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VT Headlines: Ex-Bennington residents sue town over claims of discrimination, retaliation, doxxing

Jared and Corin, CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
VT DiggerOfficials expect to stop Winooski River sewage pipe leak by Tuesday
VT DiggerStaff attorney at Vermont Human Rights Commission named the agency’s new executive director
VT DiggerEx-Bennington residents sue town over claims of racial discrimination, retaliation and doxxing
WCAXBurlington hopes city-owned fast charger will help get more EVs on the road
WCAXWet Vermont summer a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
WCAXDemolition delays on Burlington High School project
VT DiggerMotorboat strike suspected in death of Vermont’s oldest known loon
NBC 5Lake Monsters host 2023 Futures League Home Run Derby
NBC 5New zoning approved for Burlington housing
NBC 5Burlington considers limits on military flight training
WCAXVermont man killed in Colchester crash

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  1. This was another MAJOR set-up against Bennington – a town that is THRILLED to be used as an example by leftists as to how to bend over backward for ANY group who cry & whine over being “victimized”.

    This entire scenario is a set-up by Burlington’s “Rights & Democracy, VT” along with YOUR Communist Lt. Governor David Zuckerman who is a member thereof. Another member? Take a look-see at the group’s website & find out who else is on their radicalized board!

    Set-up. Set-up. Set-up…..And the Bennington taxpayer will and SHOULD pay for this couple’s financial enrichment for hiring the Communists who not only now run Bennington but have run Bennington INTO THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Right, Monks and Hurd? (BTW, just try it….it’s called my FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!)

  2. I would love to see an F-35 do a pass at 200 ft. over BTV then hit A/B, then a vert. climb while breaking Mach1.