Scientist: 35,000 vax deaths, 5,000 miscarriages/stillbirths reported on VAERS

86% of reports made by health professionals

Restoring Our Faith Summit audience fills ballroom at DoubleTree conference center in South Burlington today – Page photo

by Guy Page

Conservative media powerhouse Dennis Prager is scheduled to speak shortly at today’s Restoring Our Faith Summit in South Burlington. This morning, lesser-known yet highly qualified speakers provided valuable information and encouragement.

For example, a veteran biochemist told the large audience that CDC reporting data shows 35,000 deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccine.

Dr. Janci LIndsay

Dr. Janci Lindsay, Ph.D in biochemistry and molecular biology, with 30 years’ experience in toxicology and immunology, reported this data from the CDC Vaccine Adverse Experiences Reporting System (VAERS):

  • 35,000 (round numbers) vaccine-related deaths (22,000 in 2021, 12,000 so far 2022)
  • 5000 vaccine-related miscarriages/stillbirths. Previous high was 191 bumps due to HPV and flu vax, circa 2007. The flu vaccine was pulled from the market. 
  • 34,000 menstrual disorders. 

Asked to comment about Vermont Dept. of Health Commissioner Mark Levine’s downplaying of accuracy of VAERS reports, she said 86% are filed by health professionals and that the system is difficult for non-professionals to access. Also, diagnostic data that would support the VAERS data exists in other government databases but is not being made available by the government..

Dr. Aaron Kheriarty, a California psychiatrist and ethicist, said the hallmark of all totalitarian societies is unwillingness to allow questions to be asked.

The Restoring Our Faith Summit brings together national faith, media, legal and science leaders to help rebuild America “by a renewed faith, strong families, and a search for truth in science and government,” according to an event brochure provided by its organizer, the Vermont Institute for Human Flourishing.

Attorney Roger Severino, director of the U.S. Office of Civil Rights during the Trump administration, had scathing criticism of public health officials “in white lab coats.”

Once they’ve promoting a health policy, adverse information is publicly discounted, Severino said. “They are all in. For the sake of their own political power, they will lie to you,” Severino said. “We give up our freedom when we give up to the hysteria in a public health emergency.”

The public health principle of mandating unsafe vaccines for the supposed greater good is a violation of the Hippocratic Oath, Severino said. “The men in white lab coats do so much harm when they divorce from their practices the principle of ‘first, do no harm.'”

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  1. I got shingles within aweek of my first vacine shot. No blisters, severe burning pain at T5 and chest. After a year and a half still dealing with it. Wish I could go back not gotten it. I did have the Shingrex vacine. The doctors think that kept me from getting blistering. When I got my flu shot last fall that flaired things up. NOw I don’t dare get another flu shot.

  2. How many of the public health officials in Vermont were in attendance? I suspect none. Would these folks even to listen to any presenters regardless of their credentials which illuminate the false narratives which have been promulgated by those bent on turning a once free country into a totalitarian regime? Are our state public health officials more concerned with actual data, rather than manipulated data? Is dogma and ideological rigidity more important than actual data? It is time that those in charge of public health stop promoting false agendas and start promoting prevention and public health. We had ample evidence even before the start of the “pandemic” that both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine would most likely work. I have personally read those papers.

  3. One of my grandsons (age 17) ended up at DHMC with Myocarditis after receiving his booster. To my knowledge he’d had no adverse reaction to the initial vax.

    • LOL! We got a live fact checker here! Passing Rothschild/Reuters links no less!

      ‘Gina’ The covid vaccines are garbage.

    • Gina, I noticed that you & your husband have dogs and cats but no children yet. When your daughter almost dies from a MMR vaccine (like mine did), you’ll wake up. I did. I hope you can do your own research before going through that hell of holding your 2 year old for 5 days as she sleeps and throws up and sleeps and sleeps and sleeps and wakes up only to have lost her verbal skills. She survived and is alive at 22. Many parents and children have not fared so well. and are good places to start and then from there you may see the light. When reports say that the covid vaccine has caused miscarriages, it might behoove you to look up the facts from better sources than those written by a “fact checker” with what qualifications and paid by whom?

    • I pray the scales are removed from your eyes and Truth rings in your ears. In these times, the bravery and courage for people to speak the Truth is a badge of honor. I applaud each person who is standing and shouting in the face of the wickedness plaguing our society. The Truth will prevail – always.

  4. So glad the truth is coming out – first priority, stop killing and damaging people with the clot shots; next, demand accountability and seek retribution from the corrupt agencies and docs who perpetrated this nightmare.

  5. Cdc director just contracted covid 1 month after her new booster. But dont worry, they’re safe and effective. You should definitely get your kid one, they were tested on 8 mice….

  6. Vaers data has an underreporting factor of 41… do the math. Yes the shots have killed more people than the bug and the “sudden adult death syndromes” and childhood heart attacks and strokes will continue for years. People must be held accountable. Lets start with everyone at the world economic forum advocating for a global population of 2 billion or less. Others will be culled “equitably”.

  7. Forgot to say, in my last comment which hopefully will post, we must claw back the ill gotten billions from Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and start a clot shot compensation fund for those injured and killed.

  8. Now that the science has “evolved” to the point where the vaccine requires a serious recalibration of the risk-benefit analysis, the big underlying question still remains mostly unasked and most certainly unanswered: where did this virus come from?
    The democrats reaction to any speculation of it being a man-made virus developed in a lab in commie china is their response to most questions: “you are a racist for even asking the question”. We vote for this.

    • For what it’s worth… Back in August 2019, President Trump unexpectedly closed Fort Detrick in MD for a period of 3-4-weeks. Recall that Fort Detrick is where the US does (or at least did) bio-weapons research. Remember the anthrax scare after 9-11? It was finally traced to Fort Detrick. We know it was at UNC and we know Dr Faustus (illegally) sent it to Wuhan.

      Fast forward to September 2019. Many young people develop a serious unknown lung condition. Some die. ALL live in MA. The state’s conclusion? Ban vaping. Did this happen anywhere else? No. This got my antenna up at the time.

      It has been proven that “fauxvid” was here in October 2019 – in WA State to be specific. On a personal level, my boss caught a “lung illness” in December 2019 and almost died. I caught the same thing in January. Lasted three weeks before it finally cleared up.

      Finally, in early March 2020, they name it fauxvid.

      So if you’re asking my opinion, I say it started right here in the good old USA at Fort Detrick. Don’t believe what I’m saying was the timeline? Look it up, not on google, but on, the best least-known internet browser I’ve come across. As in zero censorship.

  9. please everyone watch the real Anthony fauci documentary, only online till October 31, share with everyone you know. riveting!

  10. and…the cdc is considering adding covid pseudo vax to the immunization list for children. unreal right! and we have the President continuing the push to get vax, boost boost boosted……….unreal again since it benefits those big pharms
    The corruption trickles down from the top right to our state and local gov……..I for one have had my fill of the whole thing…..

    • The cdc isn’t considering adding the shot to the children’s immunization list….they already did it last week. For many public schools, mrna injections will soon be required for attendance despite the fact children have almost zero risk of dying from covid, the shots dont prevent infection or transmission and are the deadliest “vaccine ” in history. Absolute corruption. Public health industry in the United States is dead.

  11. Quackery and snake oil salesman, all. There are no real physicians anymore who care more about their patient’s health, than they do about the paycheck they rely on to fund their Miata’s and vacay’s to St. Thomas, or Dubai…
    Relying on ANY physician now for your health should come with a warning label:
    Enter at your own risk.
    And all for vaccines that have never been safety tested.
    Boggles the mind how sheeplish humanity has become without God.

  12. There is NO truth any longer. Money and career promotions or demotions gets results that favor any scientific conclusions. You are on your own. There is no convincing who is right with studies and data. It’s all contrived. Say so and you will be cancelled. This is what has happened throughout history. Self censorship is the worst kind of evil. Say it loud and say it often. The ones with the biggest megaphones unfortunately become the truth Sayers in a lemming society.

  13. I sense this to be an underestimation re: death and/or injury due to the ‘jab’. Around a year ago, I was reeling from having witnessed students as young as 6-years-old having taken the ‘jab’ at the direction of the parent(s); well-educated re: academia and the medical profession. Now, I’m resigned to the fact that the children- some I’ve taught for a decade or more–may never see adulthood on account of decisions their parents made.

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