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Water Cooler: Former Senate candidate sees biased media coverage of Dem primary for Congress

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Publication Headline Published
NBC 5 Hispanic heritage celebration in Montpelier 10/15/2022 7:44 PM
WCAX First ever Non-fiction Comics Festival in Burlington 10/15/2022 11:31 PM
NBC 5 Gates Foundation pledges $1.2B to eradicate polio globally 10/16/2022 4:27 PM
WCAX Williston cyclist dies in South Burlington crash 10/16/2022 5:13 PM
VT Digger Heated competition emerges in Franklin County House races 10/17/2022 6:17 AM
VT Digger Michael Shank: Bias shows up in coverage of Vermont’s political campaigns 10/17/2022 7:01 AM
NBC 5 Stowe Auto Toll Road remains open for another week 10/17/2022 7:46 AM

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