YouTube cancels Burlington panel of pandemic experts

by Guy Page

Citing ‘medical misinformation,’ the online video platform YouTube refuses to upload an October 25 panel discussion held in South Burlington by leading scientific and medical opponents of the Covid-19 vaccine.

As reported in Vermont Daily Chronicle, the Restoring Our Faith Summit in South Burlington on October 25 included a panel discussion of scientific and medical experts discussing the Covid-19 vaccine and government/media response to the pandemic. Recently, Restoring Our Faith tried to upload the video of the panel discussion, which was recorded by local videographer Rohan St. Marthe.

YouTube rejected the videos, ROF organizers say. ROF leaders Lenore Broughton and Deb Billado this morning sent Vermont Daily Chronicle and many others this email:

Dear Friends of Restoring Our Faith,

We thought you may be interested in learning more about how the cancel culture is affecting us all personally!

Dr. Janci Lindsay. VDC photo.

ROF is in the process of making the Restoring Our Faith Summit content available online for all to see. Making all the Summit’s panels available on our website requires that we first upload videos into a video hosting service. We chose YouTube. That was a mistake as it turns out.

It seems that YouTube sees itself as an arbiter of medical and scientific information. In other words, they get to decide what you and I see and whether expert medical professionals who share information, that we do not hear in the mainstream press, should be censored or “cancelled”.

Before we could even get this video loaded onto our website, the panel “Setting the Record Straight” with Dr. Robin Armstrong, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Dr. Janci Lindsay and Roger Severino was blocked and taken down by You Tube!

We have been told by YouTube that “their panel of experts” considers “Setting the Record Straight” to be medical misinformation. We have been “warned” and may have our channel censored further in the future.

Never mind that everything that our expert physicians said was true and based on their own experience treating patients or conducting original research of first-hand medical information. Never mind that Roger Severino was a high-level government official from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The cancel culture is real! YouTube has cancelled us. We are now looking for alternatives to YouTube.

Stay tuned!

Lenore Broughton, Deborah Billado

Editor’s Note: The following is Vermont Daily Chronicle footage from the Restoring Our Foundation event, uploaded onto YouTube. (If necessary, VDC will upload these videos onto another platform.)

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  1. I hope to see this on another platform such as Rumble or Odysee. I would avoid YouTube since they take it upon themselves to be anti-scientific. Science is all about debate, discussion, and YouTube wishes like many other legacy platforms to suppress dissent, prevent debate and instead promote propaganda.

  2. Let’s stop calling it “Youtube” as the correct nomenclature is “Google-Tube” now, they look for ANY reason to cancel/stifle content. Just last week they cancelled my cable-access TV show for running, on a green screen background w/NO audio, a 40 YEAR OLD BBC movie called “Threads” about the aftermath of a Nuclear “Exchange” (started by Russia/NATO)..This started last YEAR with “medical misinformation” (opinions) so we NOW post to Rumble weekly also..Only trouble w/Rumble is it’s hard to FIND stuff..Google’s “motto” is Do No Evil? Now it’s “censor everything unapproved by the Deep State”.

  3. F!@# youtube! It’s google and heavily funded by pharma. What do you expect. Rumble is an uninfluenced video source.

  4. I fail to blame “youtube” for doubting any opinions offered by “SO Called” local experts. In fact, there are so many diverse and varied opinions, who really knows what are facts and fiction. We should believe a psychiatrist and a Vermont civil rights representative? Best we can do is trust our own judgement. Vermont doesn’t have a particularly sterling record for those who think they represent the welfare of our citizens. Consider the many statewide public councils and their choices foisted upon or citizens!

  5. What strange is that objections to the government response to Covid by world class experts on respiratory virus’s, vaccines and human immunology have been readily available on YouTube since March 2020, interviews with John Ioannidis of Stanford University on Jouneyman Pictures is just one example, the UK physician John Campbell also conducted fascinating interviews with the Australian immunologist and vaccine researcher Robert Clancy and even though they had to be careful to avoid Breaking YouTube’s terms of service by not criticizing the baffoons at the CDC directly it was easy to understand that they were very unhappy with them. And there are plenty of critics available on Twitter who are there if you look for them but the truth of the matter is that no matter how calmly, thoroughly and circumspectly you put it the Vt Dept of Health and outfits like Digger aren’t gong to listen or even acknowledge that there are any objections to their Woke Take on the pandemic. But time and true science is on the side of truth-tellers, in the end we will prevail over those who in the 17th century knew no better than to hang poor old women as witches.

  6. Youtube has every right to decide who is and who is not playing by the rules you signed when you created your account there. Medical misinformation is a fact and it is dangerous. But Youtube and other social media platforms have a responsibility for not using an algorithm that automatically promotes the most controversial subjects because of the interest they attract. This has created a lot of conflict in our country. Everybody is a victim. You are doing the right thing by using a different platform. You are not doing the right thing by claiming that Youtube isn’t allowing free speech. They have no obligation to do so. They are a private company.