End of surgical abortion in Barre reported nationwide

40 Days for Life Coordinator Tom Kelly

by Guy Page

The cessation of surgical abortions at the Barre Planned Parenthood, reported recently in VDC, has been reported nationwide for the encouragement of pro-life Americans.

The national network for the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil recently reported the following:

“When Roe v. Wade fell, abortion advocates raced to welcome even more abortion facilities into already abortion-friendly states.

“It’s a cynical and condescending ploy that assumes women are eager to have abortions–and so far it doesn’t seem to be working out.

“Last fall, Vermont enshrined a right to abortion in its constitution…

“…but Tom Kelly, the Barre 40 Days for Life campaign leader, said his local Planned Parenthood is no longer doing abortions!

“Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England has closed FOUR Vermont locations and another in New Hampshire.

“Combined with recently closed abortion facilities in states like New York, Colorado, and Michigan, it appears the market for abortion isn’t as strong as the abortion industry and its friends in government and media would have you believe!

“Even before Roe was overturned, nearly half of all abortion facilities to close their doors after a 40 Days for Life campaign were located in pro-abortion states.”

Encouragement on a more local level came from a report by Barre sidewalk vigil participant Rev. Herb Hatch, Barre resident and pastor of The Old Brick Church in East Montpelier.

“Yesterday while on the sidewalk, on the second pass by, a lady said that those people told me I couldn’t have any children, but I had two!

“A fellow with his about 5-year-old daughter walked by and he said she was almost aborted but is a survivor! And another lady, said she was from Williamstown but attends the Baptist church in Randolph, stopped by and asked if she could take my picture which I allowed. She told me she was a Christian and did not believe in abortion. Later she came back a second time for another picture to include the sign on the lawn plus my ‘Defend Life… from conception until natural death’ which I had picked up at the Right to Life office in Montpelier earlier that day.

“One more blessing at the end of my prayer vigil time, not a cup of water, but a spearmint candy from a man traveling on a bicycle as he pedaled up Washington street!”

The Barre 40 Days for Life mid-campaign rally will be held this coming Sunday, October 15 from 2:45 pm to 3:30 pm.

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  1. This is a truer victory than legislation: morally, people have decided not to be a part of the murder of the prenatal.

  2. Some are saying RU486, the chemical abortion pill, is taking the place of abortion facilities. What do we know about this?

  3. Makes sense if they’re using the abortion pill… it’s more private, and there is a new cottage industry surrounding it.

  4. A medication abortion is reported as an induced abortion. So while there is an increase in the use of medication abortion (unlike the “morning after pill” which is taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex) those abortions are listed in the annual statistics compiled by theVt Department of Health….and those number are dropping in all categories…

  5. It’s great that these clinics have closed or not providing those services any longer but isn’t the state opening up the same abortion services to anyone pregnant to move here at any stage of their pregnancy to have an abortion? Doesn’t Vermont have an “open for business sign out?” Isn’t planning parenthood in every public school pushing promiscuity by providing free condoms and sexually transmitted disease treatments to middle and high school children. There will probably be vending machines for RU486 pills in them soon. And then because the mental health of children is so bad that grooming them for gender surgery will be easy. It’s not an abortion but it is sterilizing a young adult for life while increasing their mental health anxieties. Yes Planned Parenthood is good for mammograms and cervical cancer screenings for people who don’t have insurance or low income because it’s been proven to save lives so limit funding to save lives and not to kill them especially if they are viable. What are we saying about ourselves as a society —-look at Vermont…..look at what they are doing…’s some how acceptable to “Go to Vermont and kill your children?