Klar: resist indoctrination

by John Klar

There are few Vermonters who do not oppose racism. Virtually all agree that “black lives matter.” But for years the extremist political organization Black Lives Matter, which embraces and advocates for race-based “equity” and Critical Race Theory, has been thrust upon Vermonters through government agencies, statutes, and school curricula — but anyone asking simple questions about this novel and untested “theory” is criticized as racist.

This is how one knows this is not about having a civil conversation, but about resisting political indoctrination. It is not about race — numerous black people (similarly marginalized) agree that CRT is a bad direction for all. Vermont parents are now learning the (suppressed) truth about CRT, even as most Vermont media outlets continue to dissemble and dismiss, arguing that “systemic racism” is a fact, that anyone questioning CRT doesn’t wish to have race discussed in schools, or that parents who question the elimination of the teachings of MLK to their children are “right-wing extremists.” Vermonters can see more and more where the extremism arises, and that their media have become propagandists on CRT and BLM, rather than journalists who convey all sides fairly.

K Carl Smith

K Carl Smith is a national speaker who visits Vermont this Thursday, Friday and Saturday to speak about Critical Race Theory and its antipathy toward the core Constitutional principles that were exalted by Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Vermont is implementing racial segregation in schools (and its legislature). This violates existing laws, to advance a “theory” which by design seeks to eliminate constitutional laws.

CRT states that only new, race-based discrimination can reverse past discrimination. CRT holds that equal opportunity and merit are mistaken ideas: instead, “equalizing” outcome and redistributing wealth will create a wonderful new society. Though this goal is demonstrably impossible and has never been achieved, CRT alleges this plan is based on “science” that shows people hold subjective racial biases. CRT political zealots have crafted an educational curriculum that will eliminate subjective bias in Vermont children. But wait — there is ample evidence that those subjective biases do not translate into racist behaviors; there is no evidence that the CRT experiment will work; CRT proponents have been pathologically lying about the statistics and data to impose a one-issue “race-only” narrative on every single issue.

The problem for CRT proponents arises when they realize that their fantasy religion is just an ignorant fad, cooked up by some overpaid academics who got a lot of virtue-signalling attention when they decided they would reshape America in their idiotic image. None of the facts or assertions incorporated in this dogma match truth. That’s a serious problem for Governor Scott, progressive legislators, and school administrators who have used this bogus “theory” to “systematically” slander Vermonters as white supremacists who oppressed black people in order to gain wealth. This state has been built largely by poor white subsistence farmers, and is largely white because black people were never “systematically” dragged here in chains.

Ben Morley

Vermonters DO want to have a conversation about race — a full and open one, that includes their state’s rich contribution to Abolition and the Civil War, and which respectfully includes their voices. We will now have the conversation from which our opinions have been rudely excluded. Our forebears deserve representation in this matter, as do our children — who are being guinea-pigged by thugs who attack anyone who dares ask critical (MLK?) questions.

Most Vermonters will oppose CRT, once they have been educated about what it really is — a hateful and destructive ideology, built on the same dubious intellectual foundation as the eugenics and lobotomy “sciences,” to transform our children’s minds in a sci-fi-nightmare that is already well underway in the Green Mountain schools. As with all racism, CRT is built on ignorance; the truth shall set us free.

The following public meetings will explore CRT:

5 pm Thursday, August 5, K Carl Smith at East Road Pavilion in Willow Park in Bennington.

7 pm, Saturday August 7, K Carl Smith at the Dana Thompson Park House in Manchester.

Friday, August 6, 7-9 pm, evening with K Carl Smith at Capitol Plaza in Montpelier (open cash bar). $25, ticket reservations accepted or at the door.

Friday, August 13, 6-7:30 pm, Island Pond American Legion. Meeting organized by Bekah Perry will feature following speakers: Ben Roberts, incoming freshman, to speak on CRT presence in local schools; Ben Morley, organizer of Fair Education at OCSU and advocate for ethical diversity, equality and inclusion trainings in elementary schools; Sen. Russ Ingalls, Essex-Orleans

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  1. “Equity” race based, or not, is now a boegyman word? Silliness. Critical Race Theory? Have you read the book? And these are being “thrust” upon Vermonters? Could anything be so phallic?

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