Dodge runs for Caledonia County Senate seat

J.T. Dodge of East Corinth announced yesterday he is running for State Senate in Caledonia County in the August 9 Republican primary. 

In 2020, Dodge ran for the seat against two Republican candidates, who both reside in Lyndon. Due to redistricting, Lyndon has now been merged with another senate district. 

As a result, both 2020 Republican candidates are unable to run in this district. And additionally, the number of senate seats in the district has decreased from two to one, due to redistricting. Democrat Jane Kitchell and Republican Joe Benning are the incumbents. Benning is running for lieutenant governor. 

“I plan on fighting hard and I plan on standing on principles,” said Dodge, a self-employed free market advocate and longtime opponent of climate change restrictions who has held leadership positions with the Vermont Libertarian Party. “Please reach to me if you have questions or curiosities about my issue positions. My Facebook profile is JT for VT State Senate. And on Instagram I am @jtdodgeforvtstatesenate.”

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  1. Great hopVermont back to common sinse and affordabilitye for Mr Dogge in Caledonia Co, for Senate.

    It is clearly time for a small government person to help lead our Vermont back to a limited Government, and an affordable place to live and thrive.

    Libertarian, Small Gov’t, big citizens, and FREEDOM to succeed!!