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VT Headlines: Killer Gregory FitzGerald hears from Vermont Parole Board: you’re staying put

Amy FitzGerald (center)
NBC 5Convicted killer hears fate from Vermont Parole Board
WCAXVermont lawmakers get firsthand look at flood damage ahead of next session
WCAXWhat the carbon-cutting fuel renewable propane means for homes, businesses
NBC 5Burlington-Winooski Bridge team hold public meeting to discuss project with community members
WCAXVermont non-profits get grants from National Endowment for the Humanities
WCAXState Treasurer seeks public opinion on green energy infrastructure

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  1. Vermont apparently still has some public officials with common sense and decency on the Parole Board, who wisely decided to leave that vile miscreant Gregory Fitzgerald in the slammer, and at least for the time being let stand his life-without-parole sentence for the brutal murder of his wife. Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George had been advocating for his release. Being an attorney, what does she not understand about the meaning of “life without parole”? Anyone who cast a vote to keep her in office should hang their head in shame.

  2. In regards to the “renewable” propane article. I am by no means an expert when it comes to home heating, and the options out there, but I can tell you that I heat with fuel oil, and I was advised by my heating oil company that I would be able to
    “opt in”on B100 bio fuel. I did what I considered my due diligence, and emailed the company that makes the burner (Reillo) for my brand of furnace (Buderus) and was told “Our burners are not rated for that high a level (of bio-fuel) and I think you would have nothing but trouble”. As I said , I am by no means any kind of expert, but I would advise that before using any kind of fuel that is not specified as appropriate in you burner, check with the manufacturer about their recommendations, or whether it may void any warranty you may have. Note, the maker of the burner is not necessarily the same as the manufacturer of furnace.