Your letters: Biden, not MAGA, dangerous extremist / state senator condemned for military pension statement

Biden, not MAGA, the destructive extremist – President Biden labeled the “MAGA Republicans” the most extreme political organization that ever existed in our history.  MAGA supporters oppose his initiatives and believe his policies are destroying our country.

MAGA Republicans subscribe to Energy Independence.  Biden’s carbon-free initiatives require energy dependence from foreign sources that aren’t friendly to American.  Biden also opposes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine borders, yet he supports an open border policy allowing an invasion of our country by illegal aliens, human traffickers, drug cartels and terrorists. 

MAGA champions being tough on crime and adequately funding police.  Biden supporters believe criminals can reform themselves given a chance with counseling, eliminating bail and closing prisons.  

MAGA backers don’t subscribe to Biden’s Department of Justice’s unequal application of the law or intimidating opponent’s but expect lawbreakers, violent protestors and organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter be accountable for their actions.  

MAGA advocates also disagree with Biden labeling parent’s terrorists when they challenge school boards on curriculum and policy.  

The MAGA crowd believes inflation is a tax increase that deflates the value of their income.  Biden’s fiscal policies have fueled this crisis by excessive debt spending.  His green regulations further exacerbate this inflation spiral.

MAGA supporters, unlike Biden, believe the Supreme Court is an equal/independent branch of government.  Whatever they decide should be based on their interpretation of our Constitution, not influenced by political correctness or outside pressures. 

The MAGA crowd aren’t the extremists that caused these problems.  You did Mr. President! Frank Mazur, South Burlington

Angered at state senator’s comment about military – Here’s my view from Montpeculiar. When will we stop sending old, white men millionaires that didn’t grow up in Vermont like Sanders & Welch to D.C.?

Also, [Washington County] Senator Ann Cummings’ statement that retired military pensioners are no different than our police or fire protection individuals made me very angry. Our service individuals don’t go home to their families every night or get meals with their families. I know of service individuals that miss birthdays, holidays, graduations, and hot meals for weeks while on duty. How dare she make that statement?

Other states pay for service individuals to get free education and take no taxes on their retirement benefits. No wonder military veterans leave our state to retire elsewhere. – Maurice Martineau, Montpelier

Editor’s note: Thursday, on the last day of the 2022 session, the Legislature exempted the first $10,000 of military retirement income from state income tax. Most states offer full income tax exemption.

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  1. The Lefticle press , bumcheek kissers of the current Obama2 administration , are all in league with that lying , fascist rhetoric. Just look at the WaPo, NPR/VPR, NYT rants from their Opinion Makers.

  2. It’s obvious to all those who have eyes to “see” the current occupier of the White House is vigorously making choices that work in complete opposition to our Constitutional Republic System of Government.

    Many of his actions/in actions clearly make him impeachable as a Treasonous Traitor and Insurrectionist.

    An “Insurrectionist” is a person who openly revolts against or seeks to overturn a Constituted Government.

    A “Traitor” is a person who betrays their own Country.

    “Treasonous” is acting to overthrow one’s Government or to harm or kill Its Sovereign.

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