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Thank you, dear readers, for writing

Every weekday I go to my post office box in Montpelier, slip the big, industrial strength key into #1547, and hope to see a letter from a reader. 

Most days, the mailbox is empty. No worries or complaining there – just a statement of fact that explains that scratching the Lottery ticket feeling of knowing it will probably be bupkus but HEY look at that! A winner, today! 

These letters usually carry a double blessing: 

  1. a check (typically $108 for an annual subscription, sometimes more, sometimes less), without which I couldn’t continue to publish. 
  2. A note of encouragement. Such letters are, as Vermont author Katherine Paterson titled a book, “Bread and Roses, too.” Both means and motivation to keep going to the State House and write the stories that need to be told by someone. 

Thursday I hit the jackpot – a nice check with a handwritten note offering the following words:

“Dear Guy – Thank you for giving us alternative and truthful news. Vermont is truly blessed that you stepped up to start and continue this much needed news venue. Gratefully, C”

Oh C, you’re breaking my heart – it’s breaking in gratitude. You’re building my confidence daily.  Thank you C and everyone else who gets that the Vermont Daily Chronicle is a creature that needs a steady diet of both bread and roses, too.

Last night I attended Jesus Revolution, a new film about the hippies who found Jesus in the late 60’s and early 1970’s. It reminded me that sometimes good things do come from California to Burlington, like the Bethel house of worship on College Street started in the early 1970’s by some JP refugees from California. 

The point of this segue is that after the movie ended, a viewer said that sometimes reading the Chronicle makes him angry – but it also motivates him to write letters to his legislators and other people in responsibility. I get the anger at some of the decision-making, and I’m grateful (again) that some readers respond by finding lawmakers’ email addresses in the Legislative Directory in the Toolbox and then exercise their constitutional right and responsibility to speak truth to power. 

Thank you readers, for taking the initiative to write your letters to me and to the legislators. 

Free Speech Forever,

Guy Page

Editor & Publisher, Vermont Daily Chronicle

P.O. Box 1547, Montpelier VT 05641

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  1. A resounding AMEN!! Bread for all, and roses too, something our legislators don’t understand in their quest to save the world while allowing the people to languish without heat. Just like many of your readers, I wouldn’t have been as aware of S.5 were it not for the Vermont Daily Chronicle.

    I had a single response to my calls to Montpelier re: S.5. A phone call from Sen. White. At least she called, but she used the approach of “Customer participation is voluntary. No customer is required to do anything” and “it’s the fuel dealers who will have to comply and buy the carbon credits”. Since I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, who does she think will pay for those credits? The fuel dealer? Give me a break, they’ll pass the expense to customers. I’m so done with their patronizing holier than thou superiority when they know full well that Vermonters will be bullied into compliance by the wolves in the pack that will administer their monstrosity.

    Please keep calling them. When their salaies are threatened by opposition, maybe they’ll get the message. I say salaries because they certainly aren’t responding to pleas to fulfill the call to serve the people.

  2. Dear Guy!
    Your news site was the ONLY place I’ve found in Vermont that allows people to discuss the dangers of this *experimental mRNA gene therapy injection (the CDC literally had to change the actual authentic definition of a “vaccine” in order to get consumer approval/compliance; they knew if the FDA called it a * ‘gene therapy’ which it is, no one would take it.
    The fact that these C-19 injections never really did prevent Covid-19 infection, nor transmission of the virus, hopefully will be enough evidence to help people see that we were being lied to all along; they were not Safe , nor Effective.
    Since 3 years have gone by ~ the MSM continues to market these injections “Brought to you by Pfizer” … despite clear data that they cause endocarditis, myocarditis and numerous autoimmune disorders.
    Life Insurance companies sounded the alarm last year; showing a sudden drastic increase of 40% in all cause mortality in ages 18-64yo (a 1 in 200 year event considered catastrophic; SILENCE from MSM).
    – – – IMPORTANT to understand & know how such censorship came to be: – – –
    There is an organization called the Trusted News Initiative (TNI: founded summer 2019 by Tim Davie,Director of BBC); the members contracted to collaborate & report the same ‘narrative’ (even if lies) for the WHO,CDC, WEF “Covid-19 Great Reset” … Its members included our usual resources for looking up information; Google, Wikipedia, and news sites; Assoc Press, Reuters, CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, Washington Post, etc. & Social Media; Facebook and Twitter.
    ~ They all made an agreement pre-Covid 2019 ~ to report same exact news in order to bury & censor the truth; i.e., any whistle blowers – like in my links below of scientists, MD’s, stepping forward, all had their reputations smeared by MSM and the ‘Trusted News Initiative’ members. Even whistle blowers Wikipedia pages have been altered & re-written in a negative light… including the inventor of mRNA gene therapy, Dr Robert Malone who gave 36 years of service to the NIH/CDC.

    The Media has hidden all the data showing evidence these mRNA injections are dangerous for our health, and even deadly. Recently our CDC approved the C-19 injections to be included in childhood vaccinations for 6 months old!

    I’m beyond horrified and want to thank you Guy for allowing a place to discuss our concerns. Ever since C-19, our freedom of speech has been censored like never before. We have recently learned (for those of us who have actively sought out the truth) that the Covid-19 ‘lockdowns’ and vaccine mandates were, in fact, a Military Operation & have absolutely nothing to do with our HEALTH.

    Independent Investigators, Journalists, and whistle blowers now know that all the Public Health measures & interventions were a form of Domestic Terrorism and designed to enforce compliance with an experimental injection. The orders came down NOT from the CDC /NIAID as we were led to believe, but were actually coming from the DoD, who we now know controls MSM & funded the GoF (gain of function) research in Wuhan, China.

    The MIC/ DoD was able to get around the new legislation Obama passed making ‘bioweapon research’ illegal. So our DoD & Fauci’s NIAID went to the Private Sector and funded and hired CEO Peter Daszak’s company, ‘Eco Health Alliance’ to perform the ‘illegal’ GoF research @ the Wuhan Institute of Virology ~ (i.e., by which SARS-CoV-2 was created and given GoF to specifically target human lung epithelium; why people would turn blue and die of anoxia with cytokine storm; the acute respiratory distress syndrome presentation).

    Do people recall the GoF that Sen Rand Paul was pestering Fauci about all this time? Well, it was based on reality. Fauci lied under oath. And, Dr David Martin has all the proof necessary to hang everyone for their crimes. They even tried to get him to go along with it; offered him all the $ in the world. In case you read real “Fake news” smearing him? I can testify that it is all a lie … Operation Lockspeed into a covert WW III ~ of the most evil known to humankind.

    Dr David E Martin has the PATENTS (evidence & proof) of all the bio-weapons and their PATENT #’s and who funded them. Now, we just need every US Attorney General to step up to the plate with Dr Martin & agree to prosecute these criminals for war crimes, treason, negligent homicide and racketeering.

    #CrimesAgainstHumanity ; my concern, the Red States AG’s are reportedly stepping up to the plate, but the Blue States AG’s are not … (it’s been called “Mass Formation Psychosis” ~Liberals have been, what is being called, “Blue Pilled” (from the movie ‘The Matrix’) by Psychologist Mattias Desmet ~ for anyone curious how a military style brainwashing works). And, MAGA states are being called “Red-Pilled”

    (please see link below **** to learn more about ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’; media has degraded the term so no one will believe the truth; can’t make this stuff up)

    If awareness of these crimes was raised, could Vermonters pressure our Congress members &our Attorney General to do something? For everyones information… were you aware a congressional member in Idaho just presented a bill to make injection of mRNA Covid-19 shots a misdemeanor? … because they’re aware,they’re trying to save their children from getting this (something you would never hear about on the news) … It starts first with awareness; hard to come by when we are censored (e.g., I’ve spent many days in Facebook Jail).

    We now have learned (as evidenced by the whistle blowers from all over the globe in video links below) the MIC ~ is merged with the FDA. CDC, WHO & WEF in an effort to depopulate the planet …

    I understand how shocking this is, many will think I am delusional, mentally ill, whatever. But I feel obligated to do what I can to get the truth out there now that the veil is lifting.

    It is a violation of the Nuremberg Code to force experimental injections on a human being ~ to maintain their work /occupation status ~ especially without informed consent (pregnant women? ~ since when? How did we get here? … 24/7/365 brainwashing by MSM; in particular, the democratic viewing news sites. I find this disturbing & very troubling.

    Bernie where are you in all this? You have to know what Senator Ron Johnson has spent days fighting on the floor of the DHS Senate to help get the vaccine injured the help they need.

    (please see link below to Dr David E. Martin web site – he has on record all the crimes committed & is attempting to prosecute these criminals guilty of treason #CrimesAgainstHumanity

    I am going to leave links to 4 brave whistle blowers (there are many more) for anyone who cares enough to investigate this matter on your own. You will not read about it in the news, nor see it on your TV.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    (1.) Dr. Malone: (the man who invented mRNA gene therapy; at a meeting in Stockholm, Sweden 01/21/2023 w/ other whistle blowers) https://rumble.com/v287h3n-fifth-generation-warfare-and-sovereignty.html

    (2.) Senator Ron Johnson ~ the only US Senator addressing these concerns re: dangers if mRNA C-19 injections U.S. Senate Meeting Dept Homeland Security https://rumble.com/vtfqfq-senator-ron-johnson.html

    (3.) Alexandra (‘Sasha’) Latypova whose career was in pharmaceutical research – @ a meeting in Stockholm Sweden; PANDEMIC STRATEGIES, LESSONS AND CONSEQUENCES, 21st- 22nd January 2023 …
    “Covid-19 Countermeasures: Evidence for an Intent To Harm”:

    (4.) Dr Richard Urso: whistle blower/ opthamologist
    ~ “mRNA vaccines ~ Friend or Foe”;
    And more links for anyone who reads this and wants to take action to save our children & future generations by #STOPcensoringDoctors https://takeactionforfreedom.com/silencing-doctors/
    And a site to verify vaccine injuries & deaths are occurring every day & the media is hiding it from us https://www.realnotrare.com
    Dr. David E. Martin (please watch interview with criminal lawyer Attorney Reiner Fuellmich who successfully sued Deutsche Bank & Volkswagon for corporate crimes;

    Dr David E. Martin’s website with data showing exact crimes he is prosecuting:
    **** REMINDER ****
    IF / WHEN you google, or look up in wikipedia; any of the above mentioned names, their reputations have been smeared to discredit them (Covid-19’s “Great Reset” is a Global Military Operation) on all media sites imaginable. They left no stone unturned.

    Do NOT believe what Deep State intelligence revision of wikipedia, etc. ttrashing our brave whistleblowers; American Hero’s …
    The 1% Globalists; Central Bankers, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, etc. – are looking to steal our freedoms – and they have re-written history (on the internet) – to serve their One World Agenda; that the 1% designed ~ void of all human rights.

    BUT, We the People 99% will have the LAST WORD.

    For non-believers ~ who may need more information ~ I suggest watching these interviews in the documentary “Planet Lockdown” … it has recorded the stories of many whistle-blowers whose lives have been turned upside down for telling the truth:

    two in particular;
    *** Catherine Austin Fitts who worked under 2 POTUS Administrations & was forced to relocate out of the USA for safety because her life was at risk.
    **** Michael Yeadon, former CEO Pfizer, turned whistle blower
    —– https://planetlockdownfilm.com —–

    ***** https://malone.substack.com/p/understanding-mass-formation-with

    Please no one kill the messenger,my intentions are good. I am very sorry if any of this is upsetting (I 100% understand) & I am NOT suicidal … Sincerely MJS

    • Good post Maureen. In the past two years, I have had friends and relatives die and, even now, I have friends who have been severely adversely affected with permanent disabilities, yet they still refuse to consider the possibility that the death jab is a bioweapon unleashed upon us by our own states and federal government.

      While some people are slowly waking up to the long term lies, too many are still stuck to their favorite narratives being pushed by our puppet government politicians and bureaucrats and their mockingbird media — which (we now know from the recent revelations of systemic institutional corruption in AZ) have been bought by the international 1% and pharmaceutical/drug cartels and the countless “non-profits” funded with dark money from foreign billionaires in addition to fleecing taxpayers.

      Evil profits while good men do nothing.

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