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VT Headlines: Fitch downgrades US credit rating, citing mounting debt and political divisions

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NBC 5Fitch downgrades US credit rating, citing mounting debt and political divisions
VT DiggerVermont State Colleges get retroactive approval to give up 2 radio licenses, consider selling a 3rd
WCAXVermont antlerless lottery applications due Wednesday
WCAXAnnie Kuster co-sponsors organ donation overhaul bill
WCAXVTrans to host public feedback meetings for greenhouse gas emissions
VT DiggerVermont Adaptive widens access to the outdoors

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  1. “A steady deterioration in standards of government”. Now where on earth did they ever get an idea such as that?

    It is being done with: INTENT. Just as with every other banana republic or Communist /socialist state or totalitarian government the world over. Nothing new; just the usual power mongers, money changers, and deeply corrupted here.

  2. Roads were a mess to begin with and we’re totally destroyed in the floods but let’s focus our limited efforts on the gas coming out of the Scott administration

  3. Recent news concerning the Bank of Japan surfaced. Taking a look at what transpired between Friday, July 29, 2023 and Monday, July 31, 2023 was a whiplash desperation move. What does this have to do with the United States? The global market boats are all tied together with paper debt contracts (think 2008 except way bigger!) and those paper debt contracts were being swapped like hot potatoes and getting larger and larger (aka multi-trillions of deriatives.). As soon as the rates started to climb, the paper debt contracts became harder to sell, let alone cover up with more debt-laden paper (US petro dollar.) The US banks and the EU banks are holding large bags of dung contracts and the US Treasury bonds are now toxic to former buyers. No one wants to buy US debt-laden bonds and our political system is a fraud. Hence, the USA is being hung with our own rope to flop in the wind by our “allies” and our enemies – which is difficult to determine which is which at this point. Get prepared as Fall is always the time markets vomit up toxic waste. Our currency will be shunned everywhere but here, where the illusion of value will barely hold until it collapses entirely. The real numbers do not lie.

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