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LaMarche: Miro for Governor, Shannon for Mayor, say websites

Miro’s campaign machinery is gearing up to rally around Shannon’s bid.

Burlington City Councilor Joan Shannon / Photo by Alison Redlich.

by Kolby LaMarche


Last night I was a bit bored, burnt out by a large midterm. 

I was just toying around on the interwebs when I encountered something truly bizarre. 

When nearing election time, it’s common for candidates to announce their interest, especially when a long-serving incumbent steps down, like in the case of the Burlington Mayor’s seat.  

Whenever local candidates do announce their interest, I often explore the digital infrastructure that the candidates may be building, and I find that examining their digital presence provides valuable insights into their potential candidacy.

With the recent announcement coming from Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Burlington is poised to open an early campaign season. And Stanak’s announcement undoubtedly adds pressure on other prospective candidates to step into the fray.


Burlington City Councilor Joan Shannon has been publicly floating the idea of a campaign for mayor, telling numerous outlets just weeks ago about her interest. But Shannon’s tone changed in VTDigger’s coverage of Stanak’s announcement. 

Shannon, inching ever closer to her own announcement, told VTDigger that she is “leaning strongly toward running.” 

So, as a rule of thumb, I began scouring the interwebs for traces of Shannon’s digital infrastructure. I believe she will run. But I am a bit puzzled. 

When going to the URL you are immediately redirected to

The page only shows a construction message, “We’re under construction. Please check back for an update soon.”

According to public domain information, was created on October 15th, just a few days ago. Interestingly, was also created on the same day, specifically at 15:38:48, just three seconds ahead of Shannon’s mayoral site, which was registered at 15:38:51.

It’s evident that Shannon is preparing for a mayoral campaign. And that Miro is setting up his run for Governor. However, the immediate redirection of her site to Weinberger for Governor raises questions. It could be a shared consultant or web designer, but it’s also plausible that Miro’s campaign machinery is gearing up to rally around Shannon’s bid. Nonetheless, hopefully, her campaign fixes this before they launch!

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  1. If you think Vermont is in financial debt today, then just wait until you elect Miro Weinberger for Governor, he and his liberal cohorts turned Burlington the Queen City, into a liberal cesspool with, over-taxed properties, drugs, crime, and homeless all going rampant throughout the city, yes this leadership now wants to take control of the head office in the state………………….. !!! Be careful who you vote for your interest isn’t in the game plan, wake up people.

  2. His bid for governor is under construction…….just like Burlington’s Church Street disaster.

  3. Like these candidates? Take a walk through Burlington’s downtown. The whole State can enjoy the same treatment if the Whineburger is elected or Stanak for that matter.

  4. Is the clown car an EV? I wonder where their campaign money funnels in from? I bet it smells freshly laundered.