Gagne: a living child is a sign of hope

To the editor:

Rape is a violation of a woman in the deepest sense. She is the victim of a crime. If she is a young teen and the perpetrator is a relative, it is even more tragic. Though it is not her fault, she may feel guilt and shame. But she has not lost her dignity as a person. 

If there is a pregnancy from rape there is a baby. 1% of abortions are due to rape. The younger the teen, the more she is aware that it is a baby. Abortion is the violation of a woman at the deepest level. Abortion can’t undo rape. It is another tragedy. You can’t correct evil with more evil. A woman’s lost sense of dignity is not restored when she is lying on her back with her feet in stirrups having the contents of her uterus sucked out. An abortion is an attempt to forget the rape, but it may be a double whammy. Her abortion may remind her of the rape and the rape remind her of her abortion. 

A woman has other choices. She may carry the child to term and provide adoptive parents with a much wanted child. She may keep the baby and come to love and enjoy the child. A living child is a sign of hope that good can come even from tragedy. 

The child resulting from rape has the same dignity as you and me.They can’t change the circumstances of their conception, but they can make a good life for themselves. Ask such a child if they had rather been aborted. 

Anna J. Gagne

St. Albans

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