Mazur: While U.S. fiddles with solar, China builds coal plants

by Frank Mazur

California environmentalists are calling for a shutdown of all coal, gas and nuclear power plants and want to rely solely on renewables… wind and solar.

The Biden Administration and liberal states like Vermont emulate California policies and the press is complicit with this planet savings ruse. Renewables are intermittent without any battery storage capacity to prevent blackouts.

Environmentalists accept blackouts knowing air conditioning/heat interruptions, hospital equipment, manufacturing stoppages etc. will be affected. The Los Angeles Times also reported large scale solar farms will destroy wildlife habitat and consumers will pay more for efficient ranges, water heaters, and expensive rooftop panels. They believe it is all for the greater good to save our planet.

China’s energy policy has a different focus. They import more gas and oil than any country in the world, open a new coal plant every week, have increased coal mining and are now drilling 5 miles into the earth to extract oil and gas. They do not accept Biden’s climate crisis panic and reject energy czar John Kerry’s plea to save the planet.

Contrast China’s approach to the U.S.’s climate saving agendas. Either Biden/eco-minded states are crazy or they have an agenda to destroy our economy to gain more control? The Chinese by contrast, are pushing for world dominance by growing their economy and spreading their culture.

This climate idiocy to save the planet by our government for the greater good will result in our loss of freedom, liberty, and confidence in our government.

The author is a resident of and former House representative for South Burlington.

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  1. Much has been written on the subject of the relationship between energy consumption and GDP. The higher the energy consumption, mainly because of industry – that is manufacturing capacity the produces real products, then the higher the GDP and the more robust an economy. Weak economies are characterized by increased financialization, speculation, and increasing debt which can only be serviced by increasing the money supply. And the money supply along the way, becomes decoupled from a real store of value such as gold or another commodity. History clearly demonstrates that fiat economies always follow the trajectory towards unplayable debt followed by collapse.

  2. Truth. I’ve heard Communist China builds a coal plant to the tune of a new facility each week. Meanwhile, Vermonters in this small state are getting punished by this insane legislature with yet MORE “taxes” on their home heating oil and their propane to coerce them into buying & installing expensive and short-lived heat pumps (replacement needed every 10 to 15 years on average). And when temps dip here below approximately 15 degrees or so? Don’t bank on being warm. They are ineffective in icy cold temperatures.

    Still lovin’ your right to “choose”, Vermont? Because you actually don’t have any choices, your leftist legislators see to that.

  3. It’s too bad that we don’t have more people with common sense, like this author, in our state and federal government working for the people instead of the majority who just want to rule over the people!

  4. This is a result of the Great Reset enabled by Environmental, Social and Governence (ESG) to realize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The international powers that be are shifting the global world power and dominance from the US to China. As a member state of the United Nations, the Biden Administration is aggressively implementing ESG. The Social components of ESG are Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I work in government contracting and large federal contracts include requirements on carbon reduction, equity and ESG reporting, as well as Biden’s executive orders.

  5. That may be the biggest deterrent to getting people on board with serious climate action when China is regarded as a “developing country” and given a pass to continue to build out it’s coal infrastructure. It’s all one big atmosphere so asking Americans to give up our safety, prosperity and convenience to benefit the rest of the planet is a losing proposition. When China is belching out the CO2, we are being asked to give up our gas stoves, window-mounted air conditioners and cattle.
    How does one say “screw you” in Chinese?

  6. There is only one cure for this, one person, Donald J Trump. Only he will stick it to the Chinese and all the rest opposing Trump sold out to them.

  7. Yup…China builds and sells solar to us, while they are burning coal and dirty oil, then we reduce our output, to pay for their pollution. We are governed by some real wing dings!
    Vote Trump.

  8. I’m amazed and disheartened by the many vermonters who believe its wise to wreck our economy to take a stand for the climate by implementing measures, that do not actually improve or change it. Its like they are hypnotized in a ponzi scheme. Wake up lemmings!

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