Trump campaign collecting signatures at the Fair, Trump truck stolen

Stolen from home in Topsham

By Guy Page

Editor’s note: these two Vermont news stories have nothing to do with each other, except that both prominently feature the name of Donald Trump. In Vermont, that’s enough!

The Trump campaign is hosting a booth at the Champlain Valley Exposition to collect petition signatures for the 2024 Vermont primary. Fair dates are Friday, August 25 to Sunday, September 3.  

Organizer Wendy Wilton hopes Vermonters will spread the word to other people who may be interested to volunteer.  
“Our goal is to obtain at least 3,000 signatures this summer/fall, so this effort is critical,” Wilton said.  Volunteers will get free admission to the fair for the day, but parking is up to the volunteer. “We will have comfortable chairs and drinks and snacks at the booth,” Wilton said. It would be ideal to have at least two people at the booth at all times, preferably three in the afternoon and evening slots. Interested volunteers should call or text Chuck Wilton to volunteer for a time slot at 802-747-8662.

Trump truck stolen – A truck bearing the prominent decal “Trump for America” was reported stolen from a Topsham home over the weekend.

State police were notified of the theft from the home of Matthew Wordsworth, 57, of Topsham that occurred sometime between August 4-5.  The vehicle was identified as a white 2017 Toyota Tacoma bearing Vermont registration 282A124, taken from a residential driveway.  The truck had red “Trump For America” decals/stickers on both sides, chrome wheels, 33″ tires, and miscellaneous stickers on the rear. 

The truck has no known affiliation with the Trump campaign, nor do police say whether its decal was a factor in the reported theft. Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the vehicle or identity of the offender(s) is encouraged to contact Trooper Evan Johnson from the St. Johnsbury Barracks (802-748-3111).

Official Vermont voting returns show that Trump won Topsham by 55.1%. He won 43 other towns, mostly small towns in northern Vermont, but lost statewide, taking 30.7% of the total vote. 

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  1. Trump Haters: Steal This -Trump Rocks!!! And btw, ever heard of insurance? Trump shall ride again!!!!!!!

  2. Vermont GOP, forget Chittenden County, the liberal cesspool will destroy
    itself, numbers like this show, and other counties are willing and able to
    save Vermont, ” Official “Vermont voting returns show that Trump won
    Topsham by 55.1%. He won 43 other towns, mostly small towns in northern
    Vermont, but lost statewide, taking 30.7% of the total vote.

    Wake up people, save the state, the cancerous liberal nonsense is and will
    kill this beautiful state………………………….just look at your tax bills !!

  3. This truck was not “stolen”. In the People’s Republic of Vermont, we would refer to the act of taking a vehicle that does not belong to you as “operating without owner’s consent”. Please allow me to apologize to the person who took the truck for the mischaracterization.

  4. The latest polls show that Trump’s support from republicans is tumbling. And it should. Why should we support someone who is so careless and foolish as to get these indictments against him? The poll reported on the nightly news said that support for Trump amongst republicans has fallen to less than 40% and Sununu says as soon as anyone else shows some life it will drop like a stone.