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Gun-toting fentanyl dealers from Springfield, MA arrested in Rutland

A pair of men from Springfield, Massachusetts were arrested last week for intent to distribute fentanyl and cocaine and carrying firearms in connection with drug trafficking, the U.S. Attorney’s office said.

Jose Luis Maldonado, Jr., 31, and Edgar Correa, 34, were arrested on Wednesday evening, October 12 and charged by criminal complaint the next day, the office said. Both men were charged with possessing with the intent to distribute cocaine, cocaine base, and fentanyl, and carrying and using firearms during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime.  Both men are scheduled to appear before United States Magistrate Judge Kevin J. Doyle Friday afternoon.

According to court records, law enforcement conducting surveillance on Robbins Street in Rutland, Vermont noticed a man, later identified as Maldonado, carrying a black shotgun with a pistol grip, walking with another man, later identified as Correa, toward a white Honda Civic.  

The two men put bags in the trunk of the Honda Civic and drove away.  Rutland Police located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.  During the traffic stop, officers learned there were four firearms in the vehicle, including the black shotgun in the trunk, a .380 caliber pistol beneath Correa’s seat, a .38 Special revolver between Correa’s seat and the center console, and a .22 caliber pistol between Maldonado’s seat and the center console.  

A search of the vehicle revealed two bags, containing approximately 24 grams of cocaine base, approximately 7 grams of cocaine, and over 550 bags of fentanyl.  When Correa was searched incident to arrest, he was found in possession of a digital scale and a firearm magazine loaded with .380 caliber ammunition.

Springfield, MA is a major distribution center for fentanyl and other drugs smuggled across the U.S. southern border, federal drug officials say.

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  1. It is encouraging to see this kind of activity being handled by the US Attorney instead of our useless and inept District Court jurisdictions. Hopefully our EXISTING, TOUGH federal gun laws will be enforced to the letter with this crew. If they have prior convictions making them federally prohibited from possessing firearms, along with the drug trafficking charges that would make them eligible for 10 years in Club Fed… keeping these individuals off the streets for a while and sending a powerful message to their organization. Adios mierda escoria!!!

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