Warner: Your government is propagandizing you…legally?

by Aaron Warner

The world of conspiracy theorists is fraught with nervous energy emanating from shadowy corners of the information war frontier.  Of course globalists are real, and of course they want a New World Order, and of course they’re conspiring to accomplish it – because they’ve admitted to all of it.  In fact they even brag about it at their semi-public meetings or in the pages of their very public best-selling books.  

However the Unite States government is still beholden to its citizens it would propagandize if we let them.  Thanks to the Smith-Mundt Act we told them no.  Yet rumors of that act being repealed by Barack Obama began to circulate not long after he signed an amendment to it, which is not the same as repealing it.  The reality is he loosened restrictions allowing American citizens to listen to state sponsored media outlets the U.S. uses to propagandize others around the world.  Ostensibly this is a good thing because it allows ordinary Americans, including conspiracy theorists, to listen closely to what our government messaging is around the world.  We pay for it after all we should get to see the final product.  So that’s one for Obama for those keeping score.  

However those holding the reins of power in our country can still propagandize us in a variety of ways, and in fact they have if you listen to M.I.T. professor of linguistics Noam Chomsky.  Chomsky exposed the American media for conspiring with the military-industrial complex to “manufacture consent” back in the 1980s.  Both his book and documentary film of the same name go to great lengths to show how this is done.  Chomsky, a card carrying socialist, is practiced at studying modern media and literature for the use of certain types of trends in language.  In this case he noted the selective use of certain media outlets to create “manufactured consent” of public opinion for the purpose of justifying military intervention into the tiny Pacific island nation of East Timor.  Without going into detail suffice to say the media painted a narrative whereby the East Timorese people were facing a hostile threat which the United States, fancying itself the global bodyguard of the weak, would have to respond to on moral grounds.  

The truth as it played out was more like the pre-text to our intervening in Iraq and Afghanistan.  American interests is a broad term, often meaning financial and controlling interests for American industry.  Rather than simply support the East Timorese people we decided to reward ourselves by sticking around and helping ourselves to some of their natural resources.  This of course offended Chomsky as it was the bourgeois Americans using our military hegemony to take advantage of the simple working class natives of East Timor.  The rest is history.  

Chomsky was keen to notice and tell us what was happening however.  Though I disagree with his politics I completely agree with his perspicacity regarding American propaganda.  The Smith-Mundt Act began in 1948 as a response to the propaganda efforts discovered in Nazi Germany and the Soviet bloc countries where propagandizing citizens was commonplace.  At its core is respect for our first amendment right to not have an establishment of government control over speech or the press.  The spirit of the act is mostly that though, honored in the ether more than reality. 

The reality takes an understanding of what constitutes propaganda.  What are the tactics and techniques used? The answer: constant and pervasive messaging designed to shape the way one thinks or perceives reality, often through the use of manipulation and fear.  

The Church Committee of 1975-76 showed us the C.I.A. had in fact been paying journalists to essentially propagandize U.S. citizens by placing articles with narratives given them by the agency.  Otherwise known as Operation Mockingbird, this was and is a violation of the agency’s charter and precisely what Chomsky was revealing in his expose.  The budget used by the agency for this was in the tens of millions of dollars.  Ostensibly we are told their motives were good – to defend American values and interests.  Is that still true?  

For those who recognize propaganda in real time the two year COVID crisis was a prime example of a massive campaign utilizing virtually all of the techniques associated with the mind control techniques. 

Pervasive?  Every news channel and online site ran non-stop COVID messaging.  The messaging was essentially the same across the board.  

Constant?  We were inundated with COVID warnings and trackers on nearly every platform as well.  Remember the death toll tracker?  The maps of viral outbreaks?  The omniscience of Tony Fauci and other government warriors who were fighting the deadly virus on our behalf?  Of course you do. 

Lionizing and demonizing?  It’s as simple as recalling the vaxx vs. anti-vaxxed binary.  Those in the government approved vax camp needed to be wary of the anti-vaxxers.  Anti-vaxxers were even dehumanized, openly and without shame, by dozens of so-called professional journalists, pundits and government officials.  Fauci, Cuomo and Whitmer were heroes, and you could be too if you were willing to save grandma by getting vaxxed.  Trump, Desantis and Noem were unhinged and reckless troglodytes who mistook freedom for a license to kill via non-compliance.  You were told to skip funerals and family gatherings to avoid such reprobates.  Were it 1940s Germany the anti-vaxxers could easily have been Jews.  

Fear tactics?  Aside from those already mentioned there was the threat of job loss, social ostracism, and death lurking mere inches beneath your neighbors masked or unmasked face.  Propagandists know fear is essential to manipulating the mind to react in irrational ways to otherwise rational situations.  Love your neighbor became fear your neighbor, especially if they were acting in a disapproved manner

Gaslighting? This is the manipulative art of denying one’s reality.  Consider Then we had the ubiquitous misinformation/disinformation narrative where Nobel Prize winning medicines like Ivermectin and medical prize winning doctors who stepped outside of the approved government-medical establishment narrative were no longer prize winning, unless it was a booby prize for failure to capitulate.  Rather than a world beating virus medicine Ivermectin was now a horse de-wormer paste for crazy people.  World renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough was in league with mRNA vaccine pioneer Dr. Robert Malone, both of whom had the audacity to use their educations to question the preferred protocol.  Shut up and do as your told whackos. 

The powers that be in government have studied the propagandists and know the history of government control tactics.  They have the benefit of hundreds if not thousands of years of research from around the world and the brain-trust of specialized groups who feed them data on what works.  This is settled science. 

We should all “follow the science” when it’s the result of the actual scientific process.  What is that again?  Science is: The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.  It is also subject to the scrutiny and skepticism of qualified practitioners of science for the purpose of arriving at laws and other scientifically accepted claims that are falsifiable and/or can be reproduced via the same mechanisms anywhere around the world. 

Propagandists also have their techniques down to a science. 

In this case I suggest you don’t follow the science when the science is legalized propaganda.

The author is a VDC columnist and Upper Valley regional reporter. He lives in Hartford, VT where he owns two award-winning small businesses. He is a graduate of Leadership Upper Valley class of 2010.

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  1. You left out the fact that through propaganda we were and are all told we are nothing but uncaring, fundamentally white Supremacists, and racially degenerate idiots and must repent! Surprisingly, so many surposedly intelligent people are led to believe it!

  2. What is propaganda? Allow me to make it simple. Propaganda is any untrue statements, videos, or written articles or opinions which paint a false picture for the masses in an effort to change what people think to the propagandizers’ narrative.

    Example: Trump’s lead over Biden is claimed by polls to be 48%-38%, when it’s really 76%-9%. Who benefits from the lie? Maybe if it’s perceived to be a closer contest than it really is, another steal might work?

    Example: Arab terrorists were responsible for 9-11. I think by now we all know that this is a false narrative. Propaganda to get the US into the Middle East for oil. Who was behind it has certainly not been proven, although there are some likely suspects, but it certainly wasn’t Arab terrorists.

    Example: The Kennedy assassination. Like 9-11, we still aren’t sure who was responsible, but we know it wasn’t Oswald, although he was probably a patsy.

    Example: Climate change. The climate changes all the time – has and will forever. CO2 levels have been proven to have been much, much higher tens of thousands of years ago. Yet we’re still here. It’s not worth bankrupting our nation over. Cui bono?

    Example: Fauxvid. It was always just a bad flu, GMO to be sure, but in fact, governors’ policies, US government, Tony Faustus, and the genetic jab have already killed more than the flu ever would have, and will continue to do so. Did you realize that if Governor Cuomo of NY spent a day in prison for each elderly person he killed by putting contagious people in nursing homes, he wouldn’t get out for 56 years? Think about that. Who benefitted? Let’s see… globalists who want 90% of the deplorables dead, Big Pharma of course, and the Demonrat Party, who used all this propaganda to steal an election for the highest office in the land.

    These are just a few examples. I’m sure you can think of more – locally, regionally, or even globally.

    Some things, however, are just bad science, not propaganda. For instance, we’re finally learning that man didn’t evolve from apes. For another, it was thought that if Columbus sailed far enough west, he and his ships would drop off the face of the flat earth. The difference? Proof changed or is changing the existing paradigm.

    In sum, if something doesn’t make sense to you given what you were taught decades ago, if your intuition “smells a rat”, if you see anything on the MSM that makes you think that the majority of Americans can’t feel that way, you’re probably right. Don’t let them herd you like sheeple, because that’s their goal. Think. Ask questions. Research. But most of all, stick to your guns as to what you believe if you can back it up. The entire goal of propaganda is to get people so fired up about something that’s untrue that they will herd themselves via natural instinct. Once folks do, you’ve given the propagandists and their masters license to do what you knew was wrong in the first place. Another term is “manufactured consent”, and they use it all the time.

    Do you know how this war will be won? One by one by one by one person. Think of it like a chain letter. Before you know it, propaganda and globalists will be a thing of the past. But it’s up to each of us. Never give in, never give up, never back down, and never back off.

  3. Listen to tax subsidized Vermont Public. Then read the Global Times, the Chinese Communist Party’s largest english language news feed. Peas in a pod?

  4. When conspiracy theory is just another term for spoiler alert, we always follow the money. The Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) could not be granted for the $30B sale and use of experimental mRNA vaccines if there was any other form of early treatment protocol. Thus, the medical establishment enlisted the mainstream media to brand the cheap, very effective, Nobel Prize-winning anti-viral Ivermectin as horse-de-wormer. When Joe Rogan got over COVID in 3 days by taking Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies, Z-pack antibiotics, and a vitamin C drip for those same three days in a row. and announced on his show, “Here we are on Wednesday, and I feel great,” they tried to ban and discredit him with the same brush they used on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    And speaking of… RFK has been working for more than a decade to free Sirhan Sirhan who Kennedy says was not the real killer of his father. RFK said the official autopsy in the public record says that 3 shots were fired, and 2 of them were from behind his father, shot by the security guard standing behind him.

  5. The level of Propaganda used against us since 2019 – with SARS-CoV2 (we know was man-made because it actually has a PATENT # ~ see Dr. David Martins interview with successful trial lawyer, Attorney Reiner Fuellmich (who has won cases against Volkswagon & Deutsche Bank for their corporate crimes).

    The CDC, FDA, is now controlled by the MIC/DoD & 1% billionaires stealing our Freedoms & sovereignty via WEF & WHO ~ none of the leaders in these organizations were democratically elected.

    Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Latypova (she ran her own pharmaceutical business & understands FDA safety protocols). PLEASE watch her video to understand the level of treason happening in the USA via DoD using our Healthcare system as a weapon of war. (link below was a meeting of scientists, MD’s from around the globe – held in Stockholm, Sweden 01/21/23 to 01/22/2023)

    “COVID-19 countermeasures: Evidence for an intent to harm”

    The research to create the bio-weapon SARS-CoV-2 in China at the Wuhan Institute of Virology by was funded by NIAID & DoD under Peter Daszak’s company – Eco-Health Alliance. The lockdowns, never needed, decimated our economy, closed millions of small businesses, and the NIAID protocols of Remdesivir & Vents murdered patients …

    I recently checked NIH to see if their C19 protocols have changed & they have NOT; Remdesivir; a known nephrotoxin that was pulled by the FDA from Ebola trials in Africa because 50% of patients went into multi-system organ failure … is still being used as the protocol; for C19 .. !!! HOW is the CDC & NIAID / NIH getting away with this? Does UVMMC still follow this deadly protocol – even though it is KNOWN to cause renal failure?

    We need to #EXITtheWHO – an organization founded by the Rockefeller Foundation – who has taken over our healthcare system here in the USA with plans to mandate mRNA gene therapy injections (these are NOT vaccines; they are NOT SAFE, NOR are they EFFECTIVE. The WHO literally had to change the definition of “vaccines” to get the EUA passed (which was never needed since we had ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine; safe & effective against SARS-CoV-2 ).

    … There is evidence vaccines cause SIDS, autism, allergies, autoimmune disorders, and the CDC, FDA have hid this from us for several decades. … The list of adverse effects from C19 injections is in the hundreds. Experimental mRNA C19- injections violate the Nuremberg Code of Ethics; we never should have agreed to go along with being guinea pigs for this experiment … but the PROPAGANDA brain washed people into doing so.

    These C19 injections have killed & disabled millions around the globe; but MSM hides this info from the public. As Dr Robert Malone calls it; 5th Generation Warfare – Propaganda via Social Media & MSM – is a brainwashing technique – 24/7/365 days a year & it works! So much so, that it has all the sheep willingly walking off the end of a cliff.

    I say our BEST REVENGE against this PROPAGANDA on steroids … is for us all to buck the system …

    #DUMPtheDuoploy and vote RFK, Jr in 2024 as an Independent. He will be announcing his switch from Democrat to Independent on 10/09/23 in Philadelphia … #HEALtheDIVIDE #UNITE_vote_IndependentKennedy24 .

    The MSM will lie to us & tell us a 3rd Party is a wasted vote. NOT IF WE ALL VOTE INDEPENDENT !!! … #NEVERforget – 9/11 was the GOP — The C19-scamdemic was DNC – EUA mandating dangerous, experimental injections …

    BOTH parties are corrupt as the devil.

    • I agree with everything you write, Maureen, except the last — voting for RFKjr would be another nail in our coffin. He is another 1% acting to split up the vote. While his pronouncements on vaccines is his hook, he captures the enviro-nazi cult by his “green energy is free” pronouncements right out of the globalists handbook. He is already on board with life-killing carbon capture, impossible wind and solar replacement of current electricity production in place of the known and hidden atmospheric electricity-capture science, eliminating free travel, and therefore aligning with the globalists’ 15-minute cities already underway at your local town council. The vaccine genocide and climate geo-engineering is making a big contribution to depopulation.

  6. I respectfully have to disagree grandmadder. RFK, Jr is deeply connected to the exact same principles & goals his uncle & father had for America. He is in deep opposition to the 1% – particularly because he is 100% aware it is the 1% who controls our CIA that killed both his father, RFK & his uncle, JFK.

    These murders happened precisely BECAUSE they opposed the 1% agenda to create an inverted totalitarian regime by using what Dr. Robert Malone is calling 5th Generation Warfare (aka brainwashing via MSM 24/7/365 news cycle telling us ONLY what the 1% WANT us to believe;

    e.g., Biden~ “We are in a pandemic of the unvaccinated” (said to coerce everyone to virtue signal their innate goodness by complying with taking an experimental mRNA injection… (which, BTW, violated the Nuremberg Code of Ethics; humans have the right to refuse to be experimented on).

    … And Social Media – another aspect of 5th Generation Warfare; a covert weapon of war manufactured by the 1% to know exactly where we all stand in our opinions; to help identify WHO is going to COMPLY with their agenda, and WHO is going AGAINST it.’ The dissenters will be punished if we don’t stand up to them now.

    Please see Robert F. Kennedy’s view on the “Environment” [link below]- RFK, Jr’s way more about clean air, water & food than anything else & is well aware of the fact processed foods are killing us. And, he is against ‘mining’ (which would indicate he’s not pro-electric if it means poisoning the environment) & is into regenerative – type farming – the type that Vermont is way ahead of the rest of the country in their practices.

    I assure you his pronouncement on vaccines is NOT merely a “hook”. It has been at the center of his life’s work (following his environmental clean up agenda) since mother’s of vaccine-injured children nearly stalked him at all his lectures on environment.

    These mother’s followed him around the country, sitting in the front row, pleading with him to review the literature that childhood vaccines were in deed, causing harm to children & the FDA has successfully hid this from the public. During the Reagan Admin, a law was passed in 1986, that made it illegal to sue the pharmaceutical company’s for any injury caused by a vaccine.

    National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) which limited financial liability of vaccine manufacturers due to increase number of vaccine injury claims … so the Federal government could create a ‘no-fault’ system for compensating vaccine injured & deaths (without bankrupting Big Pharma). Since this law, the rate of autism in USA is now 1:27 for females & 1:32 males.

    It was not until one mother followed him to Hyannis, Cape Cod & dropped off stacks of medical research articles on his front door step ~ indicating the childhood vaccines are causing harm to children.

    When he took the time to read the medical articles (adverse effects; sudden onset of intractable seizures, autism, cerebral palsy, etc), he too became convinced of the dangers of dozens of mandated childhood vaccines; that have mercury & aluminum in them (e.g., thimerosal) ~ and he could no longer walk away from these mother’s pleading to help them. So if this is the “hook” in his campaign, it’s evolution came about for all the right reasons. And the Children’s Health Defense came into existence.

    The geo-engineered weather; the USAF spreading chemtrails all over the planet to make fires more ignitable is 100% against what RFK, Jr is all about; he is very much aware these chemtrails used to negatively effect climate. Many fire chiefs have stepped forward to say these are not ‘normal’ fires & they aren’t caused by global warming; accelerants have been introduced into the environment (using airplanes) that are explosive. And, they are poisoning our food, air & water.

    Re: your belief he is onboard with limiting ‘free travel’ & 15″ cities ? I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of his views on things, and he has NOTHING to do with Agenda 21. Nor, is he on board with what the 1% Globalists are attempting to lead us towards a totalitarian regime – aka Agenda 2030 … Where the WHO will control all healthcare decisions; including mandating faux vaccines designed to shorten our lives (eg, new ICD-10 code from the WHO that artrived after the C19 injections ~
    Sudden Adult Death Syndrome: SADS). RFK, Jr is not on board with their 15 minute cities and is well aware of the importance of Nature & the Environment for the health of humanity.

    RFK, Jr. is all about keeping American’s free; this includes our right to free speech, our right to bear arms (he is not going to take anyone’s guns away; his goal is safety), our right to vote, and he plans to UNITE the country ~ not DIVIDE it! Which is why his run as an INDEPENDENT will gives American’s the chance to #DUMPtheDUOPOLOY once and for all.

    There is a good reason MSM wants everyone to believe he is just a nut-case, conspiracy theorist; and it’s precisely because he threatens the NWO and he’s telling the TRUTH. They tried to drag Julian Assange through the mud and call him a rapist, just like they’re doing to Russel Brand now. ANYONE telling the TRUTH is an enemy to the 1% NWO Globalists … And, they will do everything to discredit the messenger, including murdering them (explaining why the Biden Admin will not provide Secret Service Protection for RFK, Jr – despite his family’s history.

    People need to smarten up & not trust anything they hear or read by media owned & managed by the 1% Murdoch’s of the world.