Brattleboro woman and trafficking victim says pregnancy center saved her life

Jean Davis

A Brattleboro woman who was a victim of sex trafficking for nearly 30 years said that a New Hampshire pregnancy resource center (PRC) saved her life.In an op-ed for The Hill, Jean Marie Davis recounted her personal experience as a newly pregnant 29-year-old woman who had been trafficked since the age of two.

For the sake of her unborn child, Davis boldly escaped. “Pregnant, terrified and with nowhere to go, I literally ran away from the only life I had ever known.”It was then that she came across the PRC which she credits with setting her free.

“If it hadn’t been for Phyllis and the pregnancy center, I would be dead,” Davis wrote. “They saved my life. My son saved my life. Now, it’s my turn to defend the very cause that saved me.”Davis, who now leads Branches Pregnancy Resource Center in Brattleboro, Vermont, is the first African American woman to serve as a PRC director in the state’s history. She says that her story 

Her account comes at a time when the abortion activists have ramped up attacks on PRCs, through both physical violence and the legislative process. In May, Vermont Republican Gov. Phil Scott signed S. 37, which targets PRCs, branding them as “limited-services pregnancy centers” because they do not offer abortion. The new law aims to combat what it alleges to be PRCs’ “false and misleading advertising about services.”In February, Davis presented her testimony to a State Senate committee in an unsuccessful attempt to persuade them to reject S. 37.

Just over a week ago, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, D-IL, signed a similar bill into law. Dubbed the “Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act,” it sought to undermine the state’s PRCs and sidewalk counselors. A lawsuit immediately ensued, and the bill was blocked from going into effect by a federal judge who called it “painfully and blatantly a violation of the First Amendment.”Vermont’s legislation is facing a similar legal challenge as well. As the Catholic News Agency reported last week

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  1. Thanks for sharing this positive story. God bless her. It is disgraceful that our State Government isn’t supporting those facilities, but instead promoting abortion. The decision should be with the patient and her “caretaker”, whomever that is.

  2. I’m glad this article came to light because I thought a “pregnancy center” would be about abortion. Yes I do live under a rock. I went to an military vehicle museum in Wyoming a couple years ago . It was privately owned and very large and complete. The owner was offered Government grant but refused because he didn’t want the government telling him how to run it. Makes me wonder if these pregnancy centers would be better off refusing the state of federal money and work towards self funding

    • Brian, VTs pregnancy resource centers don’t receive any state or federal funding. Totally donor-supported.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. There’s far too many hiding in sex trafficking circles. You were fortunate to get out with your life and find hope in Jesus. I pray your story will help others find the same open gate. Please share with others what the inner healing process looked like. For many that can be harder than finding a physical way to exit the trafficking.

    • But you don’t understand: You see, with our legislature working to decriminalize sex trafficking – the crime will soon be gone from Vermont! Easy Peasy, right?

  4. This was a miraculous & blessed story to hear. Thank God for the center and for its staff including, of course, Jean Davis.

    Unfortunately, our legislators couldn’t give a rat’s behind, and will continue on with their Godless quest to both prosecute & persecute this center. The legislators are CLEARLY both malevolent AND racist!!!!!!!!!