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Tell Steve Kirsch your Blood Clot Story (but only if you really have one)

Blood clot photo (left) from Substack newsletter published by Steve Kirsch (right)

by Guy Page

By now, you’ve probably read reports of long, rubbery blood clots being found in the veins of people both deceased and living. Are they just anecdotal idiotic Internet misanalysis on the level of the Alien Crop Circle Discoveries? Or are they a real and growing phenomenon? And if so, is there a Covid-19 vaccine connection, as some claim?

Don’t ask me. Page, Guy the Non-Science Guy has no clue. But there is an MIT grad out there collecting Blood Clot stories: Substack blogger Steve Kirsch. Here’s part of his post from today

These odd rubbery clots are now happening on a regular basis in not only the dead, but the living too. For some reason, they are only affecting vaccinated people. Weird huh?

I talked to a nurse with 23 years of experience and she never heard about clots longer than a few inches in her career until the vax came along. Now, we are seeing blood clots in kids as young as 8 -12 years old, but only if they’ve been vaccinated.

Here’s the report I just got today, for example:

Some time ago, I texted you a video called “Died Suddenly”? It was about finding huge blood clots in people who were in good health but died very suddenly. I sent the same video to a customer of mine. Well this morning I got a phone call from him. His 58 year old brother who lives in Arizona and in decent shape was out running. All of a sudden his heart stopped. He fell into a bush. Through the grace of God, there was a doctor running by at that exact moment and saw it happen. He started CPR and they got the guy to the hospital. He is still alive. But, they found a 2 foot blood clot in him. The only way to find out if he has more clots is by doing a full body MRI which the hospital is saying he does not need. The guy was vaxxed and boosted three times.

Kirsch is taking a reader poll and promises to share the results on Twitter. If you – or someone you know – has personally seen a 6″ or longer blood clot, he wants to know.

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  1. A simple look at global all cause mortality rates, highest among high vaxx countries are a good indication of who’s telling the truth. Kirsch has been an advocate for transparency regarding the dangers or mrna injections. He also touted early treatment protocols such as fluvoxamine, a cheap drug($4 prescription) with a flawless 40+ year saftey profile commonly prescribed as an antidepressant/anti-inflammatory that can effectively be used off label to effectively treat covid. I used it and it worked….no side effects, no vax, no hospitalization, no long covid. Misfolded hemoglobin artery and vein blockages are real. Young healthy people dont die of heart attacks or strokes….but they do now. And they all have 2 things in common, bad luck and you guess the other.

  2. I listened to a panel of doctors discussing the latest drop of Twitter files (censorship of physicians and treatment protocols.) One doctor from California discussed treating over 7000 patients, four deaths, using theraputics at early onset of symptoms. The gist of the discussion were highly qualified, highly educated physicians were attempting to get their information out to the public. They were twarted by the gatekeepers of medical journals and hospital administrators. As we saw then, a number of physicians were censored and removed from Twitter (as well as other media platforms) under the claim of “misinformation.” Now, we know they were right all along as their evidence cannot be disputed any longer. The evidence is being presented to the public through numerous channels and the Twitter files prove it to be so. The public must demand the charade and blatant lies of masks and vaccines stop today!

  3. Here is an informative video by Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist. He discusses this very topic with Dr. Drew, focusing on the toxic and inflammatory reaction of the Synthetic spine protein in the human body, evidenced by autopsy analysis and images. I recommend that everyone watches this video and shares it with loved ones.

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