Can’t read English, driver of truck stuck in Notch tells cops

Truck stuck in Smugglers Notch Tuesday evening

When another tractor-trailer was stuck in Smugglers Notch yesterday, the Spanish-speaking Denver, Colorado driver pleaded an inability to read English traffic signs, state police say.

At about 5 pm, police found the tractor trailer in the Notch partially off the roadway. The operator of the truck was identified as Ramiro Suarez Cadena, 49, of Denver. Cadena told troopers that he was unable to read or understand the English language, so he did not heed the multiple signs prior to entering the Notch.

Cadena was issued multiple tickets for entering the Notch and blocking traffic. The Vermont State Police was assisted by the Stowe Police Department.

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  1. How did he get a commercial driver’s license?
    According to the Truck Driver Institute:To have your CDL, you must be able to speak and read English at a sufficient level. Sufficient is defined as speaking and reading English well enough to converse with the general public, understand traffic signs and highway signals in English, respond to official inquiries, and make reports and records in English.

  2. This has me laughing… The trucking company should be fined up the wazoo on this one

    • Twenty Thousand Dollar Fine! Driver required to complete a Vermont Driver’s Test in English!!! Before he can leave the State of Vermont! Bet he’d learn real fast!

  3. In the interest of diversity, equity and inclusion, I might suggest modifying the signage to include multiple languages, but since this is the third 53-footer to get stuck this summer, the signs dont seem to do much anyhow no matter what language.

  4. a $50,000 fine for the first offense ought to get attention (and pretty much eliminate these incidents). Pretty sure that driver could have read and understood that…

  5. Has anyone heard who won the Notch stoppage sweepstakes? How close was the winner?

  6. “Cadena told troopers that he was unable to read or understand the English language, so he did not heed the multiple signs prior to entering the Notch.”

    Does that indicate that one of the troopers was bilingual? And, like no English speaking Caucasian ever got stuck in the Notch?

    BTW, I see no language restrictions in the Colorado CDL site.

    • The rules for obtaining a CDL are federal and are the same from State to state. Since the inception of the CDL people have fallen through the cracks in getting the licence I have met or known more than one illiterate person obtaining it

  7. How about making the bottom like the top after the gate. Then big trucks couldn’t get thru. Oh I forgot the state would lose money they don’t collect anymore from registration, inspection. Licenses and the uninsured

  8. Does anyone really think these drivers actually pay the tickets? they just go back across the border and comeback to work in the USA as someone else.

  9. When I went to truck driving school back in the last century, the importance of reading road signs was hammered into us so often that I hardly miss one 50 years later! More than likely his GPS was multi-lingual but didn’t mention the notch restrictions. Anyone that misses those signs should lose their commercial driving privileges. Can he also not read weight limit and low clearance signs?

  10. Can he not recognize the international symbol for “NO” (a slash), through a picture of a truck? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure at least one of the signs is like that.

  11. Keep in mind the English proficiency requirement is overseen by the same pothole Pete who took 3 months maternity leave to breastfeed his adopted child

    • The roads in the town he was mayor of (South Bend, Indiana) were voted the worst in the state; in fact, they are considered some of the worst in the nation. So naturally he was Biden’s pick for Secretary of Transportation.

  12. The driver was from Denver, Colorado. Colorado being one of those States that doesn’t give a hoot about the law if you are of a certain political party sitting in the big seats. Check out the artwork at the Denver airport. Please consider the number of American cities who are now allowing “new arrivals” to become police officers – the District of Corruption is one. The “new arrivals” are being sent and placed all across the country to do one thing…create havoc and chaos. More to come, carry on!

  13. So The Vermont Daily Chronicle advertised for the Smugglers Notch Stoppage Sweepstakes, yet has not reported the winner. Was this a scam?