Sen. John Rodgers legislative style ‘reaped what it sowed,’ former colleague says

Editor’s note: former House and Senate member David Deen served with both Sen. John Rodgers and Sen. Becca Balint. In this letter, Deen criticizes a letter written recently by Rogers. Former Sen. Rodgers is welcome to submit his letter for publication.

by David Deen

John  Rodgers had some politically off color things to say about Becca Balint. I would like to add some perspective on his rant. I served with John while he was in the House and during his Senate tenure and served with Becca during her Senate tenure and I would like to set a few things straight about John’s little letter writing temper tantrum.

First, there is an old Vermont bromide that goes, “just cause a cat has her kittens in an old abandoned oven, don’t make those kittens biscuits.” Based on my years of service at the same time as John served, John could call himself a duck and he would be neither a duck nor based on my experience with him in the House and Senate, could he be called a democrat. 

As to how people react to anyone serving in the legislature, what I found in 30 years of service is that people treated you as you treated them. If you showed respect for them regardless whether or not you supported their positions they would respond, meet with you, talk with you with no rancor if you did not agree and part until the next time an issue warranted a conversation. But let me tell you If every time you met with someone, that someone was woofing in your face, you found ways to avoid that person and the reaction was/is the same whether they were a newbie or in leadership. Pointless confrontation is a waste of your legislative time.

I know John to be a hard worker and good business man but his legislative style reaped what it sowed and I question his relevance to give advice about who should or should not be our next US Congressional representative.

With lessons learned over the years of my legislative experience, I recognize effective legislators not by what they say but by what they do and how they do it. Becca takes time to understand Vermonters, understand their issues, work with others to craft effective responses and knows how to reach across the aisle to get the votes to make those responses real. 

Becca knows how to legislate and that’s who we are hiring, our next national legislator. 

The author is a Westminster resident and, like Sen. Rodgers, a former member of both the Vermont House and Senate.

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  1. Sen. Deen has an overt partisan bias and no one should care about his pandering old-Vermont bromides about kittens in the oven. An outside observer would look at Becca Balint and objectively see just another cookie-cutter democrat seeking to dance to the tune of Pelosi, Schumer and Biden.

    • “just another cookie-cutter democrat seeking to dance to the tune of Pelosi,” or worse ! Personally I believe her to be to the left even of Pelosi. I see her aligning herself with “the squad” very quickly, if we are so unfortunate as to have her elected.

    • We would be safe in the state of Vermont if these people were Democrats they are clear-cut socialists and communist out to destroy our beautiful state

      I didn’t always agree with John Rogers but the guy always had Vermont’s best interest at heart…

  2. I will never vote for anyone supported by political radical Kesha Ram. The fact that Kesha Ram supports Balint is all I need to know, as Kesha Ram supports political division and the new woke regressive ideology sweeping across our country and Vermont schools, which teachers our children that they are white and therefore responsible for the original sin of slavery, which originated long before America came into being. Children can’t escape the color of their skin. I refuse to support any ideologist that labels people as oppressors or the oppressed in the name of equity.

    I will support candidates that embrace America as an Omni cultural experience. One that is rich is culture and diversity due to the ethnic and diverse cultures that call America home and whose influence is the foundation of American culture, such those originating from jazz music, Italian stone cutters, Italian/Asian/Soul food, the American Indian and mustang, martial arts, and all of the other wonderful cultural influences that are woven into the fabric of America’s omicultural experience.

  3. Oh folks Please… We have gone-off-the-left-cliff democrats ruling us constituents with the delusional rational that they are actually “representing” us. Do we want to continue this nearly 20 year surreal political interlude?. Sen. Becca Balint, and several others likely to be on the ballet proudly step up to say they want to continue this folly. We gona vote for that?. . .

  4. None of these socialists have a clue what vermonters want…

    Vermonters want their state back

  5. So, Sen. Deen has 30 years of service in Vermont. Maybe that’s one of the reasons our state is circling the drain. Electing Ms. Balent to our congressional seat might just complete the flush. It is apparent that these progressive ideologs serve the agenda not the people. While we are not voting for more socialist Marxism perhaps it’s also a good time to replace Deen. Sucking the government teat as a Carrer politician even in this tiny state and the lucrative advantages therein, demonstrates why our founders wanted people to return to their jobs and live with the people they serve or in the progressive world rule over. Thirty years is enough, we need new people and new ideas who actually serve the people, obey their oath of office and our constitution.

  6. Baloney. Being a leader in a super majority Senate means that across the aisle was, in Vermont’s case, left reaching out to far left. It is a fib to say that she reached across the aisle because there were almost no republican votes for any of it. As for understanding Vermonters, how so? With Molly Gray we have someone who can represent all Vermonters because she has lived here almost all of her life. People who move here like Balint tend to have circles of friends that are almost exclusively other people who moved here. And they don’t even know it.

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