Fed up with feds, New Hampshire starts its own border patrol

Gov. Chris Sununu, AG John Formella announce new state border protection initiative.

The State of New Hampshire, frustrated with federal inability to stop potential terrorists from entering through Canada, is starting its own border patrol.

Vermont will not be participating. “We are aware of New Hampshire’s initiative, but our understanding is that it is a state-specific action,” Scott administration spokesperson Rebecca Kelley said today. “We are, as always, in close contact with our law enforcement partners on border and public safety issues, including federal partners and partners in neighboring states.”

In an October 19 press statement, New Hampshire Governor Christopher Sununu and other state officials announced the establishment of the Northern Border Alliance Task Force, composed of state, county, and local law enforcement officers, to conduct patrols along the northern border to: reduce the instance of crimes and illicit activity; respond to all threats, all crimes, all hazards; and collect, share, and act upon criminal intelligence. The Task Force will also cooperate, as needed, with federal law enforcement officers in the enforcement of federal criminal immigration laws.

The Northern Border Alliance Task Force will be funded by the Department of Safety, which has $1,435,384 grant funds available to the New Hampshire State Police, Forest Rangers, and Fish and Game Department, as well as to county and local law enforcement agencies to fund patrols within 25 air miles from the Canadian border.

“The Federal Government refuses to take action on our Northern Border,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “They cut funding, limited our resources, and have thrown their hands up. Without adequate federal support, the state is stepping up. Encounters with individuals on the terrorist watch list at the Land Border Ports of Entry along the northern border have doubled since 2017. This is a stark contrast to what we are seeing on the southern border, where Land Border Port of Entry encounters have decreased during that same time period. In fact, just this year, 85% of all land border encounters with individuals on the terrorist watchlist occurred on the northern border – while only 15% occurred on the southern border. In meeting with local law enforcement up north, it is clear we need more targeted resources.”

“Our aim is to increase the presence and effectiveness of law enforcement in northern New Hampshire, particularly in communities in close proximity to the Canadian border. Given the rural nature, expansive geography, and sparse population of northern Coos County, local law enforcement resources are extremely limited,” said Attorney General John Formella. “The increase in personnel provided by the Northern Border Alliance Program and Task Force will add ten thousand patrol hours near the border through June 30, 2025. This will shorten response times to calls for service in the region, increase the effectiveness of crime detection and prevention in a remote area of the State, and enhance border security efforts.”

All law enforcement officers conducting activities, patrols and investigations for the Northern Border Alliance Task Force shall serve under the general supervision and control of the Attorney General’s Office.

Participating law enforcement officers will be vested with the authority and jurisdiction, within twenty-five air miles from the Canadian border, to: (1) enforce all state criminal laws, and (2) cooperate with federal law enforcement officers in preventing and detecting crime and apprehending criminals, including those who have committed federal immigration-related crimes.

The first phase of the Northern Border Alliance Task Force will begin immediately with participation from State Police. The second phase will begin when the rules for the Northern Border Alliance Program become effective, which is expected to occur at the November 16 meeting of the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules. Once these rules are approved, local and county law enforcement agencies will be permitted to apply for funding from the Northern Border Alliance Program and execute grant agreements with the State. When those grant agreements are approved, local and county law enforcement officers will begin their participation with the Northern Border Alliance Task Force.

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  1. My question is – when a member of the NH task force & a Federal Agent are both at the border and the NH agent tries to stop an illegal entry – if a Fed tells them they cannot stop the person based on Federal laws – who has jurisdiction? Personally, I think it is a great idea to have the states patrol their own borders. It will never happen in Vermont though – the bunch ensconced under the dome will never allow it. And they will create six new laws and probably a couple new taxes to make sure it never does.

    • States that put up any borders to travel are in violation of the constitution. It’s the reason it’s called The UNITED states

  2. I salute the Governor of NH for having the guts to do this! It is a necessity that our own government has neglected, federally and state! My hope is that our state Governor takes the same initiative to defend VT’s border similarly or by sending in the National Guard!
    There have been too many known terrorists coming across, that have been caught, while I’m sure, there are as many or more that do not!

  3. Excellent, it’s your state and your border, if the feckless feds won’t or can’t handle the Illegals, it’s your state !!!

  4. Thanks a lot Joe Biden/Obama/Clinton and the Dems.
    Way to go NH.
    Live Free or Die.

  5. Good idea, it’s unfortunate that the Biden administration refuses to allow the CBP To do their job.

  6. I don’t know where he gets this: “In fact, just this year, 85% of all land border encounters with individuals on the terrorist watchlist occurred on the northern border – while only 15% occurred on the southern border.” here’s some Federal Data:

    US Border Patrol TSDS Encounters Between Ports of Entry of Non-US Citizens
    2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
    Southwest Border 0 3 15 98 146
    Northern Border 3 0 1 0 3
    Total 3 3 16 98 149
    %age of total 0.0004 0.0007 0.001 0.0044 0.0009

    Statistics from US Customs and Border Protection on the number of people on the terror watch list, known inside the agency as the Terrorist Screening Dataset (TSDS) stopped at the border.

    2023 data is through September.

    The sky is not falling.

    • Your stats are citing everything that occurred “between Ports of Entry”, while the quote relies on “total encounters”- that is, those who actually used a Port of Entry to apply for admission as well. Here’s the kicker- this article doesn’t educate the public on what an “Encounter” means, or the disposition of the person after that “encounter”…just because you are on a terror watch list doesn’t mean you will be denied entry to the US. While some on terror watch lists try to sneak in illegally(between ports of entry), many were issued visas by our own US STATE DEPT ITSELF as interpreters or claimed asylum and were paroled into the country- many different outcomes and statuses. These are ALL counted as “encounters”.

    • And we are to believe fed data😂😂😂these the same who are changing history to fit a narrative…

  7. I seem to recall that in Vermont, it is “hands off” federal violators. Local and state police are not supposed to report to the federal authorities when they encounter a person with unauthorized entry into the U.S. That is the liberals way of dealing with federal law violators as these unauthorized persons are just trying to make a way of life for themselves so the state should not interfere.

  8. Of course Vermont won’t support New Hampshire. Vermont is proud to be a sanctuary state for illegal aliens in clouding terrorist. Those New Hampshire people are awful backward conservative republicans and we are enlightened progressives who change the state constitution to protect killing babies in and out of the womb. That’s “Enlightenment”?!