Fazed by floods, House Speaker wants more climate remediation

.…but Krowinski also insists on staying the course with emissions reduction

by Guy Page 

House Speaker Jill Krowinski last month urged Vermont Climate Council head and Administration Secretary Kristin Clouser to “focus on climate adaptation and resiliency.” 

Krowinski’s August 25 letter was written in awareness of the staggering damages created by this summer’s flooding. Krowinski acknowledged that to date the VCC has focused on emissions reduction. But her letter does not suggest moving from emissions reduction to adaptation, as many critics of the Vermont Climate Council have urged. 

Jill Krowinski

Instead, Krowinski wants the Climate Council to do both. Regarding emissions reduction, Vermont “must continue that work, but I believe we must also quickly home in on” adaptation/resiliency measures including:

  • VCC recommendations for legislation giving municipalities adaptation/resiliency tools
  • Helping communities decide what categories of properties should – and shouldn’t – benefit from tax dollars.
  • Prioritizing statewide adaptation policies 
  • Recommendations for added staff, if any

At a press conference today, Gov. Phil Scott said the Climate Council has been working on some of the recommendations. 

State college closure? – Scott was asked if financial shortfalls will lead to closing one of the state’s state college campuses. That decision is up to the state college leadership, he said.

“There’s a way to do this that they may not have to close one of their campuses,” he added. Better use of existing facilities could be a path forward, he said. 

Stay the course on growing drug/homelessness problem: “Amplify” existing programs – Asked by VDC about statewide response to growing incidence of homelessness and drug overdoses, Scott said Vermont must “amplify” existing programs with more money and more trained people – both in short supply. 

The drug addiction problem needs more prevention, treatment, recovery and enforcement.

‘We need more resources and more time we don’t have,” Scott said. “People. We’re in short supply of people.”

Vermont’s drug treatment program was working until “fentanyl changed the game,” Scott said. “We saw success. It’s the right approach.”

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  1. You are not God!  The weather is out of our control except when the Gov’t covers us with chemicals through Chem trails.  You want to do something useful?  Research that and put a stop to that!!! 

  2. Just another liberal Dem moron hypocrite Swamp Rat 🐀 🐀 period!
    When will you Vermonters wake up 🤡🤡

  3. It’s hard to understand the level of stupidity that exists in much of our population. 

  4. Ever ponder how long someone as useless as Jill Krowinski would last before being tossed from a lifeboat lost at sea? Impossible to have respect for anyone with such lack of critical judgement.

  5. In todays world, when you want to know if a person has been indoctrinated, count the number of times they use the words “Resilient or Resiliency” this tells you everything about who they work for. And it ain’t you!

  6. hey jill. it’s going to rain this weekend can you have the climate council cancel the rain? thanks

  7. Okay, WAIT, you can’t fix the potholes that surround your capitol building, let ALONE, the infrastructure to stop the flooding situation, yet, you want us to believe you can fix “global warming”?  Are you out of your mind?  Seriously?

  8. The Chicken Littles starting to dance and cluck wildly! The Legislative session starts in a few months – the barnyard is in an uproar – the lawfare warfare is in hyperdrive. Their beaks must steal all your seeds and they will stop at nothing to get them all! Can’t you see it in their beady little black soulless eyes?

  9. My grandmother used to say, you are what you know. In the case of the house speaker, it’s too bad the ignorance isn’t painful.