Police Report

Wandering pals escape tragedy on I-89

Merlie and Roxy found on freeway in Bolton before midnight

Wandering friends Merlie (left) & Roxie in protective custody

Tuesday night after 11 PM, Vermont State Police responded to multiple reports of two dogs on the side of I-89 in Bolton.  They located the two dogs and were able to safely get them off the interstate. 

Troopers contacted Burlington Emergency & Veterinary Specialists who agreed to hold the dogs until further notice. Hours later, the dogs were reunited with their owners.

Both female dogs are smaller in stature, one is black and white and the other is brindle.  The black and white dog had a collar with a name “Merlie” written on it, and the brindle dog’s tag said “Roxxy.”

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  1. Those Troopers, like the vast majority of law enforcement professionals, are HEROES! Thank you all involved for saving those two precious lives.

    Police Rock!!! So do Dogs!

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