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VT Headlines: Burlington homeless encampment further heightening safety concerns

City claims it was ‘first notified’ of it only Monday, despite near-constant media coverage

Photo by Rafael Classen
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NBC 5Burlington homeless encampment heightening concerns, city ‘first notified’ of it Monday
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  1. Again, Burlington officials and other concerned-but-ignorant individuals are fixated on the idea that providing more free housing is going to remedy the vagrancy problem. When you come up with more free and heavily-subsidized accommodations for those who claim to be unhoused, the word spreads and twice as many people flock there from elsewhere looking for their free housing. The cost of one putting a roof over one’s head is significant. When government or private charity provides that service, the idea of not having to spend one’s own resources on it has tremendous appeal. For someone with a dangerous addiction, freeing up their financial resources and then providing private dwelling space is a death sentence.

  2. Lab grown meat… of COURSE bioengineers in the first world of Burlington are trying to get a leg up on fake food… and trying it out on stoopified Vermonters exhausted from years of trauma, economic loss, and disconnection from a lifestyle based on REAL thing that God created…
    The homeless and the food shelves will be the guinea pigs for this crapola… but hey…that’s not you, right? So you’ll just go along and let it slide, eh?
    We get what we accept.
    Vermonters are so afraid to step out of PC range and cowed into virture signalling their compliance that I fully expect Vermont to be held up as the dairy state that grows its own meat: in a lab…

  3. Burlington is the canary in the Vermont Forest……it’s not going to be contained within the city limits, Bernie Sanders? Current Mayor looking to be Governor? It’s a training ground for Marxist thought, without anything else filling our heads, will march along willingly and enjoy the Marxist utopia, headed to a place near you.

  4. Burlington voted these liberal clowns in, and now the city residents are feeling the brunt of all the liberal nonsense, they turned the city into a cesspool, and this homeless debacle was all their fault……….Homeowners/taxpayers need to step up and try and save their city, no support, then pay no taxes, as you’re not getting your money’s worth, minimal police support, with out-of-control, homelessness, drugs, and crime………………….who’s city is it, citizens or a hand full of fools of the city council !!!

    • The voting majority of Burlington is now made up of renters, students, welfare deadbeats and junkies, or a combination thereof. They will vote for whomever promises them the most free stuff. The only people standing in the way of financial ruin are the Mayor and City Council President Karen Paul. If Paul does not become the next mayor, Burlington will descend into fiscal chaos, like it did under the last progressive mayor, Bob Kiss.