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VT Headlines: Champlain Valley Physician’s Hospital brings back mask mandate

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WCAXFormer Vt. lawmaker honored with Kunin Achievement Award
WCAXDid Vt. taxpayer dollars for dental training program pay off?
WCAXHigh PCB levels detected in two Wallingford Elementary preschool classrooms
NBC 5Three charged with animal cruelty in South Burlington
WCAXChamplain Valley Physician’s Hospital brings back mask mandate
WCAXNEK struggles with high demand for driver’s education classes
NBC 5Vermont DOC to continue sending inmates to Mississippi

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  1. The dentists in the state warned the school and the legislature it would not work! The school also turned their 2 year hygienist program into a 3 year program. They can not fill all the seats, every single dental office in my town is looking for a hygienist. Maybe because they can go to UNE in Maine for a 2 year degree????? Sometimes unintended consequences and be anticipated. Everything the government touches explodes in cost and becomes less efficient.

  2. “masks” At what point do we do something to stop this ? Again now we have no more access to doctors dentists and so on. Is there a brave man/woman who will go to court and get an injunction? COWARDS!

    • As an added note to all who want to follow the science


      There are 100’s more saying the same thing but not one saying these (reports)are wrong.

      Real simple people if you are told to wear a mask it is all about control and compliance not SAFETY!
      Any doctor that promotes masks or that garbage is NO REAL DOCTOR and has sold any skill or knowledge for money for your death. Think about that.

  3. So much for visiting Doctor’s offices again. Waiting for one of them to refuse my visit for medical needs. I see a lawsuit coming. Fortunately, this will be over soon and we’ll see jail time for these abusers. Can’t wait.