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VT Headlines: Security increased at Jewish community center in Burlington

Photo courtesy Chabad of Vermont website
Seven DaysTexts Reveal Why Crypto Exec Backed Balint Over Gray in U.S. House Race
WCAXSecurity increased at Jewish community center in Burlington
WCAXFamily of slain Vt. National Guardsman searches for answers
NBC 5Vermont DOH is offering Narcan by mail
NBC 5University of Vermont soccer star from Israel keeps competing
WCAXVermont considered forerunner in artificial intelligence oversight
WCAXBTV celebrates official rebrand as Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport
VT DiggerStopping stream erosion is a top water quality priority for the Winooski River basin

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  1. It is both a sad commentary on our society and specifically about Vermont, that a religious/ethnic based business is concerned about violence/property damage because of and international situation. If it was a black focused/owned business, the state government would be jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof trying to virtue signal and “support” the protection of this business. Such hypocrites.
    We have to protect ourselves. Law enforcement is no longer the resource you turn to for justice or help. The courts are no longer blind.

    And on another note, (see first article linked above) it is interesting but not unexpected to discover that a Vermonter is the possibly unwitting recipient of dirty money in her campaign to represent us in Washington DC. She is the epitome of the woke/left/liberal hive mind and also a hypocrite as she puts out statements that absolutely contradict the very essence of why her grandfather, Leopold Bálint, who was murdered on a forced march from Mauthausen to the town of Gunskirchern on May 5, 1945, gave the ultimate sacrifice, unwillingly for sure, but she then votes for policies that are eerily reminiscent of the Fourth Reich regime. Her grandfather died because of his religion, his ethnicity. His rights were removed. He was treated as a non human. And Ms. Balint has voted for legislation that ostensibly will promote the same situations for us, here and now. One has to wonder if Ms. Balint will return the dirty money. Best not hold our collective breath waiting for that to happen.