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VT Headlines: cost of heating rises, popular lightbulbs banned

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Vermont news headlines aggregated from Vermont media by Vermont Daily Chronicle

WCAXNew leadership at Burlington organization that serves thousands of cyclists
VT DiggerDemocracy for America, the progressive PAC founded by Howard Dean, to close its doors
VT DiggerAnimal advocates renew calls for trapping restrictions after dog dies in East Corinth
NBC 5Vermont health officials warn of dangerous flu season
NBC 5As card collecting booms, trade show comes to University Mall in South Burlington
WCAXSoaring home heating prices have many Vermonters feeling the pinch
WCAXBan means popular lightbulb soon won’t be for sale in Vermont stores
WCAXStudy: Vermont, New Hampshire almost opposite on climate action policy
WCAXAbenaki names coming to more Vermont State Parks
NBC 5Burlington preparing to celebrate New Year’s Eve downtown, safety measures in place
NBC 5‘Vermont Everyone Eats’ expected to end next year

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  1. If I were you (anyone) I’d buy as many of the old bulbs as I could and fast. The new smart bulbs (led) and so called energy saving ones have a very nefarious agenda that goes with them. Do some digging on this one…

  2. Ooh, OK. So 15 years ago when they were trying to force those nasty CFL bulbs on everyone, and I said they were actually worse for the environment, I was a “conspiracy guy.” Got it. As usual… totally right. People really are a bunch of righteous, gullible sheep.

  3. Kind puts a different light on the climate change hysteria, doesn’t it ? In view of this, I wonder how well the EV shift will play out. I would say, probably not very well. Another law of human nature is exposed. Be careful what you wish for. It often results in a worse outcome than the one you are trying to avoid.

  4. Vermont has one landfill. will these woke idiots please explain how chemicals from CFL bulbs are getting out the landfill and into streams? Smarten up — Its all snowflake BS people.

  5. A quick google search about incandescent ban pulls up Trump rejecting the bill and him claiming LED bulbs make his skin look orange. Of course the woke crowd will eat this up and support the ban. On a side note – I don’t participate in selections. I’m not supporting Trump. I just think it’s funny how he’s such a scapegoat for the woke masses to support any nefarious agenda.

  6. Buy “Rough Service” Light bulbs on Amazon. They’re the same light bulbs we bought as kids, and they’re incandescent. 100 Watts typically. Problem solved.