Warner: CDC says girls suffering and schools are not the solution

by Aaron Warner

The Center’s for Disease Control just released a report on a study of American youth that reveals disturbing statistics about the current state of mental illness and despondency among girls.  Among the findings the following areas of concern stood out most: 

  • Teen girls who persistently felt sad or hopeless is up to nearly 3 in 5 (57%)
  • Nearly 1 in 3 (30%) seriously considered attempting suicide – up nearly 60% from a decade ago
  • 1 in 5 experience sexual violence in the past year – up 20% since 2017, when the CDC started monitoring this measure
  • More than 1 in 10 (14%) had ever been forced to have sex – up 27% since 2019 and the first increase since CDC began measuring for it

Additionally they found that more than half of LGBQ+ students (52% of male and female) had recently experienced poor mental health and more than 1 in 5 (22%) attempted suicide in the past year. 

All racial groups report worsening levels of persistent sadness and hopelessness with increases in suicide attempts among white and black youth. 

After gathering yourself from the weight of this unbelievably sad data, the questions arise: Why is this happening and what can be done to help? 

The CDC, a government agency, offers no suggestions on the why but it’s solution is bigger government involvement.  “School based activities can make a profound difference…with a relatively small infusion (of monetary) support to schools.”  Yes, the same government agency that just created a devastating amount of depression, mental illness and economic wealth transfer from the middle class to the uber wealthy due to their unscientific and train-wreck approach to the COVID-19 pandemic feels confident they can solve this one – with more government programs and money. Seriously.  

There is zero introspection among the organs of the Leviathan that is the education-medical-government complex which sits atop an American population that has gotten sicker, dumber, more suicidal and less mentally fit as its administration has grown in near lockstep with the multi-trillion dollar budget deficit.  To their credit, and to quote the immortal words of 80s stadium rock band Journey, don’t stop beleivin’.  

Their faith in themselves and big government is ironic, especially given their lack of faith in both God and family. However when you look to the wisdom offered by God and His design for the family that’s where you’ll find Americans are still the most sane, most joyful, least sexually abused and most financially secure.  The contrast is stark. 

The common sense results are punishingly obvious.  Zero – what is the number of sexual diseases one gets when they honor God’s call to abstinence.  Prosperity – what is the result of hard work, saving and giving generously to those in need – not from your tax dollars but pre-tax.  Safety and security – what are virtually guaranteed for girls and boys raised in a home with their mother, and most importantly, father present.  I say most importantly because that is what the statistics show.  Children raise in single mother/fatherless homes are the number one source of criminal, drug addicted, sexually permiscuous and mentally unstable children.  Over 85% of the prison population are fatherless.  Schools and government programs, no matter how well funded, have not and never will amend this disparity.    

Nearly all of us have been through public schooling.  Just how are schools and staff supposed to offer these children anything close to what their parents can?  Children move from teacher to teacher as they change grades, which is equivalent to being uprooted and moved to a new home nearly every year.  After a few years in elementary school they’re move to middle school, famously the most brutal three years of social development, then high school which can be even more brutal.  

None of the teachers dress, feed, bathe or accompany these kids to and from the bus, care for them when sick, read them bed-time stories, celebrate holiday’s with them, cherish and fight for their dreams, protect them when out in the world or anything remotely close to the type of bond created with parents.  They don’t drive to work thinking about the needs of their kids, and how could they since most teachers see dozens if not hundreds come in and out of their classrooms in a day.  The thought an “underpaid” government worker who might not even have kids, or if they do, then they’re already obligated to focus on their own, should be the safeguard for our children is logistically and morally ridiculous.  Their stated task to educate is already difficult enough and the numbers show they’re failing at that, so let’s foist our mentally ill and vulnerable children onto their to-do lists?  Again, only a behemoth from government like the CDC would surmise the solution is more government programs. If only there were a vaccine for undoing the pandemic that is big government…

Thanks to being saved by those Jesus loving church goers, I learned how important it is to love girls and women how God made them to be loved – by providing security in the many forms they need it.  Only fathers have the lion-hearted desire to protect their daughters and wives.  Consider it the upside of toxic masculinity.  Testosterone is good for two things – fighting and another word that starts with feeling desire for women.  It’s a man’s built in affinity chemical that moves him to pursue and protect the women he’s closest to – mom, sisters, wife and daughters.  Believe me, each man has enough, or ought to, for the moment when he’s needed to come to their aid.  Each of us men also know a man who’s defending the women in his life has near super powers thanks to Big T.  

This is something the government will never understand, and especially not when it’s being guided by a band of mentally unstable woke-regressives who pretend at being heroes as they sit behind desks.  Clark Kent sat behind a desk, but not when someone started messing with Lois.  That’s when the business attire and geeky glasses came off and intoxicatingly masculine Superman started throwing hands.  

Girls who know they have a man willing to do this for them are far less likely to end up a statistic on the next CDC study. 

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  1. Spot on. I think that children who grow up in secure stable two-parent (male and female) homes which are religiously connected, involved with their children, spend time together as a family, keep the kids off of social media and either homeschool or send the kids to a religious school are probably doing ok. This sadly is not the model by which most US children are raised and the results are worrisome.

    • We have a political party harboring a marxist ideology who has been very active in doing away with the concept of the nuclear family. The “Great Society” programs have been focused on that for almost 60 years. And to put the icing on that cake, we are now told that promoting responsible fatherhood is racist and white supremacist.

  2. Not hard to believe the way they have taken them back 50 years on Woman’s rights. Men playing their sports, men in their bathrooms. Disgusting how people can accept such things.

  3. I advocate old fashioned parenting. If i were moping around as a kid my dad would tell me to stop it or he would give me something to be upset about.

  4. Whereas I disagree as to much of what is said in this article, what is alarming is the attempt to stop people from forming such stable relationships. Woke seems bent on destroying standards that would stabilize society in the U.S.

  5. The CDC, sponsored by Pfizer, et al. When evil entities cleverly disguise mea culpas, they believe such subtle confessions exornerate their guilt. Yet, the blood stains on their hands and cloaks will never wash away.

  6. Between taking away the safety and security of sex-segregated contact sports, the locker and restroom facilities, and telling the white girls they are supposed to hate themselves, the source of the unease among girls and women is a total mystery…

    • @ Rich

      And don’t forget that women’s “superpower “, our ability to get pregnant, give birth and breastfeed can now be done by “anyone” as “men can give birth” and anyone can “chest feed “. And any gender can be a mother. So now girls can lose to a biological male because he says he’s female that day and even bringing forth the next generation isn’t anything that only women can do now.

  7. The denigration & destruction of family itself is a core value of the left, from feminists like Dworken to BLM’s stated goal of “…disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.” It’s the basic socialist / communist tactic of replacing family, and particularly men as protectors & providers, with the state. And it makes everyone unhappy, but women more so, if studies on happiness going back to the 50’s are anything to go by. Women, in particular liberal women, are on record rates of anti-depressants, and have a 53% diagnosable rate of mental illness, which explains a lot about the current socio-political landscape of Vermont. The mental health crisis is real, and not at all accidental.