More swastika, anti-semitic graffiti / tree giveaway in Brattleboro / Septic failure grants

The Laconia (NH) Daily Sun reports that racist graffiti was found at the Laconia State School over the weekend. The graffiti included swastikas, references to white supremacist groups, and a targeted threat to a prominent member of the city’s Jewish community. The FBI has gotten involved.

This comes on the heels of a similar incident earlier this month in Vermont where swastikas and other antisemitic remarks were painted on the Old Stone House observation tower in the Northeast Kingdom town of Brownington. Vermont State Police are investigating.

The Old Stone House was built by Bradford and Corinth native Alexander Twilight. Middlebury College will host a three-day symposium beginning Thursday to commemorate the bicentennial of Alexander Twilight’s graduation from Middlebury. Twilight is believed to be the first African American to earn a degree from an American college or university. – today’s Journal-Opinion newsletter

Homeowner water system grants – Governor Phil Scott and the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) Wednesday announced $5 million of funding to support low- and moderate-income Vermont homeowners in repairing or replacing their failed or inadequate on-site water or wastewater systems. This is the third round of funding for the program.

Application deadline for ARPA On-Site funding is October 31. For help filling out the required pre-qualification application, call 802-828-0141, 877-344-0354 (toll-free), or

With limited funding, ANR will select about 200 priority projects to receive funding based on income, environmental impact, household demographics, and severity of system failure. ANR anticipates issuing awards by the spring of 2024. Awardees must complete their projects by September 2026. Applicants must:

  • Have a failed or inadequate on-site drinking water and/or wastewater system (also known as wells, springs, septic systems or tanks, leach fields, drywells, or cesspools)
  • Own and live on a residential property with either a single-family home or an owner-occupied, multi-family home with up to four units
  • Earn a household income of less than $80,835 per year

Treasurer wants public feedback on greenhouse gas reduction financing – The Treasurer’s Office has been tasked by the Legislature to coordinate the State’s climate infrastructure financing efforts, collaborating with stakeholders to maximize the amount of federal Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds the State may receive, and coordinate these and other greenhouse gas reduction funds.

The Treasurer shall submit recommendations to the General Assembly regarding legislation for Vermont’s climate infrastructure financing on or before January 15, 2024. The Legislature identified a number of specific stakeholders to engage in this work, but Treasurer Mike Pieciak would like to hear from as many Vermonters as possible and incorporate their ideas. Written comments will be accepted through Friday, November 3, 2023 and may be submitted to:

Treasurer Pieciak will also hold a series of in-person and virtual public meetings this Fall to discuss ideas and strategies on financing Vermont’s climate infrastructure.

Brattleboro tree giveaway – The Brattleboro Tree Advisory Board and VT Urban & Community Forestry Program are teaming up to give away 250 trees in Brattleboro on September 23. During the next week members of both groups will be walking through neighborhoods in Brattleboro and placing door hangers to let people know about the event. For more information about the event please visit Community Canopy Program | Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program (

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  1. Occasional anti-Semitic graffiti is not surprising when in public meetings of the Burlington City Council, citizens are ALLOWED TO openly and publicly verbally assault the Mayor with blatantly anti-Semitic comments on a regular basis like it is a spectator sport. In progressive Vermont, hate is allowed to be spewed by activists if it is directed at the right people.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The definition of hate speech has changed to anything that doesn’t support the United Nations agenda.

    • Re: Swastikas.
      I’m sorry; I just don’t buy it.
      Which one of these things is more likely:
      1) A Jew out in public in VT is mercilessly beaten by a neo-Nazi.
      2) A Neo-Nazi out in public in VT is mercilessly beaten by any number of other people.
      The probable origins of this “hate speech” in descending order are:
      – An “edgy” teenager.
      – Someone who needs a pretext to fund their diversity program.

      – Random marks left by a bird holding a marker.

      – The rise of the Fifth Reich.

    • Also, there very well may be “provacateur tactics” at work. Also called “sharpening the conflict”. Also called outright deception.
      No less horrifying for that.

  2. Homeowner water system grants
    As a person who has been subjected to the “regulations” of the state and its machinations I want to bring up an important thing.
    Earn a household income of less than $80,835 per year
    If you need help and you are making this much money or even $50,000 you do not need the hand out the government is peddling. make better choices and prioritize. Do you really need to go on a $5000 vacation?( At the least.)
    How about you fix your house yourself.
    If you agree to get that money you will be in a world of hurt , here’s how.
    They will have to inspect your system and if it is NOT A MOUND it will probably be considered a failed system. Upwards of $25000 and that does not include maintenance costs.( has to get pumped out regularly) No this is another tree hugging scam.
    As I see it, and correct me if wrong, this is another chance for the state to give to the rich and screw the poor. Just ask people who got red tagged for a 1/4 to 1/12 inch off whistle pipe. ( so if you have a 1.5 inch whistle pipe, that is against regs and may cost upwards of $4000 to replace as it did us and the companies that do the inspections have a vested interest in the job.)
    They changed the regs to punish/fine the fuel company for a customer being non compliant and will charge THEM ( fuel company) for the cleanup whether the customer is at fault or not. They make these companies the “enforcement arm” of their edicts.

    And lets say you had a system failure, They have to contact the EPA who may find all kinds of issues that you never even knew what going on or was against regs. (notice I don’t say illegal)I have seen the exact thing happen to a neighbor.
    That way they put you in debt or better yet they condemn your house. Either way you poor are GONE, which is all they really want anyway.