Wilton to Milton school board: you’re supposed to manage administration, not the other way around

Dear School Board members: I spoke to you this evening [Thursday Dec. 15] about my concern that the MTSD board appears to be managed by the administration, rather than the school board managing the administration as duly elected representatives of Milton’s citizens.

It appears throughout the Equity Policy discussion and draft development the board members have had little input other than to agree without critical examination of the policy itself. The policy has clearly been drafted by the administration and the current proposal abdicates your policy making authority to the administration in many areas. I would like the members, or at least the Chair contact me to explain why the Board is not drafting the policy as the legitimate elected policy making body.

It is clear from the comments tonight that citizens are aware that their concerns are not being heard or addressed, and there is very little discussion on important issues other than one-way communication. It also became clear this evening that the board, as a whole, or individual members, are not communicating even when requested. Why is that? Again, I would like someone to contact me about this communication issue.

During my comments tonight I referenced my request to you from about 6 months ago. Please find attached my public statement from 6/9/2022 where I made three requests to you regarding removal of the BLM flag as a result of the ongoing corruption of the BLM organization which has become synonymous with the flag. In my comments below I requested the board discuss this issue, which you have not, nor did any board member contact me out of courtesy to respond to my request. In my email below I offered to provide the links to the national news stories regarding BLM corruption and not one of you responded to my offer. I assumed this information would be informative for the board if it proceeded to discuss the issue as requested.

Now, I am making a formal request for the board to place the issue on the agenda for the next school board meeting in January. I am requesting the chair contact me to confirm this has been done.

Wendy Wilton, Milton

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    • They would, because that segment of our political make-up knows that Trump would mean the end of their effective being. He (Trump) darned near had it done the last time. But an election rolled around and it was stolen by the thugs who are trying hard to be very visible. So that is what is going on, for me, we pickup where we left off in 2020.

  1. Stand firm .The ignorance or willful following of these corrupt organizations cannot be tolerated anymore .

  2. As a board member of neighboring community i would like to share a little of my experience and what may be going on but alas ive been told im not allowed to engage on social media. So much for individual representation.

  3. Isn’t It common knowledge that school boards are largely populated by woke activists whose last concern is quality education? 🤔

  4. Wendy nailed it. As a former two term Board Member I found that fellow members thought they served the Superintendent and the Principals. We made great achievements once they were convinced it was the other way around.

  5. Wendy identifies a common problem. As a former two term School Board member I found my fellow board members were convinced they were at the service of the Superintendent and Principals. Sort of a rubber stamp. Once they were convinced it was the other way around we made great progress addressing major concerns in the schools in our community.

  6. Wendy, we sure miss you down in these parts, but your work is just as needed where you reside now, compared to your previous residence location. Keep hammering at this broken and backwards system that has morphed. The wokers have made their bed, and now it is our job to fix the problems. Great going Wendy, stay the course.

  7. The propensity and problem of elected officials to delegate their policy-making authority to the administrative branch is just as prevalent in municipal and state government.

    Activists and cronies, often affiliated with one or more non-profits, agitate for all kinds of special interests in the name of environmental and/or social justice. Once town and city councils place the matter on their agenda, all kinds of “study” committees and commissions are then organized and populated by those same activists. Those committees then require permanent paid support staff to help formulate, record into law/ordinance, and then enforce their desired rules and regulations — a clear conflict of interest between legislative and administrative responsibilities, but which is mostly rubber stamped by the elected representatives. Thus, the accelerated growth of the administrative state — the leviathan.

    Of course, all of it goes through the legal public notice and hearing process where a small percentage of the constituency is aware and an even smaller percentage actively participates. As in Wendy Wilton’s experience, those elected representatives feel they can ignore that small percentage of concerned citizens who have inconvenient questions and facts that go against the agenda.

    Thankfully, more parents are finding their voices as they learn about the sexual grooming, race baiting, crazy woke crap taking place in schools, which is undermining the delivery of appropriate and quality education. It may take a lot more voices to be heard over the radical influence of unions and non-profits whose massive funds (many benefiting from taxpayer dollars) are routinely kicked back into democrat and progressive campaigns.

  8. It is really important for readers who are Milton residents to start following the school board activities and to support and vote for new candidates for the board who will listen and better represent the community. Please vote in the upcoming March election to make your voice heard and spread the word about these important concerns. There were terrific presentations at this meeting by others who really helped to inform me and other citizens about the Equity policy. Please be sure to view the meeting from 12/15 as soon as it is available on LCATV.
    Same is true for all other communities, too!

  9. The same story and outcome for EWSD, Colchester and now Milton. I went to the Colchester school board meeting to support Colchester when I lived in Essex. Forty people showed up and many spoke about their concerns about the BLM flag and the organization at large. People have credible evidence with their concerns. Not one person spoke in favor of keeping the flag up. The disgusting part is that they voted to keep it and stated that the decision was make because of the concerns expressed at the meeting. So, obviously the adults were not brainwashed by the the BLM agenda, so the flag needed to remain in place.

    On a side note, I decided to read The Paris Accord why was agreed upon/created in 2009 And signed by Barack Obama in 2015 (I believe), and the Paris Accord and Agenda 2030 uses all the same language as the equity statements and policies put out by school admissions. This includes indigenous people, equity, human rights, sustainability and global citizenship. Equity in the school system is accompanied by Social Emotional Learning (SEL). I was listening to Dr. James Lynsey read a paper put out on the Journal of Academic Policy about phycho data mining children. The paper explicitly said the SEL needs to be understood for the political and economical management of the population. What is occuring in our schools is to brainwash children to participate in a global government run by stakeholder capitalism. A government/corporate partnership to monitor and control the population through AI and other technology into compliance with the 2030 Agenda/Paris Accord. These inniciatives are coming from the White House. The US because the country is legally bound to implement equity per the Paris Accord. There are other treaties impacting the US, such as a UN child’s rights act and human rights act, which details trans rights. These international treaties supercede US law and parental rights. I recommend reading these documents. This is why Biden is sending solar panels to Africa, which he just announced. Although, he stated the US was doing so because of slavery and the harms done to Africa. This is not why he is sending the solar panels. He is sending them because the Paris Accord states the wealthy countries have to shoulder the financial responsibility of helping poor countries to meet the carbon reduction goals. This is why parents are unable to stop this and why school boards and school administrators will not listen to parents.

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