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VT Headlines: Burlington records warmest April in over 130 years

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
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WCAXCelebrating All Species Day in Montpelier
WCAXPolice: 2 reportedly missing after crash in Brattleboro
NBC 5Burlington records warmest April in over 130 years

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  1. Warmest record since we’ve been keeping records, which isn’t particularly long. Nevertheless, the climate has changed much in the same manner as it has always changed over the entire course of history based on the archeological records that accurately measure climatological changes including floods, droughts, and excessive periods of both heat and cold. Let’s cope as we did for thousands of years previously. Or, let’s just wait for the end of time as AOC predicted…..I think we’re down to partying it up for only about 8 more years!

  2. A 3-day heat wave in the mid to upper 80s could easily skew the results. The better assessment would be to determine how many days in April were above average and how many below average. That would minimize erroneous conclusions… that are all too common when people comment on global warming.

  3. 130 years relative to earth’s multi billion years of existence, yep I’m sweating bullets on this one.

  4. If we replaced the democrats with Trump republicans(not rinos), all will be well in this world.

  5. I’ve lived in Chittenden County since about 2000 (23 years). Sorry, but this spring has been below average. Last spring was not much different, with a cold snap that stunted the tree buds and caused a 2-3 week delay in green foliage. Fear mongering horse dung is what it is. They want to control you, despite all the evidence that CO2 is beneficial to life on earth, and the well known fact that we are still coming out of an ice age. Yes, it will get gradually warmer. But it is natural and expected. It is not your fault.