Balint makes demands of everyone except Hamas/ Prog state senator seeks ‘end of Israeli apartheid state’

By Guy Page

Rep. Becca Balint’s most recent statement on the Israel-Hamas conflict lists expectations of Israel, the U.S., Egypt, and the world community – but asks nothing of Hamas.

Balint’s October 18 press statement doesn’t give the Oct. 7 invaders, killers and kidnappers a complete pass. She mentions “Hamas’ terror campaign.” Yet she makes no demands for the terrorist group that began the recent conflict, while in the name of humanitarianism cites many for Israel and others [highlighted in bold by VDC].

“I’m deeply saddened by the overwhelming, brutal loss of Israeli and Palestinian lives. The loss of civilian lives in Gaza and Israel is truly horrifying, and the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza will surely lead to the death of more innocent people, including children.   

“To meet this moment with the moral clarity it requires, protecting innocent lives must be at the forefront of Israel’s response to Hamas’ terror campaign. The United States must work urgently with Israel, Egypt, and other countries in the region to ensure that critical supplies can reach the civilian population in Gaza. I support Israel’s right to defend itself after the unprecedented surprise attack against them. I’m calling for Israel to take all necessary measures to ensure the successful transport of aid to Gaza. With millions of lives at risk, attacks on homes, schools, water, and power must be off limits. Any acts of collective punishment are unacceptable, in keeping with international law.

“As a strong supporter of a two-state solution, I fear that the violence erupting right now will only serve as a setback to any hope of peace, security, and justice for both sides. The international community must find a path to reduce suffering and protect the innocent lives caught in the crossfire.”

VDC yesterday emailed to Balint’s press spokesperson: ‘Why does Rep. Balint not specifically call on Hamas to do anything constructive?’ As of this morning no response had been received.

State senators disagree on ‘end to the Israeli apartheid state’ – A day after one Chittenden County state senator called for an end to Israel, another has responded with a strong, public expression of support for Israel.

Thursday morning, October 19, Sen. Tanya Vyhovsky (D-P Chittenden, from Essex Junction) responded on her legislative email account to a pro-Palestinian email:

Thank you for reaching out and advocating for an end to the Gaza genocide. I am completely supportive of an end to the Israeli apartheid state and for the Palestinian people to finally have full rights and citizenship in Palestine. I know that there is not much that I can do as a state senator from Vermont but I will continue to advocate for an end to this humanitarian crisis in Gaza. I know this has been a difficult and divisive issue in the United States due to the widespread propaganda that we have been surrounded by for decades. Thank you for your bravery and for reaching out.

About 20 minutes after Vermont Daily Chronicle asked most of Vyhovsky’s fellow lawmakers to comment on her statements, Sen. Thomas Chittenden (D-Chittenden, from South Burlington) responded:

There are times when people want to know where I stand on global matters.  Even though as a Vermont State Senator my influence over international matters like ‘peace in the middle east’ is practically non-existent, it is important for constituents to know where I stand on matters like this. 

I stand with Israel.

On October 7th, a dozen Israeli communities suffered a brutal attack by Hamas militants who crossed the border from Gaza. A peaceful Saturday morning turned into a historical tragedy. Among the more than 1,300 victims, over two dozen were Americans.  Israel is now in a war to protect its right to exist from terrorists who want to wipe it out, and I as one American stand with Isreal. 

The scenes and stories from Israel are horrifying and nauseating. Hamas terrorists invaded communities, killing without mercy and taking hostages of innocent people. They massacred hundreds of Israelis at a music festival. Every American should denounce these terrible acts of violence and the terrorists behind them. 

I am devastated by what is happening in Israel, and I’m praying for the victims and their families and those who are fighting to protect their country. Israel is one of America’s closest allies, and it is a stronghold of freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

Like many Americans, I am appalled by what Hamas has done to innocent Israelis, and I grieve the tragic deaths of our citizens. I hope you will join me in supporting the Israeli people as they face this crucial fight against terrorism and disorder.

Vyhovsky’s email drew this response from VTGOP Chairman Paul Dame: ”We are disappointed that a Vermont Senator is adopting talking points from a terrorist organization like Hamas, and using these talking points to gloss over the unprovoked attacks on innocent civilians earlier this month.  While President Biden stands with our ally Israel, the only democracy in the middle east, it is disappointing to see extremist views like Sen. Vyhovsky’s coming from elected Democrats here in Vermont.”

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    • One thing that never ceases to greatly irk me, and which inherently skews the conversation, is this false distinction people make which is now accepted as normal, such as “Israel and Gaza,” or Israel and Palestine,” or “Palestinians.” The last I checked, Israel became a state in 1948. That means that Gaza is part of Israel; it’s not its own country. Once Israel became a state, that geographical area was no longer referred to as Palestine. The citizens of Israel, regardless of region, religion, or ethnicity, are referred to as Israelis, not Palestinians.

      • @ Martin

        Gaza isn’t part of Israel. In fact they turned it over to the ruling party of Gaza 18 years ago. No Israelis or Jews reside in Gaza. The Gazans who live there are not now and have never been Israeli. They call themselves Palestinians although there hasn’t been a country of Palestine really.

      • If only that were the case. If only all people living in the land of what you call Israel were equal citizens of the country. However, they are not..Gaza is a ghetto, a concentration camp. The people there have no right to travel, trade w neighbors, control their own land or vote. So Israel does not consider “Palestinians” to be Israelis.

  1. This is just another instance where Vermont’s Becca Balint’s statement is nothing
    more than talking points, if any elected official does not call out ” Hamas” as the butchers that they are, this pack of animals deploys missiles into Israel and they should stand down ………………………..wipe Hamas off the face of the earth !!

  2. In the case of a sexual assault on a woman, moonbat progressives would never “blame the victim” by critiquing their past behavior or attire. They make an exception for the Jewish people though. Balint is the perfect example of the liberal “self-hating Jew” even though she used the victimhood of her Grandparent dying in the Holocaust for electoral advantage. If she justifies the occupation of the “Palestinian land” by Jews as a pretext for retributive violence, why does she not accept that Nazis felt the same way about Jews “occupying” Germany in 1933? What a pathetic hypocrite this carpetbagger is.

    • Mr. Lachapelle, I thoroughly enjoy your use of the word “carpetbagger” when describing these politicians. No better word accurately describes them. It delights me so.
      Ms. Balint’s grandfather is likely rolling in his grave at her rhetoric and behavior. I’m surprised she hasn’t been subjected to the herem by the Jewish faith. But I think she is a secular Jew. Only uses it when it suits her political gains.

  3. Like a lot of events over the past 60-70 years, I suggest letting the heat of the moment die down before soberly deciding who is right and who is wrong. Do I have to explain why? Let’s start with the JFK assassination. Or the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” which got us into Vietnam. How about the granddaddy of them all, 9-11?

    Look, right now all we’re getting is inflamed and biased rhetoric from both sides, plus the Fake News and our own government. And, of course, this is exactly what the Deep State wants – a knee-jerk public reaction which will make achieving their motives easier and their wallets much fatter.

    Frankly, I don’t give a darn about the entire situation. Couldn’t care less who “wins” or “loses”. I say for once we should keep our noses out of it and let the warring parties hash it out themselves. If they even can. Fact is, they’ve been at each others’ throats for 3000 years and they’re still fighting. If the military-industrial complex and the banksters want to make money, fine. Arm both sides, as long as it’s not coming out of our wallets. Laugh all the way to the bank. They’ve done it many times before.

    Look, all I want is for not a single young American to lose his or her life fighting pointless neocon wars that cannot be won, from Vietnam to Afghanistan to everything in between.

    Some country wants to attack here? Great! I’m in. My kids are grown, I’m on the back nine of life, and I love my country. Where do I sign up?

    Otherwise… that would be a hard NO! Please, no more American lives lost. We’re better than that!

    • Robin- They’re coming for you and your kids next. I understand that you don’t care about Jews or Israel and seem pretty ignorant of what the situation is. But it never ends with the Jews- just phase 1 in Islams plan for world domination. Better start caring.

      • Did you even consider the logical points Robin made?
        Like a ferocious hound following orders to kill any group of people your corporate media tells you to.
        Ever hear about Nazi propaganda capabilities? You have drunk the koolaid. You’ve turned off your logical thinking skills. Time to do some soul searching. Spend some time in nature.

      • Calling someone’s opinion ignorant is ignorant and unkind as far as I’m concerned… no matter who you are or what you believe to be going on….1thing for sure is we are in a whole lotta trouble here and best to let those making the decisions know your thoughts

      • Everyone knows the old ” they came you/them ” And the sequel “then they came for me.” I have a neighbor who commented that ” when they come for me a bunch of them will have a really
        BAD DAY”. My thoughts too.

  4. Another new York progressive transplant that Vermont doesn’t need. Sad that she is to ignorant to realize they would stone her to death because of her orientation. Can you send her packing back to New York.

  5. There’s an old Jewish parable that goes something like this: two Jews are standing next to each on their way into the oven. One of them spits in the face of a Nazi guard. The other Jew says to the one that spit “don’t do that…you’ll piss him off.”
    Becca Balint, pay attention. Learn your history.

  6. Ms Balint is an empty suit, just like Welch was. Her talking points and opinions come from the DNC. She’s just another out of state, flat land, carpetbagger politician.
    Vermont deserves so much better…

  7. Representative Balint makes it very clear where she stands. Do you feel as though your views are being represented?

  8. Becca is a Junior Squad sorority member and with that, she must kiss the Prada-clad feet of Tlaib, Omar, Pressley, Bush, AOC, Jackson, etc. The conundrum of the DNC/Prog activists is hardline Islam isn’t down with inverted rainbow flags or inclusive equity of any sort. They are now dancing on the head of a pin attached to a grenade that is set to blow up their entire alphabet soup activism, literally and figuratively. I wonder when they’ll have to denounce their other allegiances and throw alphabet supporters under the bus to save their careers or lives?

  9. Xusana Davis’s was not the only out of state person brought on board by Gov. Scott to direct Vermont’s Equity Education agenda. The name escapes me, but another on the Equity Advisory Board came from NH and had a part time residence in the White River Valley who was a Palestinian activist. Sorry, I don’t remember the name. I wonder if the Equity Education agenda to separate student groups by race isn’t really intending to insert the BLM pro Hamas beliefs into our youth.

    • She is a representative of Vermonters…..I totally believe all speak up now is a privilege still had at this point!

  10. I just find it baffling that so many keep talking about peace in the Middle East as some sort of attainable thing. The Bible is clear about the times and events in Israel, you know, the Bible that has predicted exactly many events that have occurred AFTER the prophecies were written. What lies ahead in Israel is exactly chronicled in the scriptures, it’s the elephant in the room that so many people won’t acknowledge…especially media and politicians.

  11. We should start a “go fund me” for Balint. When we reach $1 million we can give it to her and ask her to go away. Most politicians are self serving , very few exceptions. Ask Boiny, he just gave $75,000 to, wait for it. his wife’s non-profit. Maybe it was for kids winter jackets, or food for some homeless living on a bench near Miro’s city hall. But I doubt it.