Peter Welch behaves like Joe McCarthy, former student says

by Deborah Bucknam, Esq.

Over 40 years ago,  I was a law student in a trial practice course taught by Peter Welch at Vermont Law School. In those days, Peter was a classic political  liberal:  He believed in the Bill of Rights, including the right to free speech. He was unafraid of people with whom he disagreed, and he respected dissenting opinions.  

Now Welch has become the congressman from Washington D.C.  He has abandoned the liberal values he held so many years ago, and has abandoned the legacy of independence for which Vermont congressional representatives were justly famous.   On any issue, his votes, views and actions are entirely predictable.  He speaks in poll tested jargon mimicking Washington insiders.

Here is what Welch is most concerned about:  

  • Welch claims that thousands of elected officials and their tens of  millions of supporters across the country are working to “subvert the next election.”   In a recent Bennington Banner interview, he said that election subversion efforts are “now continuing in Trump-dominated legislatures”  (whatever that means).    Because of these “efforts”, Welch  has repeatedly stated “our democracy is in peril”, and “our democracy is at stake”. In the same Banner interview,  he laid out his most important priority. He said, “The most profound question is: are we going to protect defend and preserve our democracy?”  This is a radical view of the political electorate, reminiscent of the dark ruminations of Sen. Joseph McCarthy. 
  • Welch is acting on his McCarthyite suspicions by working to limit speech of those he claims are  enemies of democracy—and to limit Vermonters’ rights to hear or read those voices—another favorite technique of Joe McCarthy.  We are apparently too stupid or gullible to sort out fact from fiction, according to Welch, and the government must fix the problem.  Last month, Welch put out a statement on his official congressional website stating  “It’s long past time we created a dedicated government agency to regulate and address the wide range of issues raised by social media platforms…That’s why I am working on legislation to create a federal agency to do just that.”   Welch advocates federal legislation to regulate what Vermonters can read or see on social media.  Wow.
  • Welch is all in on the Green New Deal.  He couches his support for that radical piece of legislation, not in policy terms, but by demonizing anyone who disagrees with him.  In the same Bennington Banner interview, he said “The questions we face right now are whether to fight climate change or go back to climate denial.”  Virtually no one “denies” climate change.  Instead, Welch requires us to embrace progressive solutions to combat climate change—or be labeled a crazy climate denier, to be dismissed and silenced. Progressive policies to “fight” climate change are already having a devastating effect on the poor, working and middle classes in Vermont. But because Welch has couched fighting climate change in terms of “us versus the crazies”, there will be no compromise.  

While Welch adheres to D.C.’s  slogans and fears, he is silent on the real concerns of Vermonters:

  • Inflation: Welch has said nothing about how he proposes to combat inflation.  Indeed, he would be hard pressed to do so, because he advocates highly inflationary policies.  For example, he supports the Biden administration’s limits on production of fossil fuels.  Vermonters are feeling the effects at the gas pump, in their home heating fuel costs, and in increased food costs because of the high cost of transportation.  Welch has failed to even address this growing financial catastrophe for Vermonters.  
  • Public safety:  Welch is silent about the epidemic of violence which is killing our young people.  The only time he mentions “violence” is when talking about January 6, 2021, or “gun violence”, as if guns were the cause of homicides, not people. Criminal violence killed nearly 10,000 Black Americans last year—mostly young Americans in the prime of life. Welch is silent on this American tragedy. 
  • Drugs:  Deaths from drug overdoses in the United States reached a record level last year, to over 107,000, thanks in large part to the poison fentanyl coming over our border.  Those deaths do not begin to tell the story of the devastation to families and children as a result of the drug scourge.   No mention of this enormous drug problem from Welch.

Welch is worried about his political enemies.  He is working hard to limit our First Amendment constitutional rights.  He is committed to increasing costs and regulations on fuel for our homes and vehicles here in cold, rural Vermont. Yet, he seems to have no concern about Vermonters’ real issues, including inflation, public safety, and drugs  pouring into our country and killing our kids. Welch has become the ideal representative from Washington, D.C. 

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  1. Peter Welch is, and always will be part of the problem, not the solution in Washington. He needs to go, along with all the other “Progressives”.

    • Yet he will soon be elevated to the office of Senate for life by people profoundly unaware the last thing Welch believes in is true democracy.

  2. It is our esteemed Representative Welch who should be asked the question: “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of the United States?”…

    Liberals in the 2020s: CENSORSHIP IS GOOD, GOVERNMENT IS GOD

  4. We have a true Republican Conservative Choice for Senate in Vermont. Look up Gerald Malloy for Senate. DEPLOY MALLOY!

    Lets throw out the Liberal Traitors and Uni-Party Candidates who are afraid to Stand for our Individual Constitutional Freedoms and especially for HUMAN LIFE from CONCEPTION to DEATH.

  5. Welch appears to be the stereotypical elite liberal politician. I’d bet a deep dive into the man’s finances would reveal he is indentured to the donor class of elitists- nationwide. He offers nothing to
    Vermont except continued allegiance to his party and donors- and I would add he IS deceptive to the point of lying in a current television ad campaign for his senate run. The chicanery surrounding the US Supreme Court “leak” was an intentional ploy to fire up democrat party loyalists, and Welch is taking full advantage of the “leak”, misrepresenting what the issue before the court really is.
    Welch is just another grifter that found a home in Vermont politics.

    • There was a site, follow the money, that posted Welches net financial worth at just under 3 million at the start of his first term, and just under 9 million at the end, 2 years later. As a freshman in Congress. He must have had lots of free time to take on odd job around D.C..🤔

  6. pack it up Peter ..get outta dodge errr Washington, your too long in, beholden to the statice quo, and definitely NOT what Vermont wants … or needs!!
    And Thank you Deborah Bucknam for sharing your thoughts……..the way you put it all together is appreciated greatly!!
    Lets Go TERM LIMITS,

  7. welch needs to be voted out!! Vermont needs a clean slate of new senators and congress men. enough is enough of the old hacks

  8. Poor “Little Peter”, as I usually call him…….The tiny KING OF PC JARGON and WHINING.

  9. the point of this article is not accurate. Welsh is a communist. McCarthy on the other hand was right about communists in our government and society. We know that from FBI records release 20 some years back.

  10. A few years ago many people on the left were deploring the ad hominem attacks coming from the right. Now the left does the same, only worse.
    I took part in the demonstration some years ago, at Middlebury College. Roughly protesting Charles Murray being allowed to speak. I was immediately ashamed of betraying not only myself, but the larger community. It also occurred to me that I’d not read anything of what Mr. Murray had written. I had read only harsh criticism of his work.
    However, simply labeling people “communist” is also a personal attack which sheds little light on the real problems. That being said, Marxist ideology is a major impetus of the “woke” movement.

  11. Peter Welch went to Congress and became a multi-millionaire. Stock tips from Nancy Pelosi, Leaky Leahy Kingdom Con, DNC PACs, and being a CCP loyalist made Peter a very wealthy man. Sending Welch back to Washington ensures his bank account and and his family’s bank accounts remain full to the brim. He should be sent to jail instead – corrupt, treasonous, traitor.

  12. Turns out Sen. Joseph McCarthy was right all along way back then with pointing to the fact that our government was riddled with Communist subversives. Mama, look at us now!!!

  13. If Mr. Welch amassed another $7 million during his congressional time, he may have been chasing ambulances in his free time like he did here (as an injury attorney) to get the first two million. Although it does seem that every career democrat sent to congress, plus Bernie, gets to amass large amounts of money greatly over their annual salaries. As George Carlin stated, “it’s a club and you’re not a member”. How much more cash does a 74 year old political hack need to live the high life. If Vermonters send this guy to the senate, it just proves how brain dead they are. Can anyone cite anything that Peter Welch has done to protect America, help Vermonters or honor our freedoms outlined in the US or Vermont constitutions? Wake up! This state and this country are in deep trouble. Vote this guy out of Washington, DC or aid in the destruction of our country. We already have one national embarrassing senator already.

  14. The Squad must be saddened over the prospects of possibly losing one of their members.

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