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VT Headlines: S. Burlington bear sightings cause wildlife experts to worry

Photo by Kevin Bidwell
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VT DiggerSouth Burlington bear sightings cause wildlife experts to worry
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  1. “Folks in South Burlington in the past have not, rightfully so, thought of themselves as being in bear country,” Comeau said. “And at the moment, it’s looking like we need to change that mindset.” “Change the mind set” ? Sounds like the Fish,and Wildlife Dept. needs to think about a spring season, and/or lengthening the season all the way through deer season, instead of further limiting opportunities for sportsmen to control the numbers.

  2. Bears were here before European settlers were here. They banished them years ago, and now we wish to do the exact same again? Why? Is it THAT difficult for our species to live amongst other species as nature obviously intended? “Native” Vermonters (as defined by native Vermonters) don’t like interlopers, yet to bears, that’s what humans are.

    • Ever hear of wildlife management ? Or do you just believe you know better than those that graduated college with that particular degree ?

      • I guess I primarily just agree with respectfully expressing one’s own opinion, especially those based upon their own personal experiences, regardless of which college degrees we may each hold.

  3. BTW, I have bears around my property frequently, (been here for nearly 25 years) and I’m originally from L.I…..no bears. There are plenty of predators down there, just those of the hominid variety & much more dangerous. In any case, I just glance around before entering the yard, don’t leave garbage out until just before pick-up, & always have my dogs leashed or fenced—no major deal. Conversely, I enjoy seeing them, do not interact with them of course, and do occasionally partake in their meat, honoring the life & the spirit of that animal who gave his own life to sustain the life of another. In other words, just plain mutual respect. Hey! It can even work between humans too sometimes if you try hard enough.

    We hold dominion over animals, not reckless or inhumane domination.

    • Yup, with the surplus of native black bears,we could not find a picture of one I guess.

      • Could have entered through the federally illegal, wide-open border where many illegal Asians are entering now.

  4. I don’t know why nobody in the legislature thought about this when passing Mitzie’s “must compost” law? Compost and bird feeders all smell like food to a bear. (and other woodland creatures)

    • Yes, for sure. Only in VT could I figure there might be a law where throwing garbage into one’s garbage would become illegal. When I lived in Chittenden though, I never so much as composted a grain of rice. I’m still waiting for these looney tunes to come and have me cuffed. Still waiting………and waiting.

      Maybe this will help: I’m Christian, pro-life, and believe Obama, not Trump, is a menace to society.

  5. MS Gaffney: I hardly ever write to comment on your takes, but everything in nature’s world has the potential to go into excess, and sometimes has to be controlled. This includes bears and everything else God created. My Dad, who was born in 1910, and long since passed, told me of a time when foxes were hunted for the pelts, that changed. He had two fox hounds. He also told me about the state of VT being wiped out of wild turkeys in the early to mid 1900’s. That was because successive winters back to back with snow falls and cold temperatures wiped them out. (Must have been climate change) So the State took it upon itself to import wild turkeys from PA in the 1970’s, and now there are turkeys everywhere. One big flock meets every year in Montpelier, in Jan.