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VT Headlines: VT Attorney General investigating Brattleboro Retreat for health care fraud

WCAXVt. attorney general investigating Brattleboro Retreat for health care fraud
WCAXBacklogs slow mandated weatherization work on Burlington buildings
WCAXFarmers across the state welcome people to Vermont Open Farm Week
The Valley ReporterFriends of the Mad River hires climate resilience manager
VT Digger20 bank branches were affected by the July floods, driving customers to other locations
NBC 5Vermont State Police looking for driver who hit man and drove away
WCAXRecent storms prompt federal funding for re-enforcing Vt. power grid

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  1. Power grid…
    Someone should establish a link with Tesla…
    I think we’re missing something…
    Or just being sold a bunch of snake oil by the… snake oil salesmen in charge… fascists controlling our lives…

  2. Climate Resilience Manager? The grifter jobs are being invented in haste – they must know the time to grab the money and run is ticking down. The real climate emergency is the imploding US dollar and economic stagnation. It does appear the last arrow in their quiver is being flung desperately into the headwinds. There are just enough useful idiots left (as well as federal and corporate funds) to deceive and steal as the tide is rolling against them.

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