Avian flu circulates throughout Vermont

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is reminding the public to take precautions around wild birds, as highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) continues to circulate in the state.

Backyard flocks of domestic birds in Caledonia and Lamoille Counties have had to be destroyed after exposure to the virus, commonly known as avian flu.

“Highly pathogenic avian influenza has been detected in more than 70 wild birds since March, with cases reported most months and in every region of the state,” said Wildlife Program Manager David Sausville.  “Many exposures come from migrating birds, so we expect case numbers to drop as winter temperatures set in.  However, Vermonters still need to be mindful that this disease is present in our birds.”

HPAI poses a low risk to human health.  However, the virus causes severe illness and high mortality in poultry.  Transmission from wild birds is a primary cause of infection in domestic flocks, and human exposure can contribute to spread of the virus.

“Avoiding contact with any birds that seem sick, and not handling wild birds in general, are the most important steps the public can take to prevent the spread of HPAI,” said Sausville.

Sausville also asked Vermonters to report sightings of multiple dead birds in the same area to wildlife officials.  Reports can be made by email to, or by calling 802-828-1000. 

People can find information to help distinguish between natural expected bird mortality versus something that may be more serious by visiting the Fish and Wildlife Department’s HPAI web page.  Sick birds should not be taken into homes or rehabilitation facilities, and bird feeders should be washed frequently and placed far away from areas that might bring wild birds into contact with domestic fowl.

Up-to-date guidance for minimizing the spread of HPAI from wild birds can be found in the department’s online HPAI bulletin via

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  1. And how does this correlate to increased levels of radiation from radio frequencies and radiation, that have increased on the surface of the planet in the last 3 years, now courtesy of our IOT-ejits, here in VT, and how does it stack up against installation of antennae, radio and cell towers?

    Reading THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW by Arthur Firstenberg gives quite a different picture of what is killing life on this planet…and its no viruses that were never actually proven to exist (Antoine Beauchamp could not replicate Pasteur’s assertions, who himself admitted near death in his journals that he lied but oh the money money money to be made as if it were true)… the bird population has plummeted in the past 5 years, and lets just ignore the bees.

    Silent Spring has arrived.

    I’ve seen a LOT of lost birds in migration patterns and times this year that I’ve never seen before in Vermont…lost their way and their inner guidance systems courtesy of our addiction to dead things over life…

  2. Unfortunately, government agencies and “officials” have lost credibility and many don’t believe a word that comes from their public notices, warnings, or declarations. They lie and they collude to control and destroy – people and animals alike. We are awakening and aware of their games and tactics. The Truth is we are in a war – a war against humanity – a war against the People. They wish to destroy our food supplies, they wish to destroy our sovereignty, they wish to destroy our independence and freedoms. The more people attempt to remove themselves from their control, the more they come at us with fear, diseases, threats, etc. God is watching it all. God will put an end to them for their dirty deeds and deceptions. People need to stand up and declare this all to stop now – 2023 will be their defeat.