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Back the Blue rally scheduled for Saturday in Rutland

A BACK THE BLUE Rally in support of local police will be held in Rutland on Saturday, MAY 1, beginning at 10:30 am along Rt 7 in front of the Rutland Main St Park.

Bring your USA Stars & Stripes flags and Back the Blue flags to wave. The event is organized by Greg Thayer of Rutland. It will be followed by a Vermont Liberty Network event at noon.

The Vermont Liberty Network ‘s goal involves “informing Vermonters about the laws that affect them, including discussions about the application of the Bill of Rights today in areas such as masks, vaccines, free speech, the taking of property, the limitation of travel and assembly, or the right against self-incrimination. It’s also about celebrating our liberties, our Vermont heritage, and our culture.” There are upcoming free Constitution Rallies scheduled for MAY 1, noon, Rutland Main St Park Gazebo; MAY 2, 2 pm, Newport Band Stand; MAY 15, noon, State House steps; MAY 16, 2 pm, Oakledge Park, Burlington.

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  1. This is GREAT, albeit I recommend on-duty police there ready to intervene & make arrests in order to prevent BLM & antifa from intimidating (or worse) the police supporters there.

    Freedom to assemble & freedom of speech obviously are rights of all Americans, and no one should be allowed to inhibit them – as was done last summer in Burlington where BLM broke-up a pro-police rally. There were ZERO consequences for THEM, but of course.

  2. And while there, be certain no one makes the “OK” symbol with their hand. It was apparently used by a Jeopardy contestant to indicate he was a three time winner and an expert virtue signaler outed him as a “white supremacist”. Remember, its not OK to say “OK” in our walk-on-eggshells socialist utopian Ummerica.

  3. Thanks Guy. We attracted VT. Patriots from all around the State to stand up for Liberty and Freedom.