Gunfire, car chase in Essex Friday

ESSEX — Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred in Essex yesterday.

Authorities say they were notified of a truck chasing and shooting a gun at a car in the area of River Road on Route 117, at around 7:10 p.m.

Police spoke to several witnesses and searched the area for evidence when they arrived.

The pickup truck was seen headed east on River Road when someone inside the truck fired seven gunshots in the same direction the vehicle was traveling.

Police say they have not received any reports of injuries or property damage caused by the shots and it is unknown if the shooter had a specific target.

Police are asking anyone living on River Road, between Greenfield Road and Sandhill Road, who has security cameras aimed in the direction of River Road, please check the footage and call the Essex Police Department with any information.

Anyone discovering damage to their property is also being asked to contact the Essex Police Department at 802-878-8331. Republished from Newport Dispatch

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  1. Vote Progressive. Gun shots almost daily. Defund the Police, and have the remaining Cops afraid to aggressively pursue serious Criminals. Especially the out of state Heroin importers of color. Let’s all show how weak we must appear. The word in the Southern States inner City Ghettos must be out. ‘Open season’ for Drug Dealing and Crime in the once peaceful Live and Let Live, Vermont. Good idea. Let’s try to hug and bong hit it away…

  2. Vermont is made up primarily of decent people and was until recently able to avoid this kind of lowlife garbage that has plagued southern New England cities. Burlington welcomed it in and the garbage is spreading to it’s neighboring cities and towns.
    Sorry if this sounds racist, but it is what it is…

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