that you have nothing better to do than to make up
    harrassing posts to hold me in false light for the last 2 years.

    For those not following this pathetic story. This started because Scott
    was kicked off a mailing list with 5 or so active members.

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