Williams: Vermont, the Biomedical Security State?

Screenshot from Seven Days ad placed by Vermont Health Equity

By Dr. Rob Williams, Vermont Independent

What’s the difference between science and Scientism? Plenty and it’s on full display in Vermont, which since the pandemic is looking more and more like what Dr. Aaron Kheriaty calls ‘the Biomedical Security State.’

Aaron Kheriaty MD is the director of the Bioethics and American Democracy Program at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and a senior fellow at the Zephyr Institute. We’ll be interviewing him on our Plan V-TV podcast come December. What follows is an excerpt from his new book The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State.

Of particular interest in Kheriaty’s excerpt below is the crucial distinction between science and Scientism. Vermont public health, media and political leaders seem possessed by Scientism, rather than practicing science,  and the results are proving catastrophic for Vermont’s citizenry. If this seems an exaggeration, travel beyond the boundaries of Burlington, Stowe, Montpelier and the Mad River Valley and talk with our friends and neighbors..

Scientism leads to the promotion of official narratives based on Ideology rather than actual scientific data, as evidenced by Vermont “health care” providers’ continued bizarre promotion of COVID-19 protocols – Masks, PCR “Tests,” “Vaccines,” Lockdowns – that have been conclusively proven not to have any efficacy in preventing viral transmission or infections (The image below dropped onto the UVM Medical Center’s Facebook page a few days before Thanksgiving).

Even more troubling? As reported in The Washington Post on November 23, 2022, we now are witnessing a “Pandemic of the Vaccinated,” as the majority of US COVID deaths are now occurring among the injected. Why this isn’t being daily discussed in US and Vermont news media circles is, well, bewildering.

One laudable exception? The Vermont Daily Chronicle.

Stranger still? The troubling increase in “vaxxed” deaths is now being blamed on – wait for it! – “the unvaxxed.” Yes, thanks to a new clinical term called “Information Disorder Syndrome,” the unvaxxed’s raising of pesky questions seems to increasing “vaxxed” mortality rates.

Meanwhile, WOKEtopia meets COVIDtopia in the full color full page “advertisement” for “holiday vaccination in “culturally affirming spaces,” brilliantly critiqued by NYU professor of propaganda Dr. Mark Crispin Miller at his Substack this week. 

You can’t make this up.

Orwell is rolling in his grave.

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  1. Bingo, Rob! You hit the nail on the head with this. Scientism has, indeed, taken over as the purveyor of “truth”, and real science, what remains of it, has been ignored and suppressed, with its truthtellers (real scientists and allies) being maligned and discredited. Upside down and inside out world we live in now….

  2. The reason why the “Pandemic of the Vaccinated” is not being discussed is because major media outlets are run by corporations/owned by elites. I wrote an article entitled, “This Is A Test” in Aug ’21 which stated the inventor of the PCR test objected to its use in application. In other words, it’s NOT a reliable test for a virus that has never been proven to exist. But, it won’t be ‘outed’, because it’s making someone or something a lot of money. It’s also part and parcel to an ideology that includes but is not limited to population control.

  3. We need to stop talking and start doing. All of us. Put our differences aside and unite under the umbrella of health choice freedom. If we could do that we could gain some momentum. Let’s get together and fight. It’s the only chance we have.

    • Thank you, Anonymous. I agree that we need to put aside our differences and unite for health choice. There has been so much petty partisan bickering, however, that the big picture gets lost in the din of blame and criticism. Too many people don’t want to see beyond that and persist in pointless negative complaining rather than trying to “get together and fight” against the real baddies and FOR what really matters. I see a great deal of it right here in the Chronicle comments, and it saddens me that people can’t be more civil and pay attention to what really matters, and realize that we are all on the same side in so many ways.

  4. Honestly, medical co-dependence started decades ago. Big pharma and Rockefeller medicine ensured customers for life. Prescription drugs and annual vaccinations started trending higher and higher. Clever, targeted advertising filled commericial breaks and print advertising. Child innoculations went from 5 shots to 26+. I’ve seen medical records where a patient had over 70 prescriptions – daily over 20. No wonder they are always sick! Americans were lulled into believing any discomfort required a pill. Americans were lulled into believing medication is a lifetime commitment. Americans were lulled into drug addiction. American’s were lulled into false prophet medical worship. It will stop if and only Americans wake up from the drug induced fog they’ve been believing and partaking in for decades.

  5. The past 2-3 years (well, 5-6 if I am honest,) have been a case study in mass hysteria and moral panic, driven as it usually is, by a few dishonest actors who know exactly what they are doing. Dr. “I am The Science,” Fauci turns out to be nothing more than a giddy little psychopath, who knew exactly what we were dealing with because he helped pay for it. The lockdowns, ruined business, and deaths of people primarily in their 80’s or with multiple comorbidities were simply collateral damage in Fauci’s criminal coverup, and politicizing, to score points against Folk Devil Trump. Here in Vermont, simple demographics had more to do with our relatively low covid rates than anything that Phil Scott and his ilk want to take credit for. Scientism is a rather magical system of belief!