Burlington mayoral candidate Mulvaney-Stanak supports gender-altering drugs for minors and safe injection sites

By Michael Bielawski

The first candidate for mayor of Burlington is a state legislator who co-sponsored a bill to allow hormone treatments for minors without parental notice. She also supports safe injection sites for public drug use.

Mulvaney-Stanak serves as a House member for the Chittenden-17 district as a member of the Progressive Party. Before that she had been a Burlington City Council member and chair of the Vermont Progressive Party. She is the current House Progressive Caucus leader. She is also the daughter of controversial Barre diversity committee chair Joellen Mulvaney.

H.659, introduced in January 2022, “proposes to allow a minor who identifies as transgender to consent to receiving hormone blockers and other nonsurgical, gender-affirming care and treatment without requiring parental consent.”

Another part states, “A minor who identifies as transgender may give consent to receive hormone blockers and any other legally authorized nonsurgical, gender-affirming care or treatment from a licensed health care professional working within the health care professional’s authorized scope of practice.”

State GOP Chair Paul Dame issued a press release labled “VTGOP Chairs says Mulvaney-Stanak is among “the worst” choices for Burlington Mayor.”  He spoke with VDC on Wednesday morning and he mentioned his concern regarding her support for the gender-affirming care bill.

“It definitely includes hormone therapies that can start in children as young as 8 or 10 years old,” Dame said. “And those treatements are irreversible sterilization and Emma is the kind of unserious person in my opinion who would sign onto a bill like that because it’s the trendy thing to do.”

Dame added that the Queen City needs someone “who is more responsible and thoughtful with what they support and get behind.”

Mulvaney-Stanak on social media has been outspoken against Burlington’s investigation of Tyeastia Green, the city’s first director of Burlington’s Racism, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging (REIB) Department.

The city investigation found large cost overruns during Green’s work on one of the city’s Juneteenth celebrations, similar to cost overrun controversies when she did similar work in Minneapolis. The city, however, did not formally accuse her of any crimes.

Mulvaney-Stanak rejected any notion that Green’s business dealings were suspect and she implied that the city was not supporting black women.

“The #btv Juneteenth audit is deeply concerning because of what it DID NOT analyze: bias, harm, and the Mayor and City’s poor support of Black women leaders. Plus what is happening to our REIB department? This $41K audit was harmful. Now we need accountability. #vtpoli 1/2,” she posted.

She continued with her next post.

“I sent this open letter to @MiroBTV and the full city council. We need to repair the harm and set up well resourced racial equity work in this city with true partnership from the Mayor. Not misplaced investigations focused on the wrong things.”

Dame commented on these posts.

“Once again that’s an example of Emma doing sort of reflexively what the social media trend is, the reality is that there are legitimate concerns in the previous position and so it was worth looking at,” he said.

Another controversial position she has taken involves safe injection sites for using hard drugs that require needles.

“Yes, I would be happy with safe injection sites. It saves lives. We can’t prosecute ourselves out of an opioid crisis. And look at the police budget. The city increased funding for a more comprehensive community safety model by adding skilled mental health professionals,” she wrote.

WCAX reports that according to Mulvaney-Stanak’s campaign speech, her “focus will be public safety, affordability and climate resilience.” Her X profile is here. She posts about once a month.

The author is a reporter for the Vermont Daily Chronicle

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  1. Just what we need another stupid progressive leading Burlington. YOU BETTER WAKE UP VOTERS IN BTV

  2. The voting majority of Burlington is now made up of renters, students, welfare deadbeats and junkies, or a combination thereof. They will vote for whomever promises them the most free stuff. The only people standing in the way of utter financial and social ruin are the current Mayor, City Council President Karen Paul and Councilor Joan Shannon. If either Paul or Shannon do not become the next mayor, Burlington will descend into fiscal chaos, like it did under the last progressive mayor, Bob Kiss. Mulvaney-Stanak is the female and gay version of Bob Kiss and will be just what the “majority” of Burlington voters are looking for as their marxist santa clause.

  3. She is perfect for Burlington and likely the next mayor! I predict she will somehow mandate all white residents of Burlington to undergo mandatory anti racism training!

  4. Like we need another reason to avoid Burlington at all costs… My family and I won’t patronize Burlington for any reason. We should encourage our friends and family to do the same. Since you can’t count on the voting segment in Burlington to get it right, it’s up to the local businesses to get involved to assist in restoring law and order (by threat of leaving the city). Regressive/Marxist candidates and policies continue to ruin what was a fine city.

    • you are 100% correct. Both my wife and I no longer go to Burlington and if Burlington votes this nut case in as mayor then they will have to face the hell she will unleash.

  5. Franken-Stanak begins its reign. Stripping the now torn up flesh from the broken bones of Burlington.

  6. Is this Karl Marx’s granddaughter? This marxist must be defeated at all cost. Every common-sense, center right & left and true Vermont thinker must step-up and work hard to “Get Out The Vote” to defeated this person. Let’s Go Burlington, restore your great city and defeat this person.

    Her beliefs are destroying your beautiful city, putting it further into disarray with out of control crime, thuggery, and filth and destroying your children and families. It is time to wake up and defeat these marxist ideologs running wild in the queen city and Vermont.

    • Defeated at all costs? She’s a shoo in in Burlington and Milo is a shoo in for governor.

      “A people who elect corrupt politicians, impostors, thieves and traitors are not victims but accomplices”. George Orwell

      And Vermont is loaded with “accomplices”.

  7. to allow gender altering drugs for minors i cannot supports. then to keep parents out of the loop on all the transgender issues i am against

  8. to allow gender changing drugs for minors i cannot support. then to keep parents out of the loop on all things transgender is another wrong idea. that they do not want parental consent tells you they know it is wrong. does not deter politicians today

  9. Wonder who she expects to pay for her “progressive” programs? No. Just… NO!

  10. Study in regressive civilization. Since the inception of the republic, the electorate would vote for the candidate with the best, PROVEN, superior judgment to insure peace and prosperity.

    About 40 years ago Sanders plotted a deviant scheme. Appeal to an unrepresented voter pool of misfits and underachievers. Extolling their plight is a system that holds them down. That he alone can restore their denied wealth.

    In that time, Vermont has succeeded in destroying manufacturing technology in favor of a service base economy. A future so bleak 30% of our students dropout. Home ownership is only a dream. Unwed parenthood is the rule. Car jackings, feuding drug dealers, random assaults, and armed robbery are increasing common. Addiction and overdose deaths are at record levels. There has never been more misfits and underachievers. Sanders is unstoppable and Mulvaney-Stanak has studied his play book.

    Screw it. As mentioned, I too refuse to visit Burlington or do business there.

  11. “It’s the trendy thing to do.”

    Follow the money, Paul. Who creates the trend? Who stands to profit? Look no further than the “medical” interests that run your state and blitzed the media for Prop 22, and lobbied for shield laws. Will you say that out loud, or do they hold your purse strings as well?

  12. I can’t believe these people are my neighbors; they are from another world, an upside down disfunctional world.

  13. Perhaps the safe injection sites should be in located in Burlington’s Old North End smack dab in the middle of Emma Mulvaney-Stanak’s neighborhood.

  14. Well she is as delusional as she is stupid! There is no such thing as a safe injection site… only a supervised one

  15. On the basis of that platform alone she is a shu-in candidate.

    Becca Balint please show her how best to put out BS commercials before the election funded by outside forces. Paul Soros get on board now!

    No end to the entertainment possibilities in sight …

  16. Notice to DNC/Progs and those afflicted with dysphoria and cognitive dissonance: Stop the use of soft language and word salad to hide your lies and deception. Gender-altering drugs is actually chemical castration. Safe injection sites are actually places to accelerate and encourage death and disability. What they support and encourage is: child abuse, sexual exploitation of minors, overt discrimination, drug dependence, long term disability, and they steal every nickel of their money through fraud and the rest is blood money from thier Master. No honor among thieves and demons only deceive, distract and destroy.

    • Lesson in liberal-speak: When the same drug is used to quell the raging desires of a violent sex offender it is called “chemical castration”. When used for destroying the natural hormonal balance of a confused teenager, the euphemism “medically assisted gender affirmation” is invoked. When a law enforcement officer carries a modern sporting rifle, the media refers to it as a “patrol rifle”. When the exact same firearm is in the hands of a responsible, law-abiding citizen, it is to be called an “assault weapon” or “weapon of war”. Got it?

  17. Our state is in serious trouble when we have people like this at the helm. Burlington and the whole of Vermont better wake up before they ruin us all.